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Apr 17, 2017


The Quraish in the early life of Muhammad SAW were barbaric, Jahilliah. Those were the people whom had taken things freely into their personal hands and logic. Muhammad, being a man, whom loved by grand designed just be a man in the true sense, he began to question those inhumane things surrounding him. To him, I would believe, the Quraish culture there and then would lead the society to perish. Vis, killing  baby girls for fear of shame definitely would make the society shortage of women to breed, thus if prolong would make the society in real sexual psychological imbalance which then will make fighting and brutality for women would be common. To Muhammad such circumstances must never be prolonged and he made serious effort to end such  culture of marginalization. In the biblical sense, Muhammad and indeed was the Messiah to the survival of the Quraish. In his search for best moral values to save his people, Allah then sent Gabriel, the Holly Ghost to meet and proclaimed to him in Hira cave that Allah is his God ....his guidance to all he needed on 610CE at the age of 40 years old. Despite, being given such most sort after wisdom and assurance Muhammad by virtue of his great humane characters he  never rush to thing to his mercy. With regard to Islam, for five years or so, he made his people to be Muslims on a very low profile basis. Just can't imagine, how could Muhammad dare to go slow on Islamization, despite Islam is from Allah the Most Powerful, which by right he should had no fear that Allah will always be on his side to help him as he may wish. Muhammad, as a very humane person, never taken Allah favor of him to his fancy. Only by 616 CE ie after the conversion of Umar Al Khataab to Islam that Muhammad then got the wisdom and courage to make the call to Islam on a much open basis to the Quraish and others. Indeed, in his life career, Muhammad SAW never had a rushing of the first 100 days, first year, five years, etc working style basis. Why? To me, Allah indeed had sent signal, that we must do things by having serious calculation of timing, circumstances and consequences. In life, we must never be greedy to do things to our fancies. So do, if such is our choice, failure will always be there. By rushing in many things, we indeed will never be working on the best mental and spiritual judgment but a mere nafsu, greed. Greed will succumb us to failure. 

(2) At the National scene, the New Economic Policy (NEP), clouded by greed, its failed. NEP failed for it had shifted from facilitating the disadvantages to patronizing and rewarding favors. NEP had been abused to assist not the needy the right way, but rewarding the greedy to savior bilateral greed interest. Then come Vision 2020, through the greed of corporatization, privatization in the expense of serving the people rightfully and massive young greedy-corrupt Turks takeover of strategic business management, thus now V2020 had to be shifted to TN50, an early recognition of its failure. Economic wise, the Malays as the prime target of NEP and V2020, come year 2020 will experience a double fatal blow. First, NEP will never be achieved even being extended another 30 years from its original timeline of 1990 through the V2020. Worst, secondly, not only the Malays, but as a Nation, Malaysia can't even achieve a Developed State status by 2020. It seem, the failure to take the Malays into the main stream of the National high economic achievement will be the greatest hurdle to take the Nation to where it should be. TN50 as recently proposed by Najib, definitely will extend NEP for another 30 years. Will then by 2050, NEP or in specific the Malays could sit and stand if not higher but equally with all the other Malaysians?. Even, by another 30 years from 2020, would Malaysia be a Developed State of High Income profile?

(3) Realizing the potential failure of NEP and thus V2020 through the present road map, Najib made a bold move to restrategize approach to strengthen and broaden the Key Income Generator for the Nation. With the emergence of China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and many others, Malaysia is no more an export but consumer economy. Advantages to trading is not really moving to our direction. New business mode need to be explored. He mooted the idea of 1MDB and FGV along the Temasek Holding or even some of the Jewish enterprises that had contributed handsomely to the creation and construction of Israel. Najib, I would believe, shifted from Looking East to Looking West as his main course of economic strategies. Looking East pushed us to build internal strengths internally as done by the Japanese and Korean, while Looking West is basically a democratic-capitalist approach ie leverage on locals at international level, which succinct into Najib slogan think local, act global and what seem to be his next favorite management outcry ie a Blue Ocean Strategy the NBOS. Nonetheless, as 1MDB and FGV were created and run under the shadowy approach, the tough paths manifested by these vehicles to earn fast high-broad based income, and who knows all those mega investments that are in the pipeline from heavy Yuan borrowing are also a sign of rush of greed that may lead to heavy long term penalty for the Nation. 1MDB and FGV is not about purely leveraging international opportunities but unfortunately those had hedges upon local key saving and or investments especially the KWAP, KWSP, TH etc.

