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Mar 4, 2014


My first visit to Mukah was in late 1980s. A real bad killing drive from Sibu. The hotel where I shared a room with my boss indeed, was an alive meat selling place. The only attraction in town was the morning coffee market where in 2008 I lured Muhyiddin Yasin, when he was the Minister of Agriculture(MOA)  to have a nice old day breakfast. It was part of an effort to get MOA to treat Sago as a primary commodity no more the minor crops as it used to be. His visit later paved for the initiative to make Sago as a New Commodity and Growth Area under the Ministry of Plantation Industry and Commodity (MPI&C). Through Peter Chin, the Minister of MPI&C then, I managed to secure fund for what I called as Sago Smallholders Satelite Estate development for MTR of 9MP as well as the present RM10(?). But today, Mukah is totally a different quite lively place. Even those villages that in the past were victimised for being in the opposition are now well served with better roads, water and electricity supplies. Mukah socio-economic landscape had changed greatly, though not to the full advantage of the local. The next course, I would say is to take care of those villages on the Balingian side toward Bintulu. Indeed, Taib Mahmud had done the best for Mukah in quite a short span of time as compared to his tenureship in Samarahan.

(2) As an overall, Taib Mahmud had done great for Sarawak, though there is no doubt again not to the full advantage of the majority natives. But again who can do as such? Nonetheless at her own scale, Sarawak indeed had done better that any other places in the whole of Borneo. Like it or not, Taib has to be honored for such works.

(3) I wish, there should be no PRK in Balingian. Firstly, to those who really be thankful to Taib and as well as to give the Mukah-Balingian people what they deserve, they should just be given a nice walk over just as the people of Pekan, Pahang gave to Mohd Najib Abdul Razak over the absolute retirement of Abdul Razak Husein. Taib political retirement should be accorded just as Abdul Razak was honored. Secondly, even for those who never like Taib, for whatever reason, they should give him a great farewell by not inducing for a PRK in Balingian. Surely people will say, then where is democracy? If we understand democracy in its honest sense, giving good face is also a democratic practice. To me, there is no point to fight NF (BN) in Mukah, for sure, it is a no win place for any apart from NF(BN), unless Allah will the opposite. Surely the third reason that the whole Sarawakian should be looking forward is to give Adnan Satem, the new CM a great day start. Let Adnan have a burden to honor changes that the people really needing for. Such was the fight of those who never like Taib, so now Sarawakians are given the change to have the change therefore let honor our next driver to have a nice start drive. Failing which, I then would conclude, the fight indeed is not to the spirit of what are all these fights that we have all these while. Let walk our talk.

(4) Sayonara to Taib. May he Allah blesses with great taufik aand hidayah to be a great Statesman. For Adnan Satem, let pray for Allah to give him great health and taufik and hidayah to serve the people for greater prosperity and harmony. Great welcome to Adnan.

(5) Wrt to Kajang, Selangor. let there be a PRK. If there is no PRK in Balingian, then the saving in Balingian, SPRM could then used up in Kajang. Hopefully. The very reason, why I love to see a PRK in Kajang, is on three grounds. Firstly, my believe, Anwar Ibrahim is a factor for political maturity in UMNO. I have nothing personal against Anwar except I was deeply hurt when he abide to IMF Financial Salvage Policy which proven not working especillay in the Latin America as well as the Philippines and deviating from his Islamic Economic Rhetoric. I believe, Mahathir had placed so much hope into Anwar, trained him as well as giving him all the opportunities to be great leaders. Internationally, Anwar is still a well recognized Malaysian leader. His active presence in the Malaysian prime political scene would fit into maturing UMNO politic and to make UMNO to go back to where she belong. If there is fear in UMNO, it is the fear to merakyatkan UMNO by those now in position to gain not to serve. Sometimes, there is a need for a devil to correct the evil. Allah, makes the presence of the satans to test Mukmin.

(6) Secondly, if Anwar won and he be made the MB of Selangor, definitely he has to be Anwar of a very different person. I pray, his winning is Allah blessing for him to change from what he had been perceived (?). My personal perception of him was he is a mere rhetoric Islamic leader. But I do pray with his winning of Kajang, may Allah make his heart to be truly Muslim and he really can make Islam as a just and prospering Adeen for all to benefit, be they Musilims or none Muslims at least in Selangor. The Islamic world of today is in vacum of true Islamic State Model, and the world really need of an alternative Model State where every walk of lives could equitably benefit. Anwar-Khalid since both having the same surname of Ibrahim, an honored name in Islam, Judaism and Christianity, they should be able to come with good governance model for us the whole Malaysian to appraise by 2017/8. InsyaAllah.

(7) Thirdly, with Anwar having the facility to govern, will he walk his talk. If he did, then I would expect Najib-Muhyiddin to walk their talk as well. Failing which, Malaysia will be having talking not walking leadership at both end. In the sense, I could see it is a blessing in disguise to have Anwar in Kajang to make both Shah Alam and Putera Jaya to focus to work for the great of a Nation. InsyaAllah.

(8) For Zaid Ibrahim (another Ibrahim) to join the fight I would say is a meaningless effort. If his intention is to speak on his problem with Anwar, I would say, just like saying your problem with your wife to a stranger. It is just like letting a hungry cat out into the bush, sure he will be back with a death bird. That I would believe is immature if not an immoral act. The same for Nalakaruppan (?). What are those good or bad things that he had enjoyed with Anwar that he want the whole Malaysia to know? If he is really honest, he has not only PRK Kajang to speak his grouses, indeed he has all the avenues to do so any time. Both him and Zaid, I would say, can just go to any media before, now or later  to say what they like.

(9) Let PRK Kajang be a square fight between Government (Malaysia) and Government (Selangor); G-G. If PR is only contested by NF (BN), this is  a great scene to see G-G fight with no opposition or independent parties in the picture. I can understand the game of politic, fishing in milky water but probably it is an honor to have a square fight, a real gentleman one. As human and most important as a Malay and or Muslim, an honor is paramount. That would be an interesting event of the early year. As I had said in my earlier article, with lots of Higher Learning institutions surrounding Kajang, the Kajang PRK would be the best avenue for political science studies and analysis for the students and their lecturers to take. The people of Kajang should be given the best honor to shape future Malaysian political and socio-economic management backdrops. Let them discharge their duties respectfully without much noises. InsyaAllah.

(10) Look carefully at the shape of the Kajang N25 constituency. It looks like a bird wanting to lay egg and or ready to fly. May Allah makes Kajang PRK a maturing political process and true color of the conflicting parties for Malaysians to evaluate rationally. InsyaAllah.

Kuching, Sarawak
4 March, 2014


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