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Sep 20, 2017
2/9/17 SARAWAK DIGITAL ECONOMY ...participating in the fourth wave industrial revolution.

2/9/17 SARAWAK DIGITAL ECONOMY ...participating in the fourth wave industrial revolution.

Digital economy is a concept that was highly being mooted in the early 1990s. 1990s I would say is an era of computerization especially among the third world countries. Indeed digital economy is a progression of the electrical and electronic economy of 1980s. Nonetheless, in the year 2000s, the idea seem to mallow down especially in Malaysia by the fact that such a noble idea was clouded by the culture of the Malays stupid politicking. From 2003 onward, the concept of digital economy for Malaysia I would say die off with the departure of Mahathir from his premiership position. It dies off, I would believe due to the poor understanding of such an idea of Mahathir's whom was a medical turned politician by his trusted successors. I dare to say, the then Abdullah and Najib had a poor grasp on the concept of digital economy. Thus, both Abdullah and Najib then began not to see the importance of the completion of Cyberjaya development. I can see now that Najib had abandon the original development concept of Cyberjaya for he is eyeing a much grandeur cyber place development covering Klang Valley-Nilai-Seremban. As a biologist, I believe Najib is confused between the need to establish the Central Place over the space coverage. In the IT-based development, the Central Place is a must before one could have a wider space coverage. Mahathir as a medical person understood the relationship of the brain and the body in human physiology IT-system and thus he geared the development of Cyberjaya for IT-based application in Klang Valley and thus the whole nation. Accordingly, due to Sarawak financial glitch in 2002-2012 (?) I would say, the pioneering idea on digital economy which was also adopted by Taib; with the problem facing the 1Silicon Project, subsided accordingly. Even at the world stage, with the outbreak of the Iraq-Kuwait War, then of course followed by a never ending Middle East political chaotic  the world seem to be preoccupied by the concept of terrorism rather intellectual discourses for the good of the global mankind. For Malaysia, Najib is more busy with the terrorism rather advancing the living techno-how of his people, the rakyat to gain a better living devoid of numerous frustration that lead to the birth of terrorism.

(2) In the 1990s, the emergence of MS office as the computing Operating System to challenge IBM DOS, later emerged Apple and thus the creation and strengthening of Google, FB and many others social media platforms to complement and rival the cumbersome email and websites had turned the world into Digital Village. The vision of the cyber-thinkers then was to make the whole world into the most cost-effective resources management. Digital economy indeed is simple to understand. Let look at our progression of working process that evolves from the traditional manual to mass industrial mechanization and then to electronic-based. Indeed over our human civilizations since 5,000BC, our work process had gone into sort of four phases of development. First was the traditional manual; man-animal powered driven development. Then over time, mechanical invention came in. Our Second Industrial revolution in early 1900s was due to this mechanization of the traditional manual industries. Then with the invention of electric, came the electronic revolution that further enhance our mechanical system. Such was the third wave of our industrial revolution. In 1990s, the electronic technologies went into much drastic innovation that combined the strengths of mechanical and electronic engineering to advance into computerization of the electronic sector, giving birth to what earlier being term as IT-based economy and now redefined as digital economy. Indeed what being term as digital economy is indeed the fourth stage of industrial revolution that we are presently undergoing. In the manual and mechanical-based working process, jobs are done to the perfection by mean of superb man-based coordination. Nonetheless in the electronic-based working process, jobs execution is perfectly done by mean of perfect network of data sharing. Electronic-based working process required less man energy but an efficient data management infrastructures. In the digital economy management, total integrated and open information and electronic-based technologies application is a must. The role of man is minimized. In today digital economy, its has nutured the concepts such as e-trading, e-production, e-banking, etc.

(3) One of the major initial impact of digital economy was in the telecommunication system. Our telecommunication system then evolved dramatically. Advancement in the telecommunication system freed the world in term of resources, capital, technologies and talents utilization and mobility. We thus moving into the open global economies. This openness later created waves of innovation in almost every aspect of the electronic and mechanical devices which then ripples  helping to build many others new intelligent economic commodities beyond the natural resources that we had been exhausting. New world economic growth was greatly seen in the 1990s with the emergence of China, India, Brazil and many others smaller nations by means of these mechantronic engineering innovations. But unfortunately due to the greed of certain political figures be at the national, regional and even global level, the idea was thwarted, hijacked or killed to feed their political-economic greed. Today the world is suffering from serious natural resources depletion, and the curtail of such a noble cyber-management system that we should had further advance, had placed the whole world in a greater distresses.

(4) Indeed the fourth stage of our industrial revolution had not reach its maturity. May be it had just reached a midway. As I said earlier, misconception of the system as well as the spread of greed world wide had hampered and delayed the perfect maturity of this fourth wave industrial revolution. With the maturity of the digital economy, ie with the greater advancement of the digital innovations, my expectation is that our natural resources utilization and management would come to a stage of very cost-effective and sustainable. I believe, most importantly, as Muslim; digital economy should strengthen the Muslim piety that Allah is the al mighty whom had laid everything for the Muslims to be great. Time is running fast for Muslims to study and thus to uncover all the hidden scientific elements of the Al Quran for the good of the whole world. Time is running fast for Muslim to treat the Al Quran as the Al Quran that Allah wants it to be, not a merely spiritual holly book.

(5) In Sarawak today, there seem to be a revitalization of the digital economy concept thought. Abang Johari upon taking over the State leadership, seem to move hard pushing for such a concept. Is this going to be his best strategic choice or he is dried of any other avenue due to the changing national, regional and global economic environment? Worst is it not his economic escapism or merely political gimmick? Even if such is the best choice, would he not be alone, especially in Malaysia when even Najib whom is the Prime Minister is so preoccupied to timid political matters? I don't quiet hearing any other state, not even Penang, the once an electronic jewel of South East Asia is pursuing on this digital economy. Let me not answer my questioning of Abang Johari economic management direction on this digital economy directly. Readers should be able to comprehend those later.