(4) Sarawak, once was rushing for growth and yet the result was political squabbles that pulled our strength downward. For almost 10 years (2001-2010) or so, Sarawak was lagging and thus we remained as back water economies despite our resources had depleted heavily to the greed of some. In this article, I'm trying to see how could Sarawak under Abang Johari should steer our State to the best he should be moving. I'm exploring the option, not lecturing or far from giving a sermon. His early statement to emulate Singapore in the way Sarawak should move is very interesting and inviting from my thinking point of view. Is Singapore the real best model?

(5) Abang Johari, the present Chief Minister of Sarawak is still young. He is still healthy. He has the support of the Rakyat. I would also believe that Najib is very happy that Abang Johari is now the Chief Minister of Sarawak. Indeed I dare to say, despite of the political roughness he had to face to get to his present position, Allah made him to the destiny that many said he will not. All the punches that he had experienced, I would believe had made him a matured politician. To me, Allah indeed had chosen Abang Johari to be the CM of Sarawak. Personally Abang Johari wants it. Definitely the majority of the Malays want it as well. Other Sarawak natives and non-natives also want it. Thus, as far as Sarawak is concerned at this point in time, we had no other choice but to look upon Abang Johari as the CM. As such to my thinking and believe, Allah, the Al Rahman Al Rahim, He honored people good wishes. He made Abang Johari the Chief Minister of Sarawak.  Allah objective of choosing Abang Johari to be the Chief Minister of Sarawak is very simple. In His Al Quran, He had laid all that are needed out of His khalifah. Despite such, Allah being mysterious in His dealing, He leaves man to his choice. As per His future judgement, He had laid what He wants, but man is given all his freedom to choose where he wants to rest hereafter. Thus taking from such notions, as well as the dakwah historical backdrop of Muhammad SAW, to me Abang Johari should never rush in his popularity gain in governing Sarawak. He need not have to follow the 100 days, the one years management style of Tok Nan. Tok Nan had his own count for such ie due to his personal health, but I strongly believe not for Abang Johari. Nonetheless, with such argument, I never meant to say that Abang Johari could have his sweet time.

(6) Firstly politic. Abang Johari is looked upon for the good record of his father, the late Tun Abang Hj Openg, the first Govenor of Sarawak (16th Sept, 1963-28 March, 1969). Tun Openg, then was considered a unifying figure for Sarawakians, natives and non-natives. He had a very good relationship with all the natives and non-natives heads then. Abang Johari, succeeded Tok Nan as the fifth CM of Sarawak due to the death of the former whom took over from Taib upon his resignation after serving as the longest CM from 1981-2014.  Tok Nan, managed to regain a strong hold onto his position after he displayed a strong anti-corruption images and fighting tough with Putera Jaya for the good of Sarawak. Tok Nan in short had given high hope among Sarawakians for the swift honoring of the good governance system. Abang Johari, as far as I know, he seem to be Mr Clean and an under dog at Taib's era. He did tried his best to serve the people accordingly within his limit. As such for all those good things, I believe the people of Sarawak are giving Abang Johari the chance that he deserves. He is an acceptable CM but of very less expectant as compared to Tok Nan.

(7) To Sarawakians, Abang Johari is seen as Najib liking person. As everyone knows, Najib integrity in steering the Nation is in great questioning, and thus Abang Johari strong association with him is being observed as antidot to Tok Nan approach. Thus, the reception to Abang Johari leadership, I would say is not as hot as Tok Nan, but I hope to warm up slowly. Both at the State and National political game, Abang Johari need not have to be in the shadow of Tok Nan. Tok Nan outcry for devolution for instance is impractical. What is important, for Abang Johari under the same scene is just to ensure Putera Jaya to confirm to the true spirit of Federalism. I agreed, there had lots of deferment of Federalism practises in the running of the Country, so much so, we must make it correct. Secondly, Abang Johari so far had not made any drastic move to grip on to the power. To me, such is not really necessary. Taib in his 31 years as the CM and top political leadership of Sarawak had played to such a style based on his requirement and timing. Abang Johari, as shown by Tok Nan, I would believe that he need not have to worry about having a strong grip onto his power. As he said, though Singapore may be his Kaabah, he need not to follow the Lee Kuan Yew or Taib style of power griping. Abang Johari should abide to the style of Allah in governance. Allah set clear norms for everything to abide and He then allows everything to run to their choice without His regular intervention. In short Allah honor His creation to their freedom of purpose of existence. Even the Satan are free to drive human to their Hell-paths. Abang Johari should just set the right policy direction for the State and let everybody had the freedom to manage things based on such policies.

