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Apr 17, 2017

2/4/17 25% LEFT OF ME ..... a memoire of the past 75% (Draft)

In term of life career, definitely my personal and official ambition, I would say I had gone through 75 per cents of it. What left of me I would figure out a balance of just another 25 per cents or so. Definitely, many will wonder, how could I come to such a conclusion? As I said, I had not concluded, but definitely it is a guesstimate. Many years back, I had written, as a toddler, when I was asked by my mum, whom I would be when I'm grown up, my definite answer was I would like to be a District Officer (DO). Without conscious, I would say, at such a naive age, I had made a very serious declaration of my life destiny to my mum.  Alhamdullilah I had achieved such, and surpassing such dream. My career as DO for at least 25 years and two months in various forms had given me the true meaning of my existence within the society and the world that I live in. In His word Allah said to certain people will be born certain personality to serve their purpose and hopefully I had served mine accordingly. In those 25 years plus, Alhamdullilah I had dedicated my life to the course that I had promised to my mum of what are things that I will do. Even then I had so much dream especially to have all the strengths to help those my poor relatives. Again Allah had given me the chances and ability to do so to this day. My serving in the GLC and Public Listing Companies was nothing, but Allah blessing for me to serve His people to the better. Indeed I managed not only to assist my relatives to where they should stand, but Allah had also given me some extra to enable me to assist some more others. 

(2) What left of my dreams is either being a good writer and or a professional politician. Since 2009, with the existence of this Blogging medium, I had working hard to be the former. My personal experiences, reading, research, observation and if need be In Shaa Allah come end of 2018, I'll leave the Country to really pursue my last dream as writer. I love to be part of those whom will contribute the best for the revival of the Islamic Civilization. On the later interest, I'll keep such a dream forever alive , but would not take it hard, by reason, at the current circumstances, my principles would need hard path to sustain. Since after I got into very bad car accident on last August 2016, indeed all my physical and mental strength had subsided badly. As such, I would believe, Allah may have a call on me to really slow down, and for such, reading, researching and writing would be my best last option to keep myself useful to the course of Allah, placing His religion and Umat to the best advantage I could assist to make. In Shaa Allah.

(3) Dear readers, hereon, I would not be very active writing in this Bloq since I'm working to write on this special topic, which In Shaa Allah come Dec., 31, 2018, will be auto release for all to enjoy. As a preamble, I'm going to write my thought and principles from 1 Oct., 1986 say to Dec., 30, 2018 serving in Government Service, GLC, Public Listing Companies, and as Private Social Entrepreneur. Definitely the no fear, no favor attitude would be my tone. My writing is nothing but to share things that may give others inspiration as well as walls to keep people to the correct path. In Shaa Allah. 

In Shaa Allah, see you on the further elaboration of this article on 31 Dec., 2018.

Kuching, Sarawak
17 April, 2017


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