(6) Let me now take especially the Muslim readers on the question, what indeed is this digital economy from the Quranic perspective. The Al Quran says, Allah never sleep. He knew before hand what is in your heart and mind and all your deeds!. Theologically, such a saying means, Allah is ever aware of what we intent to do, and what ever we had done. The Al Quran further strengthen Allah superb knowledge by the fact that He will weight your deeds doesn't matter how small they are, even smaller than an atom. Well, then we should be asking, how did and does Allah do His work ie basically His management system especially His monitoring and supervision of all his creations and in particular the human being? Did He personally be present to see how the virus, bacteria, fungi, plant, animal, water, air, fire, rivers, deserts, all sort and lastly human in behaving themselves? My mind wander. Then I look up to the sky, to search for His superb macro and micro management excellence. The sun, the moon, the stars, and sure the sky are all up there. The sun sends light to all parts of the universe, and thus then each of the universe elements will reflect the sunlight accordingly; sort of forming a network of light transmission to no ending. We also know, in this universe, there are never ending of all sort of magnetic waves being created and transmitted. Thus my believe and conception, I have no doubt, based on the Al Quran saying, He created things for human benefit therefore these light and magnetic waves that are floating around indeed is the system that being used by Allah to govern everything to the purpose of his creation.

(7) Accordingly, if one look into oneself, one should see that the brain is the central governing system for human and all other animal kingdom. Human brain is considered the most advance and sophisticated. In biology, human brain is called Central Nervous System (CNS). The brain is the human Command Center. It is a human CPU. From the CNS ie the brain, the whole body system is link with a network of nodal nervous system that transfuse electronic wave as signal of command for the body part to act. Say if the throat is dry, the CNS will send a command for the legs to walk to a drink source and thus for the hands to fetch the drink and the mouth to swallow. The brain, CNS coordinates the whole affairs of the body. No part of the body is not within the control of the brain. Indeed, the brain and the overall body system works in accordance to the setting of our universe solar system. SubhanaAllah. The Al Mighty Allah, govern the world by meant of the solar system and human by meant of the CNS. As long as the sun is there, this world will continue to exist. Equally, as long as the brain is healthy, our body should sustain it functions well. This world, our body, will function well IFF (if and only if) the networks of functionality ie command is well preserved. In another word, as long as the sun is still firing the light, then more things could be generated. Equally, if the brain is continued to fire the nervous signal, then the body will sustain to act.

(8) Thus from the very simple words of the Al Quran See around you, for you to glorify Me, any thinking, a research minded Muslim should be able to understand how from solar system, Allah had implanted into him a system within that had govern all his functionalities. The working of the brain and solar system is alike. Allah uses the solar system to govern the universe. He had provided man with his brain to govern himself. But advancing from the understanding of the solar and brain system, a Muslim should then be able to move far ahead better to fit him to be the caliph on this earth. Unfortunately, we don't thus we run astray again and backward.

(9) Indeed in the early Islamic world, especially in the 9-11th centuries the scholars digging into what then known as Natural Science which now split into so much academia disciplines such as astronomy, modern math, thermal physic, biochemistry, polymer studies and even genetic had further strengthened what Allah had replied to the Holly ghost challenged that Allah creation of human being would only created chaotic on this earth, His replied was "I have equipped man with the knowledge beyond what you could comprehend ". To me, my understanding of knowledge that Allah said, I would strongly believe is our brain and DNA (gene) to be smart. Indeed the advance understanding of the solar system, the human CNS and thus polymer and genetic studies had contributed to the advancement of our today electronic engineering into computerization. "We could argue that the first computer was the abacus or its descendant, the slide rule, invented by William Oughtred in 1622. But the first computer resembling today's modern machines was the Analytical Engine, a device conceived and designed by British mathematician Charles Babbage between 1833 and 1871. From the simple calculating machine; computing machine, the system then evolved into Computer Main Frame which later further evolved into CPU and thus microchip. The invention of microchip the gene then had turned the world totally different in the span of less than 20-30 years ago. "While at Fairchild, Noyce developed the integrated circuit. The same concept has been invented by Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments in Dallas a few months previously. In July 1959 Noyce filed a patent for his conception of the integrated circuit." With the integrated circuit turned into microchip, technologist indeed is coming to the concept of cost-effective development and management and thus, the sky is the limit of human kind civilization attainment, which indeed in jiving well of the destiny of the Al Quran.

(10) Thus in a simple words, Allah gives us the solar system for us to look at broader things, then He gives us the brain to study on how to do micro-management, and thus the thinkers based on the solar and brain CNS module, had invented the Computer to help him run the world in the direction that Allah had wished upon him. Indeed by clear understanding of our solar system, our CNS, with the computer ie microchip DNA technologies in hand we now should be able to further evolve to close match with Allah management excellence. We should move our governance system to the non sleeping, non eating, non copulating and ever lasting Allah divine. Thus digital economy is innovation-wise and business-wise defined. The next question is how and how ready is Sarawak for the digital economy?

(11) First thing first. Mahathir is correct to build Cyberjaya as the Nation IT-hub. From Cyberjaya, there will be numerous electronical innovation and the immediate application would be the Putera Jaya which house not only the Government facilities but all other related and supporting business. All these will utilize the IT-based technology, and thus will spur what is term as the digital economy, business of the day operating on IT-technologies. In Mahathir original thinking, while Cyberjaya is the Data Center, Putera Jaya will be turned into a perfect Smart City. What entails the Smart City, is something of very evolutionary in characters. It will progress with the advancement of the IT-technology. The concept of Smart Buildings, Smart Government, Smart Education, Smart Hospital, Smart Restaurant, Smart Public Transport, and all sort of smartness will be the  values culture of Putera Jaya and definitely there will be numerous putera jaya and cyberjaya nationwide. Thus, Malaysia as a whole over time will be turned into Smart Nation operating Smart Economies ie Digital Economies.