(8) Sarawak, by Allah designed is a State of multi-facets. This is a tropical State. Tropicalism is about diversity. Diversity is the key beauty of this State. Keeping these beauties intact is what we should be working hard on. So much so, all those factors that nurture and revolve to sustain all these beauties are matters of management art ie politic should care most. As I had said in many of my earlier articles, Allah is funny. Vis, while He made the pigs as Haram for man to consume, yet pigs are made abundant and easy to strive. Why is Allah behaving as such? Indeed there are so much Haram elements that co-exist with all the Halal. Thus, as the Malays, whom Allah had bestowed upon us Islam, such required us to lead these diversity in the way Allah had made them to co-exist in their very natural ways. Therefore, Abang Johari, as shown by his father, he has to be the real Apai for Sarawakians. Islam demand justice as his art of management or governance.

(9) In the era of Tun Openg, the Malays were highly regarded for their high sense of responsibility and respect onto others. Due to such characters, the Malays were honored even to assist the British Brooks to run the State. The Malays, I believe, as Allah had designed them to be, are very dynamic in the characters, so much so, they were and are very adaptable or accommodating to socialize and living with any societies. So was the Malays' values, until what today democratic-capitalism and spiritual greed had drastically changed the whole world into draconian greed and fanatic identity maniac. MasyaAllah. To me, Abang Johari, coming from the family line that having the aura of unifying the Old Sarawak, indeed Allah favor of him to all other speculation of being the Apai of Sarawak is nothing but to keep Sarawak intact and thus the Sarawak Malays through the best Islamic practises will continued to be respected and to run the State to the best justice. In Shaa Allah.

(10) The presence of the Iban with many tribal scenes (Baram, Kemena, Rajang, Saribas and Sadong), the Bidayuh (of Selampit, Lundu, Bau, Penrisen, and Serian) Orang Ulu (of Kelabit, Kenyah, Kayan, Bisaya, Penan, Punan etc), the Malays (of Kuching, Laut, Kedayan, Mukah, Sibu, Rajang, Bintulu, Miri etc) and so the diversity among the Chinese, all are about Allah interest to see how do His chosen khalifah will manage his subjects to the best justice. The people of Sarawak, we are diverse, but we are also having lots of commonalities. In Allah's natural management sciences, He displays for those that celebrate their commonalities, they survived to this days. The tropical forest is beautiful and highly productive, for each and every single component of the Forest take their responsibility to their best. For those whom can't co-exist, and worst, those who submit to their greed, all perish to dust. Lalang Imperata cylindrica never tolerance the presence of others. Lalang field is totally lalang, but come bush fire, such lalang field will perish at no time. Such is how Allah set an example of the need not to be greedy, to be tolerance, if one cares to observe and think. For Sarawak, to prevail in the barakah of Allah let our politic be based on what He says what is yours is yours, and what is Mine is Mine. Abang Johari, to me is Allah chosen to be the CM of Sarawak to observe and or rejuvenate such a political management prerequisite of the State.

(11) In the area of economic management, we should realize again the fitrah or the natural science of human creation. Allah made man in Heaven. He made man in the world of absolute luxurious. There is nothing that He did not provided man ie Adam while he was in Heaven. Allah proved that anything that man wish in Heaven will be honored. Such, when Adam request for the creation of his companion, thus Allah made Eve for him. Yet Adam and Eve, didn't stay forever in Heaven, for their destiny was to be the khalifah on earth. The earth as we know is not as pleasant as what the Books (zabur, Taurah, Injil and Koran) had described to us as compared to the Heaven. The earth even not as worst as the Hell. The earth, the Books says is a mere path for us to take either to Heaven or Hell. Now, let ponder, why in the first place did Allah had to create His earth to be khalifah in Heaven not down here on earth? I merely can guess. In today paradigm, the best Malaysian economist, either should be trained in Harvard, MIT or Oxford, not from Universiti Teknologi MARA Arau, Perlis. But my better guess, Allah is the smartest. He gave Adam the pleasure to be in Heaven. He created both Heaven and Hell. But He had made it clear, Heaven is His gift hereafter for those who are rightful. Heaven is true. Hell is also true. Adam and Eve had stayed in Heaven. In person, they had tasted the Heaven living pleasure.  Thus, in Adam's mind, that now over time had evolved into a gene that human inherited as as factor that trigger human interest to good pleasant living. Muhammad SAW through his Mikraj strengthen the notion of the existence of Heaven and Hell. I can say, theologically, spiritually, Allah had implant the taste and desire for man to live to the best living standard. Allah indeed had bestowed man with such right.

