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Jun 12, 2014

2/6/14 LOOKING FOR GROWTH, it is here....yet to the far we walk?

I was in Kelantan from the 15-18 May, 2014. First I drove in a nice beetle car with my long lost friend whom now is a lung surgeon specialist in KL. Both of us went to the same school in Kelantan in 1973-75. Then in 1979-80, we were in the same class at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Interestingly both of us had to go through almost of the same difficult lives fate, but Allah guided and cared us to the best, such to this day we began to chart our future dream. We were accompanied by another lady friend, whom though is in KL ever since after her High School, yet we never met for the last 39 years. We talked. He talked as I see it as a victim of circumstances. A man created greed circumstances where political differences took it toll all the ways. I talked as a long lost friend whom once had been there at my childhood days, coming back to do my socio-spiritual repayment. We have one objective ie to meet our old friends whom most we had not meet for the past 39 years. In Malay, we were indeed balik ke kubang permainan, back to our childhood memories. Our simple dream is to get our friends to be organized to be different. Could we? A week later ie on the 18-22 May, I went over again with another great buddy. The second, trip I drove through Kuantan-Kuala Trengganu-Kota Bharu, while the earlier taking the Jerantut-Gua Musang-Kota Bharu route.

(2) Alhamdullialh along the way, we indeed made numerous small and simple get together among friends. I had been very persistent over my principle that we must meet doesn't matter what are their present socio-economic standing. We must see and be united as past kid buddies not of today adults. My logic is simple, let emulate Muhammad SAW in the way he organised his friends along his very early days struggle in Islam. I was glade then we were successful to meet to talk and walk to get the larger circle to be around soonest. There were at least 360 of us of the same batch and age in those 1973-75 days. Surely all along the way, I had been observing and thinking to the fate of this Malays and Islam in this Country, our Nation, Malaysia, the Malays within Asia. In this writing, I'm going to present how our intended domestic economic growth could and will never be achieved by reason of Half Cooked Islamic Mental Entrapment that the Malays in particular are experiencing by virtue of the jumud if not cowardice of their Ustaz and Ulama, their gurus. Gurus take central role in the Malays culture as impies by their proverb guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari. Worst I would believe, the Malays will be in the state of ayam mati di kepuk, itik kehausan di kolam. Such profound weaknesses of the Islamic teaching by these inherited syndromes had caused today Malays, be they the leaders (at whichever level) to the subjects are greatly entrapped into the mind of fear and or complacent.

(3) Almost at the same time of my traveling, I believe Mohd Najib, the Prime Minister took off to Kazakhstan (?) on a national mission to mend greater business ties between both Nations. Well as the leader of the Nation, he has to continuously seeking prospects of growth elsewhere. Even Muhammad SAW, in his early development of the Madina Islamic City-State,  in the Battle of Trenches, Allah inspired him to take on BaitulMuqadis, Persian and Byzantium for growth. Such was at time when the Islamic State was equipped with only a mere 300 (?) soldiers while both the Byzantium and Persian were with hundreds of thousand well trained and combatant armies. Indeed if today Ustaz and or Ulama are equipped with total broad based Islamic knowledge, they would tiredlessly be going around to help organizing the poor Muslims to stand to take the iktibar of such wisdom that Allah had given to Muhammad SAW. Unfortunately, today Ustaz and Ulama, they only know how to talk through the You Tube and or on nice comfortable Stages or Chairs without their hands and feet being dirtied by the mud of their bodies built. I would also postulate that today Ustaz and Ulama are much materialistic affluent and they had forgotten the very psychological reason why Allah had originally built them through mud, dirt, then dirty water and blood. Today they are complacent to their clean, nice, soft, comfortable, and fashionable jubah and or suit as compared to the coarse cheap jubah of Muhammad SAW and his disciples. They are great talkers for heavenly deed yet in the course, no one dare to take heaven in both left and right hands. They continue with the tradition, though failures are aloud, they never dare to look back. They indeed don't sweat to their talks. Why?

