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Jun 7, 2014

1/6/14 KEEP DENYING....kandas juga akhirnya.

He claims, He exist. He is solitaire. Not born and gave birth to no one.  He resembles nothing man can think of. He is by Himself. He is immortal. He is the God of the Universe. Nothing created and or happening is without His knowledge. He is Allah, the most loving and merciful. Are all these true? Just go back as far as man want; 1,000,000 years, or 3,000 years back. History witnessed, to the end, everyone looks up  to the sky for mercy at times of pain. Be it in the darkness of the night or the blooming bright day. Why? In today life, to be neutral of Goddess, people especially the highly educated West, trailed closely by the East, look to the sky for the super being. They termed such super being as extraterrestrial. As their minds are in great wonder, men began to turn to extraterrestrial for a solution. They avoided hard to believe or to name such extraterrestrial being as the One Absolute Authority, the One God. They see, a call to Goddess divine submission, be it in Judaism, Christianity, definitely Islam, are freedom limiting. Even if they submit, they submit to the most relevantly convenient substances, the very least from totality. Islam and Judaism are indeed are under great modernity attack with Islam the most criticized, for Judaism is now a great West Political Mileage. Christianity has lost its virtue the day Jesus Son of Marry was lifted to heaven and people turned him to Jesus Christ the trinity. It is indeed now a religion of forever transforming to human greed.

(2) Leave man be Goddess-free as he choose to be. Man is created to be free anywhere. His virtue is by himself. Leave him to believe, in this world and even the universe, things are created by natural-being. Man discovery of sciences had made him to less believe in Goddess. Everything exist by a scientific process that one way or another his mind will discover the process if not now definitely any time tomorrow. Let him believe, sciences give birth to everything. Such, there is no such thing as one divine absolute power of Goddess in the creation or even in regulating the order of this universe. But given the benefit of the doubt, could man be free to his free thought?

(3) In this writing, I love to present, even the most genius men of the Modern West such as Issac Newton (1642-1727) and Albert Einstein (1879-1955), they both recognized the presence of Allah in anything that man can visualize. I would believe, since both were not well exposed to Islam, thus the name of Allah was alien, indeed extraterrestrial to them. The same I would say applied to Socrates (470-399BC), the founding father of the Western Civilization. All these I would believe, was due to religious-political conflict in the early West which sustained to this days, which made the discoveries of knowledge had been greatly separated from the hand of God. The early West political greed had made the churches and the State as two distinct separate entities. Such, today sciences, are treated as pure men inventions and nothing to do with others. But rather interesting both Einstein and Socrates were Jews, thus the concept of God was nothing new to them. Socrates, used to be treated as a mad old man whom always praying to the sky. The sky seem to have given him lots of philosophical inspirations. His presence was indeed at the chaotic period of the Greek civilization. While Einstein whom study the earlier works of Max Planck (1858-1947) of whom both are considered the great physicist of the 20th century subconsciously inbuilt the divine power of God into their discoveries. Planck whom is famous for his Quantum Mechanic or Physic due to his wandering mind over the creation of things in this universe, at last postulated that everything exist due to the having of an energy, E. He named this energy as Quantum Energy. His thought then, was named Quantum Physic and or Mechanic. He believed, such E was a factor of a constant h which later is known as the planck's constant and f the frequency of some sort of the electromagnetic wave that every substance produced. Thus in a simple term, he derived the formula of E=hf. Einstein then began to refute his theory which he failed and yet came to the conclusion that E=MC^2. Earlier Planck had a difficulty to designate the value for f which seem to varies from one object to the others. But, Einstein believe, such f was indeed derived from one source ie the light which he designated as a constant C. Einstein source of the light (C) was again from the sky. Einstein resolved Planck wonder by making the f ie C as constant and it varies with the weight of the substance, which he designated as m. The letter m came from the word masses or the blackbodies as earlier regarded by Planck.

(4) Isaac Newton (1642-1727) while lying under the apple tree came with the idea of gravitational (g) force. It seem the apple that came down the tree gave him the idea of thing fall at the speed of a factor of M, the masses and the g the gravity speed which is 10ms^2. He thus postulate the formula of F=ma (where m is the masses in Kg, while a is the gravity acceleration of g which is 10ms^2 or to be exact 9.8 ms^2). If one follow these mathematical or physic formula, there is nothing of Goddess value in them. It is so, as today education is moving far away from the disciplines of Goddess. Theology is clearly separated from all the secular teaching. Thus the bridging of moral and or spiritual to materialism are two separate and distinct disciplines.