(12) SubhanaAllah, Allah creation of our father and mother in Heaven and they were given time to enjoy the Heavenly lives, indeed was a manifestation on how we should celebrate our lives on this earth for a better Hereafter, Jannah. To me, the taste of Heaven enjoyed by Adam and Eve and later as displayed to Muhammad SAW in his Mikraj which now is written in the Zabur, Taurah, Injil and Koran indeed is Allah ways of educating us with what our economic and social management should be achieving here on earth for thereafter. From the philosophical point of view, I would say, Heaven is about Allah reward to our on earth right-doing. If we do so much wrong, we will landed in Hell ie we turn to nothing but dust. On the other hand, if we do all good, Heaven is our forever resort place. To be able to achieve to such level, definitely, the first thing first is to recognize Allah as the God that we must only submit to. It must be well understood then, the term submit is not literally meaning that we should recognize Him as our only God, but most important is to abide by His rules and regulations ie His Islamic Adeen. Thus the meaning of submission to Him is not bounded to spiritual matters only, but the whole of our thinking, feeling, values, characters and actions. Islam is about peace. Peace is about how we should live together. Thus if we care to live together within the diversities that Allah had created, based on His Islamic Adeen, definitely heaven will be here on earth and hereafter. Well then, my above statement, has it caveat. Allah has His absolute right to make one a Muslim or not. Nonetheless, being a Muslim, whom takes the sit as khalifah, he then if he really wants a real good on earth and Hereafter lives, my philosophical understanding of Heaven should applies. On this earth, a Muslim leader, must ensure that his subjects are to enjoy equitable good living. Doesn't matter, be his subjects are Muslims or not. Muslims are not to hinges into Allah authority over ones faith. Let faith be Allah matter, but a Muslim should just be concerned about to be just. To do justice is demanded out of the Muslim leaders.

(13) In economic, in humankind management, people should be able to conceive that good living is a right for everybody so long they are behaving rightfully. Good living is a right that Allah had guaranteed every rightful man to enjoy, and thus for those who said their Syahadah to Allah, particularly among those whom Allah had chosen to be the khalifah such must also be their obligation. Every rightful citizen must be honored to the justice of living in a good living standard. Based on such notion, this is where I would say, lives in New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavian countries are far better than Singapore or the US or even Abu Dhabi, UAE etc.

(14) In the eyes of Allah, as portrayed by Muhammad SAW (and even among his best sahabah), leaders (khalifah) should be the last to enjoy the luxuries of lives. Leaders should just abide to the humble lives shown by all of the prophets. Najib is absolutely right to declared People First, Success be the Priority though in practical, now things in this Country seem to be in chaotic for such spirit is a mere political rhetoric rather a leadership values be adhered. In the historical past, Allah had many times shown, for leaders whom He gave luxurious lives, all indeed perish to no mercy. The pharaohs, were the most obvious. Except for the pyramids and luxor, the Pharaohs are now mere mummies in Egypt and Western museums. Accordingly, He had bestowed upon both King David and Solomon the wealth and luxuries for their people to enjoy, yet all those gone to no mark to this days. The Latins, Romans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, the Persian, the Mogul-India etc all once were flushed with so much luxuries, due to no justice, all had gone to dust.

(15) Sarawak indeed is rich. We are very resourceful. We have the long sea front. We indeed has plenty or marine resources. We have the diverse tropical resources. We have the land masses. We have lots more unearthed resources. We have enough rain. We have very good quality sunshine. We are free of major natural disasters. Foremost, we are having less population, but we are surrounded by big populated nations. Yet we remain the top five people with the poorest living standard in the Country. By right we could turned Sarawak into Heavenly Living yet we remain poor. Why? In the past and some to this days, our khalifah had acted very contrary to Muhammad SAW living values. Though they admitted Muhammad SAW is their most respected person, but such is a mere lips saying rather values that they should emulated. The adopted value had always being Me First, Them Why Bother and the People First, Let Succeed indeed lost in the thin air.