(4) From Africa, to India and across to the Nusantara, the West had applied their success in making the Churches and the State as separate entities at time of their colonization. In the West, the Churches were and are to dwell only on religious matters while material beings were and are the subjects of the State. Why? All are nothing but religious matters are extraterrestrial rewarding unaccounted for by the normal minds, while the State matters are about today glories and rewarding. Why bother to enjoy afterlife being when we should firstly enjoy today joys and glories. Humanly logical. Christianity in particular succumbed to such demand of separation of power, while Judaism, exclusively made itself only for the Jews to avoid repeating disastrous of the oppressing majority West. Both play to the game of survival of the fittest. Christianity adopts the norm of transforming to the prevailing human needs while Judaism adopts to the concept of niche for their survival. Thus both, now are adapted to the West appetite, the human greed of Zionism and Capitalism. On the other hand, at time of Industrial Revolution, there were acute shortages of resources in the West. The West, East bound out looking gave them the great opportunities to further advance their State matters. Nonetheless, the East was then dominated by Islam. I believe, being religiously brothers they knew well about Islam. They took the two fundamental components of Islam to their advantage. Islam is about Fardhu Ain (oneself obligation to Allah) and Fardhu Kifayah (oneself obligation to the Ummah). The Jews especially the opportunist Zionist whom were great psychologists, colluded with the Capitalist West in undermining the hearts and minds of the East ie by mean of their strong spiritual affinity. The Malays in particular be they the Cham, the Pattani, the Sulus, the Bruneian, the Javanese-Bugis, the Rhiau-Johorean all took Fardhu Ain, the spiritual being of Islam to their hearts. As long as their Fardhu Ain was and is untouched, they would compromised to the taking away of their Fardhu Kifayah. To them, Islam is about Fardhu Ain, which to the details are being spelt by both the Al Quran and Hadiths. Fardhu Kifayah is all about worldly beings, and only being spelt metaphorically by the Al Quran and teaching of Hadiths. Thus, the Portuguese, the British, the Spanish, the Dutch left the Fardhu Ain to the affair of the Malays, while Fardhu Kifayah into their total strong hold. With such, the West became lintah naik ke mata, leeches over the eyes and over almost 500 years enormously weakening the Malays to the level of pariah in their own land. For almost twenty generations, under the rule of the separation of power which diplomatically named as the Malays Privileges, indeed had made the Malays to evolve to the state of Islamic Identity Lost. The fate of the Malays and the native Indians of the American was nothing different, both lost their territories and identities.

(5) The British had systematically administered this Country through the distinct separation of power. The Malays and all the natives were the subjects of their leaders but limited to  matters of custom and religion. Religion was then defined to matter of the Masjid only. The Malays were indeed subjected to Islam to the Western defined norms. Then as a precondition to independent the imperialist law and order based on the Indian's system which indeed was a form of hidden subjugation was imposed to this State. We lived with it, to this day. The Malays, the educated, most were of British-based, sustained the system despite objection by the so called traditional schooled Malays. Since these later groups, as compared to the former, were and are never in power, they remained insignificant to this day. Worst the then Government to the present, Islamic matters remain to the limited environs as were dictated by the old master for the sake of political harmony, but indeed for their own sake of political and material greed convenient. On the other hand, the so called Islamist were and are left to the poor and those main stream schools drop out.  The educated Malays were and are the soulless Malays, the professional whom were and are very lacking in the Islamic knowledge while the so called Islamic educated were and are indeed the mere able Arabic speaking population. I have a very strong doubt of their Islamic knowledge totality. Even, their Arabic expertise, I would also have a deep doubt. To me those Arabic graduates population are similar to those whom could speak English but knew least of the Western civilization. These were and are the people whom preach the Al Quran to their comfort and worst I would say, those who were and are being Arab doctrinated to be anti-worldly gain which indeed was and is a prolong Western Doctrine of Separation of Power within the Arabs world whom was and is also subjected to the same regimes. In my simple words, the Arab educated Malays were and are indeed carrying the blinded handicap norms of Islam imposed by the West. In this sense, I would say, these Arabs able speaking Malays being look up as  Ustaz and or Ulama whom indeed inherited the the present Arabs' Islamic handicapped education. They can't think, talk, and act on detail of matters beyond the spiritual. Even in the spiritual matters, their emphasize were much on the peripheral issues. In short, they can't bridge the Fardhu Ain to Fardhu Kifayah to the best professional. Islam that they taught all along was a handicapped Islam, and indeed they knew but they are too coward to change worst to admit it. As a consequent, the Malays are continued to be the subject of handicapped soulless educational system. While the Malays are now holding to the handicapped Islam, the other citizens are without national integrity. We are moving to a breaking State, we are far to a nation building. This country is individualist in the making. People began to care their individuals' interest to the societies. This statement sound harsh, and let me now dwell to prove it.

