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Mar 4, 2014

3/3/14 MAKING LIFE MUCH AFFORDABLE.....Allah's Institutes of Management?

As the Fall comes, the Polar Bear knows soon he need to hibernate. He grazes heavily in Fall. In Winter, for at least, four months he will just sleep and do less. The same with the squirrel. As Fall falls, he will gathered the pines fruits and bury as his Winter food stock. The wild bore behave the same. He rolls fruits especially the durians into leave ball and take them when they are ready. The same for the python snake. He eats, then whole day he just sleep. The cattle behave to the same nature, he grazes whole day, he chews his food as he sleeps or rests. Could human be just the same? Allah gave human brain. Human brain makes human different from the Chimpanzee or any other most brilliant creatures. All those characters of the non-human animals, are indeed for human to think to infer. Allah, His method of teaching is always by way for us to use our brain professionally.

(2) The fundamental pressing need of our Rakyat is housing. Surely then will be transportation for it is then related to income source, education, health, recreation, etc. But I would say, housing is fundamental. A correct Public Housing Policy and Program definitely will make the Rakyat much happy and productive. A male tiger roams around, to mark his family territory. The Polar Bear do behaves the same. Such is the elephant. Name it, the bees, the mosquitoes, the ants, bacteria, virus, etc almost every non-human animal, have their territory, their home. Shelter, foods, mating partners, security, playgrounds, etc control are indeed those they are registering as their males mark their ground. Even the less intelligent non-human animals are much intelligent on how to care for their Rakyat as compared to many non-animal animals, the human leaders, why?

(3) Our present social stress is very much related to poor Public Housing Policy. Public housing policy is very much related to Site, Financing, Services, and Transportation. In the field of Services, its cover a very broad spectrum of needs and necessities. It could be basic such as the water, electricity, sewerage, health, education, safety and security. Other social services may also have to be seriously considered vis places of worship, playground,  community facilities, even to the level of shopping facilities including for laundries, storage, repair, etc. Transportation is vital as a mean of having access to all other non-on site facilities, especially with regard to employment or source of income. Such, site selection for Public Housing must be strongly interface with the Centers of Employment. Capitalism, had breed greed. In Islam, a man is a leader. Allah created man to be the caliph. Why? Since the first man, Adam AS was bored to lonesome, despite Allah had given him everything, the Heaven, such Allah then gave him a woman, Eve. With Eve he, failed to Allah's test on him. He lost his patience and submitted to desire which to ordinary non-animal animal turned into greed. As desire cropped into Adam and Eve, they both then have sex. With natural desire of sex, non-animal animal, the human breed from two to now about 6,500,000,000 people. In this country, there are almost 29,000,000 persons non-animal animal. With ever increasing numbers of non-animal animal, there bound to be lots of crisis. With our number keep on increasing, we will be facing greater and much complicated crisis to resolve, and such warrant for a great leadership. In the old days, a person like Alexandra the Great, Ghenghis Khan, Hitler and even Mao Tze Dung took their men to war to reduced their population. The American leadership to this day love to just continue with such non-animal animal leadership virtues, creating war for self-prosperity. In Islam, the Almighty Allah, He knew this to happen, thus He gave Islam as the Adeen for all to comply to make all to have their equitable share of good lives, yet the Muslims, the Malays' leader were, are and will be the most ignorant of the Islamic leadership Adeen call.

(4) Allah, as I had said the way He laid His educational system is very informal, democratic and left to the non-animal animal creative mind to capture. In the case of housing, as the non-animal animal population growing fast, where should then they should learn their eg Housing Development and Management Policy? To me the best Allah's Institute of Housing Development and Management and or Institute of Social Management had existed with the existence of the plants (forest), ants, bees, fishes, worms, protozoa, bacterias, viruses, etc. In the history of King Solomon, on one of his trip, the army of ants were crossing his path. He stopped to give time for the ants to pass safely. In history, such is always being narrated as how very non-human animal friendly was King Solomon to the non-human animal, the ants. But to me, Allah's taufik and hidayah of such was greater for being just a non-human animal friendly. King Solomon, the Allah blessed prophet with great knowledge, he just wanted the non-animal animal after him to take the ants as one of Allah's Institute of Management as and when the time come. Such time is now. The ants population and their basic needs development and management is the most simplest and easiest to study say as compared to the bees, unless one can stand the deadly stings.

(5) Simple question such as how, where, why, when do ants build their home the way they used to be, definitely will give us much intelligent non-animal animal a better Housing Development and Management Policy and Program. There must be a reason why the ants castle are tomb-like with lattice structure. Did we see any ants within its colony being left without a space? Ants urine is noxious, yet we don't see their population were the victim of their own being. How, why?. Did we see ants killing each other within the hive for food or even for mate? Why and how did these non-human animal becoming much non-animal animal?. Is there any Harvard School of Ants? To me they just submit totally to Allah command of being onto them. Allah said, "He created enough for all His creations, be they non-animal animal and or non-human animal just that everybody should care for everybody" but we made abundance for few and provided the least to the majority. We mostly behave as non-human animal rather non-animal animal. We share the least. We submitted to Total Capitalism, a system invented to make every gentile the slave of Zionist.

(6) Among the ants, the bees, mosquitoes, etc greed don't exist among them. They live as community. Their community social structure is well structured, regimented. Each with definite responsibilities and they undertake their responsibilities to their best. The queen without tired and fear of pain, ever ready to breed. The guards without fear to make the Queen pregnant, and be ready to die thereafter of pleasure. The soldiers, without tired ever ready to work for the community.  In return, everybody were given their equitable livelihood share. The ants, the bees, the colony-community-based non-human animals, they practiced equitable sharing of the fruits of their hard work. Unfortunately, we the non-animal animals, we treated our gains as ours, and not willingly to share making us nothing better than those family-based non-human animals, the tiger, the crocodile, the leopard, the hyena, the monkeys, the pigs, etc. Indeed, the family-based non-human animals are the inference of Allah of the Zionist and Jews, while the community-based non-human animals are the Islamic community that we must build and or emulate.

(7) Islam calls for everything must be Islamic. We must work hard to such a path. In our housing development, for instance, can't we not make it an Islamic initiatives. We should make a start from there and move into broader areas thereon. In fact I can't understand, especially to encourage and reward the civil servants as well as among the GLCs and private sector staffs to be trustworthy, productive, and effective couldn't their housing need be met through the Islamic Financial System. Can't anybody start to think, our public housing needs to be less burdening especially among our young couples and lower income group? Indeed in our deep concern to make our State Economic Growth and Company High PAT Growth, we tend to forget the slaves that had made all those. The bees, the ants, the mosquitoes, etc they honored and safeguarded their slaves to the best interest of the community. They care equitably among their societies. They are not family, group, status biased. That is the fundamental of an Islamic community as against the Zionist Capitalism. I'm happy to note, Khalid Ibrahim of Selangor is going to do as such, and may Allah blesses all with His Taufik and Hidayah to make our non-animal animal a real human Ihsaniah creation.

Kuching, Sarawak
4 March, 2014


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