(16) Thus, comparatively to Singapore, if Singapore is our Economic Management Model, I would say, we are not going to celebrate our strengths to our most advantage. We may be building Sarawak for others. Sarawak will never be for Sarawak, if such is our path choice. Malaya indeed is moving fast that way. Emulating Singapore to me will take us to a very hot soup paths. Singapore is all about authocrative single handed management. Singapore, warrant such management nature. Singapore once was forced to be as such for it was in isolation in nature. Singapore yesterday was exactly Israel of today and yesterday. But I won't discount that there are things about Singapore that are of great consideration. Singpaore is great in Human Resource Development. Singpore also is great in their Economic and Corporate Governance. Singapore in one sense, is a robotic social management. Singapore Social Model is not the best for Sarawak. The best to me is for us to emulate New Zealand and those alike including Scotland, Ireland, and Scandinavian. I had never been to such Countries, but I read a lots about them.

(17) Sarawak people is all about plurality. Tropicalism I would say it. Read the Injil and Koran, how is Heaven being describes?  I would say, since we are in the tropic, thus tropic is the best mirror of Heaven that Allah had assigned to us. Thus keeping Sarawak to its plurality and tropicalism would take us to the best living environment suited us. Please seriously noted, when I said keep Sarawak to its plurality and tropicalism, I'm not at all believing in conserving Sarawak to the literal meaning. Sarawak must grow. But, once I had questioned how much should Sarawak has to grow? To me such statistic is no more a critical issue. Now I would rather be questioning, how should Sarawak grow? Reason to grow is obvious, as I had said earlier. We must move from bad to good, from good to the best. Our heaven gene urges us to be better all the time. Such is Allah smartness in lifting our status to be far excellent from all His other creations. Always wanting to be better, is a trait that Allah had implanted into us to make us a good great caliph.

(18) Let focus on how, rather than on how much Sarawak economy should grow. The issue of how much will never end us to whatever satisfaction level. Such approach will led us to the much satanic value ie greed. The how, I would say is actually what the Al Quran is more emphasizing. The Al Quran rarely emphasizes on how much except on certain definitive matters, the rest are all very subjective in nature. The reason for such is simple both Heaven and Hell existed in Layers. To which layer a person will be guided to, will be very much subjected to the degree of his good and or bad doing. Such acts are all subjective based on one's social position. Indeed Allah loves diversity for reason to His wish. His wish is very clear, the best is always for the best. The best rewards are only for the excellent servants.

(19) Singapore in the 1960s was really chaotic. First it was in a dire need to exert its importance within the Greater Malaya and Malaysia which was unacceptable. Secondly, it was facing serious Communism threat. Singapore in 1960s was facing serious issue of identity. Singapore can't be Malays for majority of its populationa re Chinese. It can't be Baba Nyonya either. Singapore can't be trully Chinese, for it is multi-racila and being surrounded by Malays-Neighbor. Thus once expelled out of Malaysia, then its realized it was in the very unstable neighborhood. Therefore in the 1970s, Lee Kuan Yew need to chart Singapore development the way he saw Singapore fit within its own strengths and weaknesses. Thus Lee Kuan Yew governed Singapore to a very determined self survival status just as the Prime Ministers of Israel did to this day. Definitely today, Singapore is the most developed Nation within ASEAN, but I can bet, the people of Singapore are the most stressful people in this part of the world. Singapore indeed never being out of their insecure box since being expelled out of Malaysia. Singaporeans enjoy modern living, but the quality of their humanity are not there. Indeed, Singapore achieved to where they are today was through though planned human resource development. Korean, Japan, Jerman and definitely Israel are Singapore-league. Indeed they took the stand of ignoring plurality and diversity. They head on to monogamous-unity men development approach. I would believe, such would not the right choice for Sarawak.

(18) How much Sarawak should grow, is a basic question. Now we are growing at 4-5 per cents annually. Such growth had given us to the standard of living of today. Say we double, ie we should grow at 10-12 percents, will our standard of living will double from today? With averaging growth of 4-6 per cents over last few decades, today Sarawak had achieved RM40,000 per capita Income comparatively at RM600 at time of Independent. This Income level is an averaging GDP. Who gain the most from the robust State GDP earning? The few some are the main GDP contributors, so much so, only the few are the people who gained the most from a good GDP growth. These are the timber tycoons, plantation owners, factories operators, properties developers, etc not the majority farmers and fishermen and all sort of laborers. The average population are not.