(6) Take Masjid Putera Jaya as a first case. The Masjid is a deco element to the lake system. It doesn't serve to the full purpose of a Masjid in the central of the Malaysian Administration Capital. Beauty gained the central position of the Masjid. The spirit of Baitullah (or the larger Al Haram) and Nabawi in their original sense were not well captured in the overall built up of the Masjid. The Masjid is not able to give a soul to the whole system. It is not a place for Muslims worst public convenience. It is far from being a place for Islamic Spread. The handicapped of the Masjid Negara is well repeated here. Worst, its continue to be managed as a traditional Masjid such as in Sadong Jaya, my small quiet cowboy town. To me, the Masjid was designed by not Islamic in depth knowledge architects, engineers, planners, and administrators. The Masjid failed to promote growth internally (among the Malays) and worst externally. The Masjid is a manifestation of no growth thinking among the so called Muslim Malays for they are holding to the handicapped Islamic teaching. The Masjid is a peripheral to Islamic growth. The Masjid takes no central role in growth function. I believe if the architects, planners, administrators and engineers to the Masjid understood the meaning of what the Al Quran saying I created things not for nothing, all served My purposes; definitely one will see the need for growth that Allah means in all His creations. But due to our adoption of separation of power thus in thought and professionalism we can't see the purpose of even an octopus, in the Masjid built up, except for mere great dishes. To me the Masjid of Putera Jaya and all alike countrywide, lack or missing the agglomeration and or pulling attraction forces thus its serve to no and or very least growth in all senses. Indeed, even the Arab fluent speaking population are not able to see the Islamic purpose of lots of Allah natural creations such an octopus for they are only good in talking, while they are lacking in the detail strategic minds. The true wandering spirit and deep thinking of Muhammad SAW, his disciples and great Islamic scholars are no more the tradition of today Ustaz and Ulama. How many among them knew beyond Arabic, as compared to the scholars during the early Islamic empires whom mastered the Greek, Latin, Persian and even Urdhu languages and writings. I doubt they are able to read what more to say writing in English where tons of Islamic knowledge are generated in such medium. In Islam, the Masjid is fundamental of human sphere. Once the Masjid, lack such aura, then definitely the communities surrounding it are in dismay. The original Baitullah and Nabawi development concept is far from today concept of Masjid (worst Muslim sphere of ) development, thus the growth trickling effect of the Masjid is to nil. Today Masjids are not central to Ummah growth.

(7) It would be very revolutionary if any of the Ustaz and or Ulama assigned to care for the Jemaah during their Umrah and Hajj, if they could strongly relate the spiritual and physical linkages of the original setting of the Al Haram and Nabawi as model of human sphere development whereby the elements of peace, order and prosperity were best accommodated. Most if not all would just be praising the glories of Allah, without then inspiring the Jemaah to develop peaceful, orderly and prosperous Islamic communities once they are back home. Such misreading and misunderstanding of Allah real hidayah of Al Haram and Nabawi, would continue to take the Muslims to the state of chaotic ever since with the death of the last Muslim Khalifah Arrashidun. Indeed the Saudis are today turning both Mecca and Madinah into a soft Las Vegas rather carefully planning and developing the two cities into a real Islamic Human Sphere which other Muslims states could then be inspired.