(12) For Sarawak to start off, then Abang Johari must seriously be thinking to develop Sarawak IT-Hub. The Hub must house or be equipped with the best IT-based facilities that could facilitate fast and uninterrupted data exchange locally and internationally. Sarawak IT-Hub must be well connected to all the regional hubs especially Cyberjaya, Singapore, Hongkong and even Jakarta, Bangkok, Sydney, Tokyo, Honolulu, Silicon Valley of the US,etc. Just as Putera Jaya-Cyberjaya of Mahathir, and even Silicon Valley of the St Francisco Bay of the US, Sarawak IT-Hub should resemble of similar features to be successful. Though, the R&D aspect of IT-based technologies is no more critical, due to the worldwide availability of such techno-how, but the Sarawak IT-Hub must among others provide for IT-based technologies application research. IT-based innovation center should be among key features of the Hub to enable for the expansion of IT-based capitalization statewide. In essence, to me, Sarawak IT-Hub must includes among others the following key components: Fast and Broad Band Data Exchange Center, State Data Management Center, Smart Government, Smart-Incubators, Smart Businesses Facilities, Smart Education and Skill Development, Smart Communities Living and Recreating and Smart City-places management.. The Sarawak IT-hub rightly should be based in Kuching. Kuching should be the central IT-based place for Sarawak and thus Borneo. For such to materialize, Abang Johari should be brave to revamp and redevelop our present dispersal and unintegrated public administrative infrastructures that would greatly advance the digital economies development in the State. The new Public Administrative Center by all means must be drawn and develop along the Digital City development concept. It must be well understood that in any development, the successful uptake could only materialize by means of initial heavy public consumption. Thus building a Public Administrative Center along the Smart City development concept will be the practical impetus for the generation of digital economies development for Sarawak, though this may differ from the setting of Silicon Valley in the US, European and even China, Korea and Japan. Due to our economic structure, our digital economic development need to be adopted to our home capacities and capabilities.

(13) The build up of Sarawak IT-hub in Kuching should be developed in parallel to other hubs in the State. I could see, due to the aggressive industrial development in Mukah-Bintulu-Miri belt, thus another hub should be planned immediately for Bintulu. To me Bintulu, despite its great economic role, it is a distress city. Redefining Bintulu into an IT-City would enable it to traject to a much bigger and advance role in the future especially in the challenging O&G and oleo-chemical industries. Sibu, Kapit, Limbang and Miri should also be quickly look at. These regions are having strength Other IT infrastructures development then must proceed smoothly in all other past of Sarawak.

(14) Indeed as my visualization of Abang Johari earlier Development Bank (DBOS) idea, in the digital economic development, Sarawak indeed, In Shaa Allah, with great courage and determine good governance, we could lead the whole of Borneo into the better global positioning. I have a great confident that DBOS with the advancement of digital economy in Sarawak, the Al Quran concept of Kun Faya Kun, be and to be, will be in our hand. With capital, the correct technologies and definitely by virtue of good governance caliph, our development will be a matter of our finger tip press, key in, enter, done, save!.

(15) But, one must never be decepted, Allah best governance is not only He has the best IT-system, but His digital economies covers other resources (mahluk), man, and His ITs. In His governance, IT is only His tool, but the substance of His rahmat well being remains in the mahluk ie His other mankind related creations.  Thus Sarawak digital economies must never discard Allah semblance of His global rahmat ie all other materials creation (mahluk). Without which, we will be just like a craftsman whom equipped with the best tools, but no material build. Let see digital economies as a system of productions and governance that capitalize on IT for a better cost-effective and sustainable development as the Quran saying Please, never do bad deed into the future. My salute to Abang Johari.

Kuching, Sarawak
20 Sept., 2017

Sep 5, 2017
1/9/17 KEMISKINAN ITU UNTUK APA.... bersykurlah jika kita pernah miskin?

1/9/17 KEMISKINAN ITU UNTUK APA.... bersykurlah jika kita pernah miskin?

Apa itu miskin? Miskin dalam takrifan mudah adalah fenomena tidak kecukupan. Miskin sebenarnya adalah fenomena subjektif, berubah-ubah mengikut masa dan kedaan. Di Malaysia, pada sekitar 1930an, kemiskinan mencakupi soal-soal tak cukup makan, pakaian dan tiada kediaman yang selesa untuk berteduh dari henyakan panas, hujan dan dingin malam. Asas perkiraan pada 1930an adalah sekadar makan, kediaman dan pakaian. Cuma jika kita mahu mempersoal diri atau bermuhasabah, pada 1930an, kenapa kemiskinan itu wujud di Negara seperti Malaysia ini (biar pada waktu itu belum wujud Malaysia). Siapa yang rajin, jika bertanam apapun di muka bumi Tanah Air ini pasti hidup. Bahkan jika berternak apapun, juga pasti hidup dan mudah membiak. Maka jika itu diusahakan sebegitu, pasti soal tidak cukup makan tidak akan timbul. Tidak cukup zat makanan juga tidak timbul di Tanah Air ini, bagi siapa yang rajin. Sama juga dengan perumahan, kita mempunyai banyak bahan-bahan untuk membina rumah biarpun selesa pada ala kadarnya. Pakaian. Sejak bila contohnya umat Melayu kenal kain? Bahkan di kurun ke 12, Melayu sudah kenal kain dari Arab, India dan China. Melayu sudah pandai menenun. Bahkan fesyen-fesyen pakaian Melayu juga sudah berkembangn hebat. Dari kurun ke 7 sehingga ke 15, dunia Melayu sudah kenal pelbagai kemewahan dan kehebatan. Hanya di kurun ke 16, Nusantara mulai disekat dari mengamalkan perdagangan bebas oleh penjajah-penjajah Barat. Kenapa kita terjajah dan tersekat?

(2) Kenapa Melayu kini sedang resah dengan masalah perumahan, makanan dan bahkan pakaian? Sepertinya, kemiskinan asas 1930an, sedang kembali menyerang hendap Melayu.