(19) In 2013, it was stated that the poverty incidence in Sarawak had improved impressively. Today Poverty in Sarawak stand at 0.9 per cent, with 0.5 per cent in urban area and 1.6 percents in rural area. Well real impressive comparatively to the last 10 years or even in 1963. But be mindful, in EPU HIS 2014, about 9.1 per cents of urban household in Sarawak earn less than RM1,999; while 33.1 per cents of our rural households earn less than RM1,999.00. Thus today issues is not about poverty statistic, but more of cost of living and or living affordability. In 2014 for instance, 735,817 Sarawakians were receiving BR1M contribution. At today, Sarawak has a population of about 3.0 millions. Out of such, 60 per cents are considered adults. Thus, about 40 per cents of Sarawak adults are eligible for BR1M, which is a manifestation of lives hard ship level of the population. Thus I would say, they is a serious problem with our poverty index. Our poverty index can't be totally accepted to measure of ease of living. I dare to say 60-70 per cents of Sarawakians are still struggling like mad to make a living. Yes, I agree, we had achieved a lots in term of social  and public infrastructures improvement, we have better health cares, better education, better transport system, better water supplies, better power supplies etc, but be mindful all these good living come with cost to the people. Today good living required the people to earn to pay for all those. The more they want to enjoy the good living, therefore the more they need to earn. It is then a spinning water machine, there more power of spin, the larger will be the splash. Therefore, the issue now is no more about the statistic of growth and poverty, but we must go to Allah basic rules, distribution.

(20) What is Allah basic rule of distribution? There are so much phenomena that He displays for us to capture His distribution rule. Take the air. Can anybody survive without the air. Yes, but then he need to live in an oxygen chamber. Allah never deprive anybody out of the air. Secondly, did He deprived anybody from the sunshine? Can people survive without sunshine? Definitely, conditionally yes. Yes, if they need not have to take food that need no light for their generation. Is there any food chain that need no light for their generation? Even, did Allah deprive any body from having and seeing the moon and stars. In Allah governance, He provides the basic to all with equal values and standard. He never gave the have with better air than the poorest. He never shine the castle with the best quality sunshine than the pariah at the garbage collection areas. In matter of luxuries, definitely Allah honored those who has the knowledge to such an acquisition. He gives gold to miners. He gives better income to the learnered and entrepreneurs. Thus Allah distribution rule is about justice. Therefore, Sarawak must move toward a just economic management and development to earn not only the best living quality for its people but foremost to earn Allah barakah.

(21) Abang Johari, to me must take not of the potential 60-70 per cents of Sarawakians still at the struggling stage to live. ....... to be continue, In Shaa Allah
2/4/17 25% LEFT OF ME ..... a memoire of the past 75% (Draft)

2/4/17 25% LEFT OF ME ..... a memoire of the past 75% (Draft)

In term of life career, definitely my personal and official ambition, I would say I had gone through 75 per cents of it. What left of me I would figure out a balance of just another 25 per cents or so. Definitely, many will wonder, how could I come to such a conclusion? As I said, I had not concluded, but definitely it is a guesstimate. Many years back, I had written, as a toddler, when I was asked by my mum, whom I would be when I'm grown up, my definite answer was I would like to be a District Officer (DO). Without conscious, I would say, at such a naive age, I had made a very serious declaration of my life destiny to my mum.  Alhamdullilah I had achieved such, and surpassing such dream. My career as DO for at least 25 years and two months in various forms had given me the true meaning of my existence within the society and the world that I live in. In His word Allah said to certain people will be born certain personality to serve their purpose and hopefully I had served mine accordingly. In those 25 years plus, Alhamdullilah I had dedicated my life to the course that I had promised to my mum of what are things that I will do. Even then I had so much dream especially to have all the strengths to help those my poor relatives. Again Allah had given me the chances and ability to do so to this day. My serving in the GLC and Public Listing Companies was nothing, but Allah blessing for me to serve His people to the better. Indeed I managed not only to assist my relatives to where they should stand, but Allah had also given me some extra to enable me to assist some more others. 