(8) Secondly, in 2009 Allah sent a boy by the name of Adi Putera Abdul Gani to the Malays. and his audience with the Sultan of Pahang was well distributed in the You Tube ( Definitely at such a moment almost everybody look at him as a smart boy. The focus was on him. Not on his syaing. Is he really a smart boy, or is Allah indeed was mere using him in sending His message to be taken smartly? Why did he met the Sultan of Pahang. Can't he pay audience to the Sultan of Perak, Kelantan or even any others? Why was his first point of advice was about river and water? Indeed as I had many times said, Allah indeed loves the Malays so much so that even the future problems He laid to the Malays far ahead of time. Through Adi Putera, Allah sent His very fundamental early warning to the Malays. But I believe the Malays didn't heeded to his saying rather looking at him as a miracle. Adi Putera was then exploited for self benefit rather the greater gains of the Ummah. Didn't Mohd Najib Abdul Razak came from Pahang. Was Adi Putera really Allah sent to the Sultan of Pahang or was not Allah playing to the trick of pukul Sultan sindir Najib?. There were series of drought and flooding from 2010-2014 hitting the Penisula Malaysia. Now the Al Nino is hovering the nation. What other Allah enforcement warning does Najib need to wait to force him to take a  strategic national stand with regard to National Water Management and many others up coming national socio-economic issues? Is he not picking any hidayah from numerous of his Umrah and Hajj visits wrt Water Management in Mecca even to the very day of Hajar-Ismail? Historically, why is the Zam Zam being administered by the Hashimites, not any other tribes of the Quraish? What indeed is Allah hidayah on such old Mecca Water Management practice? Accordingly, I would believe, there must be reason why Allah had crafted a vast long stretch of Lime Stone Area from Gua Musang to Klang Gate. Accordingly, it must Allah plan that the East Coast received more rain than the rest of the Peninsula, just as Matang Area is a natural rain spot for Kuching region. Can't Najib and his men think, if they care for the plight of the Ummah? What is Mecca without the Zam Zam Prudent Water Management System? Even will Las Vegas be as today Las Vegas without the proper interstate Colorado Water Management System? Indeed Allah had given a great lesson by these two Meccas ie Mecca of Spiritual Growth and Mecca of Materialism Growth.

(9) Indeed, as I entered Gua Musang from Kuala Krai, traveling in slow mode speed down to Jerantut and even to Gombak Highway, as far as my eyes can see, there are just as splendid Rocky Mountain Drive natural views. A corridor of Natural Wealth that could proper the Nation better, which I believe was not seen the way Rocky Mountain National Park being seen for the prosperity of Las Vegas and all those desert cities surrounding it. Islam being the religion of the Malays, I would believe is a mere convenient. Their forefathers were Muslim thus they also proclaimed to be Muslim. Abdul Razak Husein, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, he practiced Islam to his best as a person, an individual within the society. He did also practiced Islam to the National needs. As a person, he didn't talk much about Islam, but he practiced its spiritual deeds to the best quietly. He lived a moderate life. But to the Nation, the Ummah, the Fardhu Kifayah potion, he really pushed all for nothing but his Nation, the Ummah. If Mohd Najib Masaqid is exercised upon the big Malay boys I would expect Abdul Razak Husein would rank the highest. Mahathir Mohammed, probably hovering between the middle half to Abdul Razak's point, while Mohd Najib (to this juncture), I would say is far bellow the middle half. Abdul Razak knew the fundamental issues of the Nation. He tackled those to the grass roots. He focused himself to the building the wealth of the people while keeping the Nation in solid footing. He walked the Country. He walked his talk. To me, he understood the very fundamental traits of Muhammad SAW from being a mere illiterate poor boy to a person of a founding civilization. Muhammad SAW knew details of his subjects. He knew whom really he can trust. All is by the fact that he himself is the masaqid of the virtues that he was entrusted with. To me Mohd Najib had lost grasp of the Malays issues, worst for Islam. So much so, his benchmark of things are far from the Malays' and Islamic interest. The Masaqid that he is pushing I would say is a window dressing for self comfort.