(3) Pada dewasa kini, kita mungkin mentakrif kemiskinan mencakupi unsur-unsur tambahan seperti kesihatan, keselamatan, pendidikan, mobility, hiburan dan sek. Namun, saya berani berkata, segala itu juga mudah kita dapati pada 1930an. Kesihatan, bukanlah masalah besar bagi rakyat Tanah Air ini. Cuba lihat, biar kita tidak punya apapun obat-obatan modern, namun kerana kita tidak berbuat sesuatu maka kita tidak sadar bertapa segalanya sudah ada di sekeling kita. Penyakit kencing manis, ada ubat sejadinya. Begitu juga darah tinggi. Penyakit lelah, asma, kolera, dengi, buasir, keracunan, dsb semua ada ubat sejadinya di sini. Sebut saja apa jenis penyakit, di Tanah Air ini Allah telah sediakan segala anti-dotnya. Di tahun-tahun 1930an bahkan tahun-tahun sebelumnya, amak-anak Melayu tetap terlahir baik. Bahkan penduduk Melayu terus berkembang sejak manusia itu wujud. Maka dengan itu, pasti kesihatan bukanlah sesuatu yang terlalu berat sehingga ianya kemudian menjadi unsur penting dalam Tanda Aras Kemiskinan. Maka kenapa persoalan kesihatan menjadi unsur miskin di Tanah Air yang sangat kaya ini?

(4) Saya berkira, kita sakit dan tidak tahu obatnya, hanyalah kerana kita tidak pernah mahu berfikir tentang rahmat di keliling kita. Kita dalam kata lain tidak pandai menilai rahmat Allah. Cuba fikirkan, jika ikan yang telah disiang, jika tidak dibubuh garam, pasti ianya akan cepat busuk. Juga, cuba fikir apa kesan serai, lengkuas, kunyit, halia dan lada hitam ke atas ikan dan daging yang sudah disiang, tidakkah selain untuk sebagai rempah perisa semua itu juga adalah pengawet pencegah kebusukan. Maka jika kita sedikit mengkaji dan berfikir, tidakkah penyakit kanser itu berupa ketumbuhan yang membusuk. Maka apa tidak mungkin jika serai, kunyit, lengkuas, halia, limau, kesum, petai, jering dsbnya itu jika diolah pada perkadaran yang betul, semua itu apa tidak mungkin membantu mengobat kanser dan penyakit-penyakit lain? Sesungguhnya taiada apapun di alam cakrawala ini yang tiada pasangan antidotnya.

(5) Hairan bin pelik, kenapa Melayu kian jadi resah dengan masalah obat-obatan? Katanya, obat-obatan kian mahal? Saya hairan, di mana mahalnya daun mengkudu, durian belanda, sirih, mangga dsb. Semua ini bersepah-sepah tidak berguna di Kampung-Kampung Melayu, sedang di lain masa dan tempat Melayu resah dengan segala macam penyakit dan mahalnya obat-obatan. Kenapa? Segala obat sebetulnya Melayu boleh tanam dan dijadikan perhiasan halaman.

(6) Sama juga soal pendidikan? Cuba ingat, sejak bila contohnya Melayu reti menulis dan membaca? Sejak bila abjab Alif, Ba, Ta dsb Arab Melayu jadikan ajab Jawi? Melayu dengan bijak menambah beberapa huruf baru untuk menjadikan abjab Arab sesuai dengan nahu Melayu. Bahkan A, B, C dsb Barat, sejak kapan ianya menjadi abjab rumi Melayu? Melayu juga menambah beberapa tanda-tanda baru bagi menyesuaikan abjab Barat menjadi rumi Melayu yang sempurna. Buddha pernah hadir di Tanah Air ini, namun Melayu tidak mengambil tulisan Buddha. Sama juga dengan Hindu. Bahkan kemudiannya menyusur temadun China. Tetap Melayu tidak mengikuti abjab-abjad mereka, kenapa? Sekolah Melayu telah wujud sebelum Barat datang ke sini. Bahkan sekolah Melayu berasaskan rumi sudah berkembang sebelum WWII.  Perkampungan Melayu sifatnya berkelompok. Jarang sekali Melayu mahu tinggal berjauhan terasing. Melayu mementingkan sifat kemasyarakatan. Di antara Kampung-Kampung Melayu, mereka sering berhubungan. Biar di mana Melayu sekalipun, mereka tetap berhubungan. Hikayat Melayu menjelaskan Melayu adalah pengembara. Jadi soal, pendidikan, soal dapatan ilmu, soal sebaran ilmu, bukanlah sesuatu yang anih bagi Melayu selaras dengan budaya mereka. Di tahun 1930an, pondok-pondok mendidik Melayu dengan ajaran-ajaran Islam. Kita dididik untuk melakukan yang boleh dan dijelaskan tentang yang tidak boleh. Biarpun yang diajar itu seperti memisahkan kita tentang dunia dan akhirat. Maksudnya, berilmu bukanlah asing bagi Melayu, apa lagi kerana mereka juga keturunan dari Adam AS, pastinya ilmu yang Allah kurnaikan kepada Adam AS sampai juga kepada Melayu. Gen ilmu pada Adam AS pasti turun berterusan kepada manusia-manusia selagi Kiamat belum bertandang. Jadi di mana dan kenapa ilmu menjadi salah satu unsur penting dalam menentukan kemiskinan kepada Melayu?

(7) Lantaran manusia ciptaan Allah adalah mahluk yang lebih tinggi ilmunya, iaitu kebolehannya untuk mentafsir yang berguna dan tidak berguna untuk dirinya, maka kenapa soal berilmu harus menjadi unsur yang menentukan tahap kemiskinan Melayu? Melayu punya ilmu. Melayu punya luas ilmu pertanian. Melayu berpunya ilmu binaan yang baik. Melayu punya ilmu tenunan yang bagus. Melayu punya ilmu mengenali ubatan herba yang tinggi. Bahkan Melayu berpunya ilmu pentarifan tentang sekeliling mereka yang sangat baik. Jadi dengan unsur-unsur kebolehan semulajadi yang baik ini, maka kenapa Melayu masih susah miskin?