(5) In Judaism, and well recognized in Christianity, God presented himself to Moses at Mt Sinai to deliver the Ten Commandment (Old Testament) was in the form of thundering blast. Islam truly believe in such and sustainably defending Allah, the One God presence as such. Even in the event of Israq Miraj ie the traveling of prophet Muhammad SAW to heaven to meet Allah, His presence was again in the form of a very illuminating light. Indeed in Islam, Allah is a light, Nur. Nur indeed is a metaphoric guidance for man in his life course, such in Islam one always pray to be blessed with His Nur (light) and Hidayah. To Newton, Planck, Einstein and whoever thereon look at nur from the electromagnetic wave and or light speed perspective and thus postulate the universe was created and is governed by the law in relation to the light or electromagnetic wave. The concept of F=hf of Planck, is nothing different from F=mg of Newton and or E=mc^2 of Einstein. The element of wave length ie be it in the form of f, c or g all are indeed electromagnetic forces. Doesn't Allah created and governs this universe by the electromagnetic forces? The modern scientists will never believe so as most of them are becoming too much alien to the concept of God what more to say Allah.

(6) Allah indeed squared off man by the strickening light and thundering blast. The wise men imitated it. The greedy Zionist and Capitalist took it to the battle fields. The WWII witnessed the devastating effect of fire and blast onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the 1970s, the France and America ransake the Vietnamese by the power of blast and thunder. To this day, the West, manipulated the gift of Allah to their best benefit to subdue the little Arabs. They blast and fired the Arab to ashes. They took advantage of the fitrah of Allah, not for justice of humankind but for their personal greed. They knew the power of Allah yet they denied it hard.

(7) Indeed scientific discoveries were first discovered and or improved by the Muslim scholars through their earlier assimilation with the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus, Chinese, Persian and Byzantium civilizations. Nonetheless, among the earlier Muslim scientists, they never claimed whatever their finding as theirs since they were so much having the believe of in deep blessed and debt to Allah. In Islam, all the knowledge(and all other things)  are owns by and from Allah. Thus any Muslim can't claim his finding(s) as absolute his. We never will find such names as Avicena Theory, Ibnu Khaldum Philosophy, etc. Thus with such handicap, among the West whom stole the ideas of the Muslims scientists, will never would like to associate their improvement to the early Muslim findings. Races and religious prejudice indeed made today men to be deeply separated.

(8) In fact the Al Quran naming of the Rabbi Jews as the men who lied and the Christian priests as the men who are deceiving are indeed hold to this day. Both are not willing to tell the truth, which now split men to all sort of crisis and chaotic. In the man gene, as some began to claims, there is a special genome where the call to submit to the absolute power would just be triggered once all the preconditions are met. To me such gene is indeed Allah breath, a form of electromagnetic force that one carries as his soul. A wise man, the most genius upon his long search, he would come to the conclusion, all are God created and govern. Man will only find the knowledge of how such were done and he than to gain benefit from such for the course of all human being. One indeed can't keep or benefit from one findings or earning to oneself. That is the fundamental purpose of a religion, a universal teaching of sharing and caring among men. Nonetheless, one could either be a Jew, Christian or Muslim is subject to one moral and spiritual exposure. The most knowledgeable man will definite succumb to be humble to his Creator. Einstein, at last objected to the devastating causes of the atomic bomb, and submit himself to the good course of human being which the West indeed working hard to erase from the note of his history. The same fate was earlier bestowed on Socrates, when Plato then Aristotle distorted most of his teaching into much materialism philosophy.

(9) Today soulless Western education is coming to be the next Goddess of human being. Capitalism and Zionism are moving the whole world to such a virtue. Human indeed are forgetful of their historical past. Once, our materials pursuit was soulless that bring down such great civilizations as the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus, Chinese, Greek, Roman and even the Persian, then Islam came into messiah placing everything back into order, but thus after about 1,400 years or so, men seem wanting to repeat the same norm. The future destruction of this so call modern civilization will soon at the door step due to all seem to succumb to the West Zionist and Capitalist trap. Islam a religion that Allah had bestowed upon man from the very day of his creation, is being deceived to the satanic will by many. The Muslims scholars and thinkers fail to raise to place the nur into today education system that could make the Muslims to be the standing firm and walking fast men of the day. The Muslims unfortunate, had very much succumbed themselves to the Western trap.They unconsciously trailing the West in denying Allah in almost all of their deed. Their syahadah I would say is in great question. But for sure, time will come, they would realized, but mostly are too late.

Gua Musang, Kelantan
16 May, 2014


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