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Mar 27, 2015

1/3/15 HUDUD AND THE HU HA.......?

Upon the chilling darkness, it is a warm and splendid experience to see the first light of the sun rise. I climbed Mt Kinabalu in 1992 and reached the Lowii Peak exactly by 0530 hours. By 0545 hours I caught such speldid moment which to this day is captured well into my mind on the greatness of Allah. The proposed implementation of the Hudud Law in Kelantan is a sun rise phenomenon to Islam. Hudud is a branch of the Islamic Jurisprudence. In the normal legal term, it is a subset of an Islamic Penal Code that is used to deal with special crimes. "In Islamic law, crimes are classified in three ways: hudud, qisas (and) Ta’azir. Hudud crimes are those specifically mentioned in the Koran as transgressing the limits which God himself has placed on people's behavior. The hudud crimes are: theft, highway robbery, drinking alcohol, unlawful sexual intercourse (and) false accusation of unchastity. Some jurists also include murder and apostasy (al-riddah) among the categories of hudud crimes.”The Law is applicable only onto the Muslims. With regard to the non-Muslims, they are not subjected to such Law unless they choose to. Numerous incidents during the prophet Muhammad SAW and his four disciples had proven as such. In those days, those who came to him over certain matters, they were to be referred to their rules and customs.

(2) The significance of the Law is paramount to the good deeds of the Muslims. If one cares to study the Law with an open mind, indeed the Law is beneficial to all humankind. The Law is seriously to encourage the Muslims to hinder and or depart from those dangerous, immoral and unhygienic characters which not only are harmful to a person but most important would place the societies into psychological, spiritual and physical harms. The Hudud Law is to nurture and uphold a strong sense of social safety net among the Muslims. The Law indeed are to ensure the Muslims, among others are to be honest, trustworthy, pure and healthy, caring, having strong sense of family hood and society belonging, having high sense of  respect to others dignity, and be submitted to the good deeds of Islam. In short, the Law is meant to protect the tenet interests: lives, wealth, health, and dignity of the social and personal welbeing of the Muslims.  In this Country, one must recognise that the majority of the Muslims belongs to the Sect of Sunnah Wal Jamaah ie the close followers of the deeds taught and practiced by Muhammad SAW of his days. Legislatively, therefore the implementation of such Law will definitely be subjected to the strict adherence to such norms. It is a By Law such Sect of Sunnah Wal Jamaah be practiced by Muslim citizens of this Country. As such the phobias over the toughness of such Law, due to numerous harsh implementation in other Islamic countries should never be of great fear among Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia as the Sunnah Wal Jamaah is the most tolerance among the whole Islamic sects. The Malays for that matter has been proven world wide as the most fine soft and tolerance Muslims. Acheh in Indonesia and Brunei are two Malays' States that had implemented Hudud with no chaos and victimization being heard. In Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, etc where Syiah is their Islamic Sect choice, Hudud is implemented to the most severe; serving to their political and cultural needs

(3) The fear among the non-Malays and or non-Muslims should never arise with regard to the pioneer implementation of Hudud in Kelantan. Since the existence of the State even before the presence of Islam, the people had been well assimilated to each other cultures. The Chinese, Siamese and Indians in Kelantan had lived well along their diverse cultures with the Malays. When Islam came to the hearts of the Malays in the 700AD, the harmony living of the whole societies is maintained and well respected to this day. It is true since then to this day, Hudud had never been implemented for reason best know to the Malays rulers and societies at such period. Nonetheless, the struggle for Hudud to be adopted had been there ever since with the introduction of Islam, and as there is now had been great changed in the Malays understanding of their mother religion, they would now love to submit their total devotion to Islam. Hudud is strictly the personal affair of the Muslims. It is a Law to govern the good deeds of the Muslim. In today ever growing population and diverse and complex sosio-economic demographic changes, a much stringent Law and Order is greatly needed to steer the societies into greater  being. Hudud indeed is part and parcel of the Islamic deeds along the compulsion of sholat, zakat, fasting, Haj, etc which has long been ignored by the Muslims. Hudud is now a matter of the Muslims religious right to be adhered which is due among themselves.

(4) The non-Malays and even some Malays in particular should never be confused between the political polemic of Hudud as to the real need of its implementation. For the Muslims, they must know, Hudud is a Law established in the Book of the Al Quran. Muslims must believe in total of the Al Quran. As such, Hudud which is no doubt as part and parcel of the whole of the Al Quran, thus it must, wajib be accepted. PAS, UMNO and the Malays in PKR and any other political parties in the Country shouldn't politicize Hudud. The implementation of Hudud in Kelantan must not be seen as the initiative of PAS and or with the blessing of UMNO. Hudud

(5) Hudud is an Order for Muslims not to steal, robe, get drunk, adultery, being a liar, murderer and religious infidel. Indeed no civilized or even primitive societies accept such norms to flourish in their societies. Those are barbaric attitudes. In its strict true sense, Hudud makes the Muslims to be a good great caring human being. This Order is not limited over and above the Muslims population per se, but Hudud also demand for the good governance by the Muslims leaders and rulers. Hudud demand for the Muslims governing bodies and persons ie Government and their leaders to comply to the needs of the general Muslims to avoid them to do all those wrong doings as spelt out by the Al Quran. With the implementation of Hudud, the Government and the Muslims' leaders must ensure they had provided the citizens with fair and just opportunities to enjoy morally and decent living. In simple sense, the Government and Muslims' leaders are to set the best Islamic exemplary qualities to the Muslims as a whole. Failing which, the Government and the leaders are first to be judge accordingly. Based on such, there should be no doubt, when the Government, leaders and majority of the citizens of this Country uphold to the noble and good caring deeds, that the minority non-Muslims should ever be living in doubt or fear of Hudud. The fears or doubt I would say arises due to nothing but a mere political game play.

(6) Doubt on the mechanic of the Implementation as used to be voiced out by Mahathir Mohammed is not amounting to the rejection of Hudud, particularly by a person of his standing. Mahathir is more worried on the mechanic of the implementation rather the Hudud per se. His nature for being a medical practitioner, he worries on procedures rather principles. For such matter, I would believe, as the very nature of the Al Quran whereby its void of details or specification on many matters, Allah indeed leaves many things to the fair and wise judgement of His Ummah. It is then the duty of the Muslims scholars in this Country to work hard to plan and execute the best mechanism for the best implementation of Hudud. Foremost Hudud Law has to be passed to gear for the formulation of the effective implementation mechanic. Accordingly, the non-Muslims could voice out their wariness but such airing should not to the extend to stop the implementation of Hudud.

Kuching, Sarawak
27 March, 2015


balqis wilson said...


Hudud , hukum yang ditentukan oleh Allahswt kepada hambanya untuk menjamin
kesejahteraan hidup seluruhnya .
Sebagai Islam yang berpegang kepada Kalimah Syahadah , ia tidak ada satu keraguan , wajib melaksanakan dan mematuhi mengikut garis yang ditetapkan oleh AlQuran dan Sunah .

Telah beberapa kali saya tiba ke Negeri Di Bawah Bayu itu , namun belum pernah berpeluang mendakinya .
Perjalanan yang akan datang , diharapkan tidak sahaja berada di kaki gunung bersama udara dingin dan nyaman malah dapat melangkah ke hadapan menikmati keindahan the first light of the sunrise dipuncaknya yang menyinari keseluruhan Kepulauan Borneo ... In Shaa Allah..

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