(8) Keselamatan juga saya kira bukanlah masalah bagi Melayu. Melayu cukup cerdik untuk mengelak dari apapun jenis bahaya. Dari nipah, rumbia dan bahkan kelapa, Melayu cukup cerdik untuk menggunakan sumber tersebut sebagai menyedia keselamatan dari ancaman panas, hujan dan dingin malam. Rumah bertiang Melayu adalah cara mereka untuk menyediakan keselamatan dari binatang buas bahkan banjir dan kotoran tanih. Lembing, keris, tombak, parang, pisau, kapak, sabit, beliong dsb Melayu cukup punya banyak seni dalam mereka cipta dan menempanya untuk keperluan hidup mereka. Bahkan keris adalah senjata Melayu yang banyak pihak geruni. Dari zaman berzaman, ukhwah Melayu adalah senjata paling ampuh dalam menjamin keselamatan buat mereka. Cuma, kenapa ini semua tidak mengekalkan keselamatan kepada Melayu. Melayu sudah kian berasa tidak selamat di Tanah Air sendiri, kenapa?

(9) Melayu gemar bertandang. Dulu-dulu, Melayu sanggup belayar bahkan hilir-mudik berhari-hari malah berbulan dan bertahun, untuk bertandang. Istilah-istilah pekan, purnama, dsb adalah lambang mobility Melayu. dengan adanya sifat suka bertandang kepada Melayu, maka mereka kemudian bijak membina perahu, kolek, biduk, dan kapal. Melayu juga jadi cekap menebar layar. Bahkan Melayu juga bijak membina kereta lembu. Melayu juga bijak menjinak gajah untuk menampung keperluan mobility. Maka, apa masalah Melayu dengan melestarikan budaya bertandang ini, sehingga kini ianya menjadi rencah-rencah kemiskinan Melayu? Sesungguhnya, Melayu sangat mobil sehingga kita dapati anak Kelantan ada di merata dunia. Bahkan anak Kedah, Perlis, Trengganu, Sarawak, Sabah dsb berada di segala pelusuk Negara, Nusantara dan dunia. Jadi jika mobility sudah biasa dengan Melayu, maka kenapa mobility menjadi masalah kepada kemiskinan Melayu.

(10) Dalam kata lain, Melayu memiliki segala kekuatan sumber dan ilmu yang diperlukan, namun kenapa mereka masih miskin susah? Pastinya Allah tidak pernah melaknati Melayu untuk miskin. Allah juga tidak pernah melaknati Melayu untuk susah. Allah memberikan Melayu segala kekuatan untuk mereka merdeka berjaya dan cemerlang. Melayu tidak boleh menyalahkan keadaan di atas kemiskinan dan kesusahan mereka. Melayu juga tidak perlu menengadah ke langit untuk meminta apapun dari Allah agar mereka tidak miskin susah. Semua sudah ada Allah berikan kepada Melayu. Tetapi kenapa Melayu tetap corot?

(11) Kita banyak mendengar kenapa SAW memelihara jangut, berjubah, berserban dsb. Namun saya yakin tidak ramai yang benar-benar mengerti saranan SAW agar kita lain dari Yahudi. Jika kita bertutup kepala, kupiah kita mesti lain dari Yahudi. Jika kita berjubah, jubah kita mesti lain dari Yahudi. Potongan janggut, malah potongan rambut, kita mesti berbeda dengan Yahudi. Dan banyak lagi yang dia sarankan agar kita lain dari Yahudi. Dalam apa juga urusan kita, kita mesti lain dari Yahudi. Puncak dari segala kelaian itu adalah bila dia menukar kiblat dari ke BaitulMuqaddis ke Kaabah. SAW mahukan Muslim punya jati diri tersendiri. Ada yang mengikut, namun tetap terkurung tidak merdeka. Kenapa?

(12) Sesungguhnya, Melayu terperangkap di dalam payah, di dalam susah dan di dalam kemiskinan saya yakin hanyalah berpunca dari satu hal: Kita tidak merdeka!. Islam memerdekakan kita, tetapi Islam kita jadikan alat untuk menjajah diri. Islam kita jadikan alat untuk patuh dan terikat kepada arahan jangan, don't. Islam kata, jangan berdagang secara riba. Maka kitapun tidak berdagang. Kita takut pada riba, maka kitapun mengambil jalan mudah, tidak usah berdagang. Kita lebih terikat kepada perkara-perkara jangan. Kita tidakpun berusaha keras untuk melakukan dan atau menjadi yang dibenarkan. Contoh berdagang. SAW menyuruh kita berdagang. Tetapi kita berdagang mesti bukan dengan riba, dengan takaran yang betul malah kualiti juga mesti baik. Kita tidak memilih untuk berdagang secara baik. Kita lebih memilih untuk tidak berdagang agar kita tidak riba. Malah lebih parah Islam tidakpun kita pedulikan. Kita tidak sebegitu peduli tentang apa yang Islam larang, apa lagi yang Islam suruh. Suruhan SAW agar kita dalam apapun harus lain dari Yahudi adalah agar kita punya jati diri merdeka. Sejak kurun ke 7 sehingga kini, Islam tidak kita jadikan alat untuk memerdekakan diri kita, maka kita kekal terus payah, susah, dan miskin. Melayu, malah Muslim seluruh dunia sejak abad ke 13 kian hanyut dalam kapitalisma, hanyut dalam arus perdana Yahudi, maka kitapun terperangkap oleh mereka.