(10) Why after so long Mahathir had stepped down (the very stupid thing done by him), even worst after decades the passing away of Abdul Razak Husein, the East Coast Highway had not been completed. Where is Najib slogan of Islamic Moderation? Is he not practicing regional discrimination by not pushing hard the complete package of the East Coast Highway? Even the Highway had not covered his very own State of Pahang, what more to say Trengganu and Kelantan. Had I not come to listen to his very mouthful claim that he is the Prime Minister of Malaysia? What does he really mean by so? Indeed now I'm seeing him as more of MITI and Foreign Minister instead of a Prime Minister. Is trading in Kelantan, Trennganu and Pahang smaller than Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak? Are they of equal economic merit or are they of complementing economic strengths? Had he not studied the impact of the West Coast Highway on towns such as Jitra, Kodiang and Jerlun in Kedah? I had seen these three places as I had seen the growth of Kuala Krai, Machang and Tanah Merah in Kelantan since 1972. To me Mohd Najib is too clouded by the corporate devils so much so he lost track of the ground regional and sub-regional interaction and linkages of the Nation that could prosper our domestic socio-economic betterment. His administration indeed had lost the soul of the people and such is manifested in the need for him to say: Rakyat didahulukan.

(10) Thailand is my favorite benchmark on how smooth regional linkages had placed the Nation in greater footing. The Southern Thai is always very unfriendly to Bangkok and vice versa, such was the case for certain regions in the North, Northwest and even Northeast, yet the Thai was smart to ignore such regional political differences and pushed hard to provide good Highway development to all these regions in connectivity to the Central Plain. Such undiscriminating political and development policy placed Thailand into a great regional advantages. Thailand became the gateway to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and even Vietnam. The same is now being geared in Vietnam. Indonesia even under the seen weak Megawati administration whom had emulated well Malaysian Highway development approach so much so she had made traveling within the Java and Madura Island are much well linked. Indeed despite the various political turmoils in these Nations, they still could sustained a quite healthy economic growth. Philippines is a very great example of the effect of development discrimination on the dampening of the State economic growth which now crops into a national security and disunity threat. Which direction is Najib and his people is steering this Nation to be? His continuous discrimination over Kelantan, I would believe not only will hurt the Malays his very own blood but most I would say, Allah for he being unjust khalifah. How indeed Najib and his men is seeing Kelantan to the spurring of the National economic growth? Accordingly, how indeed is he seeing smooth linking Kelantan to Klang Valley and the Iskandar development, would impart economic relief to his brother Muslim Pattani if ever he treated those as his Muslim brothers?

(11) To me, Mohd Najib is a man of popularity. He is, and he will be so. The people surrounding him is molding galvanizing him as such. Compare with personalities that surrounding Abdul Razak Husein, they were just like jauh panggang dari api. The people in the East Coast, the Highway is their priority, not the bigger Masjid and or larger Stadium. They also don't need those fancies miniature costly masjids in Trengganu. They need water. They need proper drainage and irrigation system. They need a total overhaul to their agro-economic system. If the present system had worked, there should be no more poverty in Kelantan, Trengganu and even Pahang. Once Najib had wrongly picked a politicking person for such a duty, and now I can see he entrusted a person of no a matching caliber even to Sanusi Junid or Anwar Ibrahim for the post. To be frank, every travelers along the so called East Coast Highway will hate the Government for not able to benefit the comfort and safety as they travel on the West Coast Highway, and so I would believe if not completed within the next five years, they will hate the Government more. Such will also applied to the people in Sarawak and Sabah. We had been promised that the various subsidies rationalization would be used to curb the escalating cost and improve the transportation efficiency Nation-wide, where is it now?. Indeed those saved pennies are being spent for more subsidies for popularity rather real sustainable growth.