(13) Yahudi memperkenalkan sistem demokrasi. Yahudi memperkenalkan sistem kapitalis. Yahudi jugalah yang memperkenalkan sistem komunis dan sosialis. Dunia menerima nilai-nilai itu. Dunai berpecah belah kerana menerima nilai-nilai itu. Kita menerima nilai-nilai itu. Melayu juga berpecah belah kerana niali-nilai itu. Kita mereka perangkap. Kita terperangkap dalam perpecahan. Yahudi cukup bijak. Mereka cipta nilai-nilai yang boleh mengasingkan mereka dari manusia-manusia lain di dunia ini. Itulah Zinonisma Yahudi. Yahudi mencipta nilai-nilai demokrasi, komunis, sosialis dan kapitalis sebagai strategi Zionis untuk menguasai dunia. Nilai-nilai demokrasi, komunis, sosialis dan kapitalis ini dijadikan nilai-nilai di luar keagamaan yang sesuai dengan nafsu manusia. Yahudi lewat Zionis sangat licik dalam berusaha untuk memisahkan dan memecahbelah manusia dari nilai-nilai beragama. Bagi mereka, hanya Yahudi yang layak beragama iaitu agama Yahudi, manusia-manusia lain hanyalah gentile, pariah yang harus dipergunakan exploited demi kecemerlangan Yahudi.  Dalam hal-hal ini, saya tidak sesekali menyalahkan Yahudi. Yahudi adalah manusia yang sangat menjiwai rahmat Allah kepada mereka. Mereka pergunakan sebaik dan sehebat mungkin otak yang Allah berikan kepada mereka. Di atas keperluan mereka, mereka memeras otak mereka untuk menlahirkan pemikiran tajam agar mereka selamat sejahtera di atas sengsara pihak lain. Hakikatnya, kebodohan kitalah yang menjerut kita di jurang susah, payah, dan atau miskin. Allah mahabijak. Dia kekalkan Yahudi, adalah agar kita sadar tentang kebodohan kita lantas menjadikan Islam sebagai alat memerdekakan diri kita. Tetapi kita tidak, maka kekallah kita payah, susah dan atau miskin.

(13) Cuba fikir betul-betul contohnya prihal Melayu kini payah untuk makan. Makanan kian mahal. Harga makanan kian hari kian mahal. Cuba contohnya, Melayu tidak terikut-ikut budaya Mc Donald. Dari kita gila minum Coca Cola, makan burger dari gandum, daging dari lembu penghasilan US dll, tomato, bawang, bahkan kentang goreng dari kentang Australia, tetapi dengan penuh merdeka bijaksana bekerja keras kita jadikan Budaya Nasi Lemak dan Kuih-Muih sebagai gantiannya, apakah tidak mungkin Outlet Nasi Lemak tidak boleh kita sama naik taraf sepertinya outlet McDonald di merata tempat? Apakah tidak mungkin Warung Kopi beralih dari Country Cafe? Jika ini terjadi, dan diperluaskan dalam segala bidang termasuk perubatan dan farmasi, apa tidak mungkin home grown economies kita tidak dapat melenyapkan dagangan Yahudi? Jika itu terjadi, apa tidak mungkin ekonomi kita di mana-manapun akan terus hebat berkembang dan rakyat mudah hidup. Jika itu terjadi, apa tidak mungkin kita akan merdeka dari segala kepayahan, kesusahan dan atau kemiskinan.  Malangnya, benchmark hidup kita adalah Barat, maka taraf hidup kitapun harus diukur dari tandaras Barat. Dengan peredaran zaman, kita kian menjadi enau dalam belukar. Kita tidak menjadi bangsa padi di sawah yang luas. Maka hebatnya SAW adalah bila dia menjadikan zuhud kayukuran yang seharus umatnya patuhi, namun itu tidak jadi pilihan mereka, maka apakah syafaat Muhammad SAW akan sampai kepada umatnya biarpun di alam hidup mereka?

(14) Melayu susah, Melayu payah, Melayu terus miskin dan atau corot, kerana kita mengamal budaya asing yang SAW larang. Muhammad SAW kekal zuhud, kerana dengan kekal zuhud menjadikan dia sangat menghargai nikmat rahmat Allah dan akhirnya dialah manusia paling berjaya semasa dan selepas hidupnya. Maka bersyukurlah mereka yang pernah miskin, bangkit merdeka dan kekal merdeka tidak jadi hamba nafsu mereka sepertinya Muhammad SAW di dalam hidupnya. Seorang miskin di Lombok Indonesia umpamanya, dia pasti cukup kreatif menguna penuh seekor lembu berbanding penternak kaya di landang lembu Belanda. Miskin itu banyak nikmatnya jika siapa mengerti. Bagi saya, jika kita miskin, maka kita harus kreatif. Kemiskinan juga adalah ujian ASllah bagi yang berada. Biar berada tetapi punya jiwa menghargai kemiskinan itu pasti terbaik.

Kuching. Sarawak
5-18 Sept., 2017
Aug 16, 2017
3/8/17 HUMAN CAPITAL CRISIS ..... Sarawak must take drastic correction move.

3/8/17 HUMAN CAPITAL CRISIS ..... Sarawak must take drastic correction move.

I was having tea with some friends yesterday afternoon. Since most of my friends are business people, definitely our focal of discussion was about the health of today business. We were indeed worried over the slow pace of business progress nowaday. We touched on the various entities that we are familiar with. First we were talking about Sarawak Plantation Bhd (SPB), which originally was started as SLDB to emulate Felda on the Malaya side. SPB was founded in 1997, through the privatization of SLDB where the Sarawak State Government (GOS) relinquished its majority shareholding to private entities with the intention to improve its business efficiency. Prior to such exercise, SLDB, I would say was going down the drain despite huge land holding privileges accorded by GOS. In its early establishment, SLDB was operating similar to all public-based institution funding. Its meant to be a social achieving institution. Comparatively, SLDB was way far behind its rival the Sarawak Oil Palm Sdn Bhd (SOP) which operates within its neighborhood. Even after SLDB be turned into SPB, still it is way far behind SOP both in profit gain and land banking. Even the sister company based on shareholding majority ownership ie TaaN Bhd whom started a bit later in the oil palm business, they are doing far better in the term of profit gain. Originally SLDB indeed was allocated among the best land in Sarawak in those days, yet they can't deliver the best result. Why?

(2) Then our discussion drifted to many others small and big companies in the State. While in LCDA I had been working with big number of companies, but sad to know, a lots of them are now in great trouble. Again why? We even talked on the State's GLCs. Most seem to be quite quiet. Why? Even the public agencies seem to be on the silent side. Toward the end, we come to the understanding that most of the slow or diminishing business growth problem currently faced by these companies and even GLCs, is due to one key factor: driver factor. Most of these companies and institution is facing aging, worn out and even bad drivers succession. Despite such syndrome, these drivers put a blame on present bad economic situation as an excuse. Nonetheless to me, they seem to be an old boat flying in the middle of a drought land. To me, their ideas and enthusiasm to move beyond their gut that are in drought. Microsoft earn millions of dollar by minutes, is due to Bill Gate. Apple made a revolution in term of today telecommunication and business model, was due to Steve Job. Taxis business operation worldwide changed due to Travis Kananick and Garret Camp. Indeed those names and companies I said earlier, they go robust at time of not a favorable world economic situation. Even if one is not too forgetful, Malaya and Sarawak, had changed to the current modern status was due to Mahathir and Taib. They had also operated at times of not world favorable economic environment. Today, be it in politic, business and bureaucrat, we seem to be lacking or diminishing of talented and capable drivers. Why?

(3) Driver is very important in a journey. Doing business is a journey. Developing this Nation and State is a journey. A driver takes control where the plane, ship, car, train, even bicycle on how to get to a destiny. At times of turbulence, the driver is key to the next journey decision. In the modern economic and business discipline, a diver is termed as entrepreneur, without which capital, advantages and talents can't be turned into gains. In Islam driver is the Imam. In today world, in this very complex environment, if we lost the values of leadership, craftsman, enterprising, Imam etc we are indeed going down the drain. We need all level of talented and credible drivers, at the top, middle and floor level of any entities. Islam had made it clear, men must work within the neighborhood of an Imam, driver. Unfortunately, we are now experiencing brain-heart drain of drivers.

(4) Surely there are many reasons for the cause of the State drivers losing. First and foremost, our human capital development (HCD) had been slacking for quite sometimes. There is a serious gap in Sarawak HCD. I believe GOS had slowed down very much on HCD since 2002. The GOS financial strain in 2002-2012 (?) probably is now showing the degrading HCD effect. In 1990s, GOS unrelentlessly had been pursuing HCD where both the public and private sector come to great benefit. In the 2000s, such initiatives slowed to the end, I would say to nobody great interest. Institutions and worst GOS chosen to pinch rather to develop in hiring its executives. Most GLCs followed suit. See the effect of the numbers of Sarawakian in Petronas or Shell, our best making money institution, we lost lots of senior Sarawakians there for we took them out to be in the State Service which now proven they can't do well. Worst, we sometimes come to the stage we even can't see our own talents within thus we looked over the seas, at a very high cost and long term lost to ourselves. I believe Sesco, CMM and even now Naim Cendera are experiencing the long term lost. Instead of GOS producing talented and capable managerial personnel, GOS acted robing those from the market. So much so, I would say, there come to this stage whereby pinching had robed everything from the market and now we are dried of talented and capable of our own breed. The matter becoming worst when all those older dead wood being kept around depriving of the younger to have a chance to swim in the open sea. I had observed thses dead woods they really behaving stingy to impart the best skills and knowledge to their subordinates for reason of self protection. With such, I dare to say, the younger managerial personnel, I would say had been demoralized. Not only they turned inert, worst, most defect the interest to improve themselves both in therm of knowledge and skill. They take the back seat in most matters, and behaving not willing to be out of the safe zone. The young, I dare to say, they gave up for not expecting even to see the tunnel and the light what more the light at the end of the tunnel in their career development. GOS all these while had made an excuse to keep these old death woods around due to not having talented and capable replacement, to me it is nothing to such effect but a mere stingy-greedy patronizing excuse, which actually is the second key factor to our HCD gap.

(5) Personally I'm a strong believer in HCD. I have no problem to make my subordinate to be better. I'm ever willing to be challenged by them if they wish. Thus, even while serving the poorest agency such as the R&DO, I took all the pain to ensure my staff were well exposed and tested to their jobs. Even the general workers such as drivers, amah, securities etc were all given chance to be exposed to beyond what they are used to do. I even trained the general clerks and drivers to do simple profiling of the villages in my areas of responsibilities when such should be done by at least a Diploma holders junior executives. I even used to challenge the community leaders to be on their toes and do beyond tradition. Definitely, while serving the State Planning Unit (SPU) I made it a point to make sure those working with me were given the necessary training for them to be at the best expectation. I remember, I directed one of my very junior executive to attend a meeting in Malacca on her own. The meeting was to be chaired by a Federal Minister, and she had to represent Sarawak. She cried upon receiving the instruction. I don't give a dame shit of her junior excuse. I just told her, you have to go, or failing which, I would consider you had failed to serve the State. She then made all efforts to prepare herself and did well in the meeting. Thereon, she then had the courage to take any assignment given to her. Accordingly later while serving in LCDA, one of GOS GLC, I have no problem spending good some of fund to train my executives and the supporting staffs to gain the best knowledge and skills. I even sent a batch of LCDA staff to be drilled at the Singapore National University based on a special designed training package. I even sent a batch of executives whom suppose to handle our people related development to be trained in Indonesia using the World Bank Community Development Model. I made it compulsory for our plantation related executive to be trained and having Diploma Certificate in Plantation Management. I even got a very special treatment by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia to send in as many of my personnel to do Post Graduate Study in economic and business management. They even guarantee hostel for the staff which was very generous of them. I never believe in segmented responsibilities and talents realization. A very memorable experience to me, when after few weeks being hired as an accountant, I took our lady accountant to a field trip. Initially I drove the pickup truck. Upon reaching a plantation, I passed the wheels to her. She cried. She argued that she never drove big car. She never handled pickup truck. I don't gave a dam shit to her excuse. She must drive, or we will stay over night in the pickup truck in the middle of nowhere. She reluctantly took the wheels and she had to made a u-turn on a very narrow road with deep drain on both sides. She struggled, she made it, and thereon she drove with full confident all the way for the next two days field trip. To me even an accountant, he must understand to translate figures into ground practises and realities. Unfortunately, when I left all these institutions, most of my trained people were pinched and counter pinching becoming a viral tradition, as the end result, we are left with diminishing and aging managerial generation. So much so, due to bad HCD initiatives, GOS has to resort to keeping death woods. We are now flooded with drivers whom over the journey keep slowing down due to energy and anxiety problem. Unfortunately, these aging drivers, they love to drive old car, they had mastered the trick of driving old car, they never want to depart unless upon called by the God, to me all these is a symbol of greed, stingy and inferiority complex person. This syndrome made the young becoming inert and couldn't careless.