(12) The greatest weaknesses of Mahathir that Najib is trailing closely when he began to ignored the element of regional spatial planning. Abdul Razak Husein as a man whom had deep knowledge of the military discipline is a true believer of such approach and I would believe, Muhammad SAW did as well applied such approach in his great success to pave for the establishment of the old day triumph Islamic empires. Najib with his corporate boys, they are mere accounting planners with the great bottom line monetary gain yet to a very high socio-political cost. As an overall, the Nation suffer, while his boys pocket an immoral material gains. Indeed this is the cause for poor domestic growth and to the future national social collapse. Nauzubillah Himinasyaitan Nirajim.  

Bandar Baru Bangi, Kajang
29 May-26 June, 2014


balqis wilson said...

Salam pagi Jumaat, salam 1Ramadhan 1435H buat saudara penulis dan semua pembaca.,semuga saudara ABC dalam sihat sejahtera hendaknya.Ramadhan kali ini,mudahan-mudahan kita semua akan dilimpahi Allah segala nikmat dan keberkatan, semuga kita dapat bersama lagi di Ramadhan tahun hadapan.

Sedikit pandangan dari saya...
Jika saudara ABC punya kesempatan dan kelapangan,sukacita kami pembaca agar tulisan saudara dapat diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Melayu. Bagi saya yang kurang menguasai Bahasa Inggeris, ini adalah sesuatu yang sangat berharga, terima kasih atas perkongsian ilmu,semuga Allah memberkati usaha beliau.

Semua kita membaca,namun tidak semua antaranya cuba untuk melihat,memahami,meneliti, mempelajari,mengambil iktibar tentang apa yang berlaku.
Sayang dan ruginya kerana rakyat Asia Malaysia diantara rakyat yang kurang dan tidak gemar membaca..
Semuga kita semua akan menjadi sebuah Bangsa Melayu yang maju dan berjaya.., InsyaAllah., TQ.

Abdullah Chek Sahamat said...

Alhamdullillah. Terima kasih. Saya telah beberapa kali cuba menterjemah tulisan saya sendiri ke dalam BM, akhirnya, lebih baik saja menulis dalam BM sehingga isinya lain dari tulisan asal dalam BI. Sebabnya, bila saya menulis dalam BI, sasaran pembaca saya adalah lain. Saat saya menulis dalam BM, pasti fikiran saya hanya menumpu kepada Melayu. Fikir dan usaha saja sebegini, kita tidak mengerti Bahasa Arab (BA), BM kitapun banyak yang keliru. Sedang dalam BI kian tertulis banyak khazanah Islam, maka tanpa mengerti BI, apa mungkin terdongkel Ilmu Islam yang kian menimbun dalam Bahasa itu?
(2) Namun jika sdra/i ikuti, sebetulnya tulisan saya kian saling bertali. Aklan terkait akhirnya satu di antara lain. Jadi jangan khuatir jika dalam BI kurang dimengerti, pasti hujah yang hampir sama akan muncul di mana-mana dalam BI.
(3) Tulisan saya ini khusus untuk Pak Najib dan Muhhyidin gara keduanya jadi jantan Melayu yang merobah.

Anonymous said...


My fren ..... Fardu Ain and Fardu Kifayah are our obligation to Allah.


Abdullah Chek Sahamat said...

You are right, Fardhu Ain and Kifayah are both our obligations to Allah. In my writing, what I mean by Fardhu Ain (as oneself obligation to Allah) is wrt the spiritual aspect of Islam as most would see especially among the West and non-Islam Educated East, while Fardhu Kifayah (as one's obligation to the Ummah). Both constitute the calls of Islam and both indeed inseparable, as such both are Muslim obligations to Allah. Yet in today practices, Muslim tend to separate the two. That to me is the caused the imbalanced of deeds and backwardness among the Muslim. TQVM

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