(6) In Sarawak politic, Abang Johari by standard is a young man. He is healthy. I have not heard of his health problem. Personally he is an active person. He need all the energetic drivers to be with him to run the State affairs. But in politic, Abang Jo is also facing the problem currently faced by the Civil Service and private sector. Taib's over 30 years legacy had left the Sarawak Muslim politic with a big political HDC gap. Taib loved to be surrounded by loyalist rather capable, hard working and different style of politicians. Thus, of course in politic, Abang Jo has to make do with some left over death woods in the system until certain period. I would say in politic, Abang Jo is also experiencing none capable, none talented younger political cycle. But in politic, the handling of HCD is not a straight forward matter. In politic, in its true sense, it is about building high echelon State leadership. For such, definitely Allah had shown through Muhammad SAW the way how these echelons must be built. Even the process that Muhammad himself need to undergo prior to his lifting to be SAW is something most political leaders do not really comprehend, so much so, they keep choosing among themselves based on the favor of the eyes and ears. In today modern world, I can say, Jerman, US, Singpore, China and even Japan and Korea they emulate the way Muhammad SAW trained his sahabah. Despite so, in the Civil Service, I believe Abang Jo can take immediate and drastic measures. All need to be done by the GOS Civil Service is to get the much energetic and talented staff to be on the proper footing. Younger generation must be given some freedom to exercise and enhance their talents. Accordingly, the State private sector must also be dragged along to quickly build up their drivers at all levels. Pinching should not be accepted as a norm to gain the fast result. Let move to a much sustainable gains through proper nurturing, testing and giving people some freedom develop and perform.

(7) One may wonder, personally I was lacking of formal training. Serving the R&DO, SPU and LCDA as the driver meaning I need to know about internal HCD needs. I was devoid of such skills and knowledge. But I believe in HCD and thus I personally embark on developing myself along the way struggling for my other duties. Indeed I was deprived of good training. Alhamdullilah, in whatever task given to me, despite my lacking of skills and knowledge in such areas, I worked hard to get to it. I have one spirit. I saw in Muhammad SAW, from young, he was trained by the nature. Nature made Muhammad as Al Amin and thereon as SAW in Islam. I was a botanic graduate. But upon entry into the service, I had to deal with economic and social matters. I was not trained in those. But taking the que from Muhammad SAW, I read. I read a lots. I surrounded myself with books. I forced myself to read lots of books. I made books as my natural ambient that would teach me all the tricks I needed. I also have no problem to observe, think and asked where necessary. I used to force my subordinates to read. I forced them to read certain number of books on scheduled basis. Part of their KPIs was reading and summarizing their reading in written form which later to be shared with others. In Islam, reading is a must. Allah ordered man to read to be great. But I believe, today people read, but they focus on reading the nonsense.

 (8) In Islam, let see the nature of all the prophets. In the early days of the world formal religions development, Abraham was helped by Ismael and Isaac to keep his people to the One God Piety seclude. Then in Judaism (older Islam), Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and even Solomon, all were working with disciples. None of them worked in solitaire. Nasrani, then Christian (improved version of Judaism Islam), Jesus Christ (?) made the disciples much more prominent to help him to spread the teaching of Allah (Islam then). Definitely Muhammad SAW, he built hundreds of scholars surrounding him to help him to spread Islam and thus becoming his representation as governors and chief Judges all over Arabia. History had proven, once this drivers development diminished, the fate of the State are now left rotten in the drains. The glory of the old Baghdad and Damshek were due to the amount placed by the then leaders on HCD. But once those diminished, both Baghdad and Damshek to this day being flatten to dust. It is against the Allah's natural law of growth if one practiced to be stingy in his HCD approach. I can't understand, why man must be cowardice in making the other men to be better talented and capable. In this world even Adam AS could only survived for 1,000 years old and even then he never being stingy to develop his people to be great. In the modern world history, no man can live for say 175 year. Most are gone by the 70s. Then why do today men behaving not willing to leave better men to lead this State? What is the point of being stingy in HDC? Even Allah whom is the most invention, He taught man to be creative! Why do man then, containing His breath as his soul be so stingy? For sure, from my observation today and based on history, driver whom stingy to develop drivers, over time they live a pariah statute, for he betrayed Allah trust upon him to develop his people.

(9) But in today HCD, focusing technical and managerial professionalism is not going to leave us with the best professional. In Malaya today, it is proven, capitalist based HCD lead to worst corruption. Sarawak indeed not spared. Capitalist training can produce good drivers but to the end they will landed with all sort of immoral practises. Umar Al Khataab being someone whose jealousy of Abu Bakar ie Muhammad SAW best friend is highly productive, it took him almost nine (?) years to memorise and really understand the Surah Al Baqarah to guide him to be a good driver. He indeed thereon, as caliph, made it compulsory for his representative drivers to be acquitant with Surah Al Baqarah before they being posted to be a driver. As such, Umar Al Khataab not only he lifted the professionalism among his drivers but foremost they uphold to great Islamic morale values.

Kuching, Sarawak
22 August, 2017

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