(2) What left of my dreams is either being a good writer and or a professional politician. Since 2009, with the existence of this Blogging medium, I had working hard to be the former. My personal experiences, reading, research, observation and if need be In Shaa Allah come end of 2018, I'll leave the Country to really pursue my last dream as writer. I love to be part of those whom will contribute the best for the revival of the Islamic Civilization. On the later interest, I'll keep such a dream forever alive , but would not take it hard, by reason, at the current circumstances, my principles would need hard path to sustain. Since after I got into very bad car accident on last August 2016, indeed all my physical and mental strength had subsided badly. As such, I would believe, Allah may have a call on me to really slow down, and for such, reading, researching and writing would be my best last option to keep myself useful to the course of Allah, placing His religion and Umat to the best advantage I could assist to make. In Shaa Allah.

(3) Dear readers, hereon, I would not be very active writing in this Bloq since I'm working to write on this special topic, which In Shaa Allah come Dec., 31, 2018, will be auto release for all to enjoy. As a preamble, I'm going to write my thought and principles from 1 Oct., 1986 say to Dec., 30, 2018 serving in Government Service, GLC, Public Listing Companies, and as Private Social Entrepreneur. Definitely the no fear, no favor attitude would be my tone. My writing is nothing but to share things that may give others inspiration as well as walls to keep people to the correct path. In Shaa Allah. 

In Shaa Allah, see you on the further elaboration of this article on 31 Dec., 2018.

Kuching, Sarawak
17 April, 2017
Apr 6, 2017
1/4/17 DI SEBALIK EMPAT SAHABAT BESAR SAW ..... the Living Al Quran? (DRAFT)

1/4/17 DI SEBALIK EMPAT SAHABAT BESAR SAW ..... the Living Al Quran? (DRAFT)

Siapapun para Nabi dan Rasul, mereka ada pengikut setia mereka. Pengikut ini, samada murid, kawan bahkan sanak saudara mereka sendiri. Ibrahim AS umpamanya, pengikut setia beliau adalah kedua-dua anaknya iaitu Ismail dan Ishak. Nabi Yakub AS pengikut setia beliau adalah anaknya bernama Yusuf AS dan Boyamin. Musa AS dengan Harunnya. Daud AS dengan Sulaimannya. Bahkan tidak anih, pada manusia biasa bukan Nabi dan Rasulpun ada pengikut setia mereka. P Ramlee, tidak mudah terpisah dengan Sudin, Aziz, Ahmad Nisfu dan bahkan Kassim Selamat. Muhammad SAW, tidak terasing. Kali ini, saya cuba melihat kenapa adanya empat sahabat besar di sisi SAW pada zaman hidupnya, dan sesudah matinya beliau. Kenapa empat sahabat ini disebut sahabat besar SAW? 

(2) Muhammad SAW membesar dan berkawan dengan Abu Bakar sedari kecil. Abu Bakar adalah di antara paling awal bersama Muhammad SAW dalam menerajui kebangkitan Islam. Uthman pula, adalah sepupu kepada Muhammad, yang beda umur sekitar tujuh tahun lebih muda dari Muhammad. Uthman dan Abu Bakar atas sifat pedagang adalah rakan akrab. Abu Bakar membawa Uthman kepada Islam. Umar Al Khatab pula lain sifatnya. Dia adalah pendokong keras budaya Jahilliah Quraish. Dia sangat kental dalam mempertahankan budaya Quraish. Dia sangat memusuhi SAW dan Islam. Namun, dengan kuasa Allah, dia sujud juga akhirnya kepada Allah dan menjadi pengikut setia dan pemberani Muhammad SAW. Ali Abi Thalib adalah sepupu Muhammad SAW. Sedari kecil, Ali menjadi anak angkat Muhammad SAW. Ali bersama Islam dan Muhammad SAW sedari kanak-kanak. Di akhir riwayat hidup empat manusia ini, mereka semua adalah sebahagian dari keluarga besar SAW. Abu Bakar dan Umar adalah bapa mertua SAW. Uthman dan Ali adalah menantu SAW. Persoalannya, kenapa SAW berpunya jaringan hubungan sebegitu dengan mereka ini, in such a relationship web?

(3) Berkawan semua orang ada kawan. Kekawanan adalah manusia yang sejalan, secocok; samada dari segi pribadi dan pemikiran ideologi. Binatang yang tradisinya tidak bersahabatpun akan berkawan atas kepentingan sejalan. Tumbuh-tumbuhan juga berkawanan. Itulah kebenaran apa yang Allah perkatakan; segalanya Dia jadikan berpasangan. Secara umum dan lumrah, berkawan lantaran masing-masing berpunya kepentingan sejalan. Namun, berkawannya Muhammad SAW dengan empat manusia ini, pasti ada kelainannya. Muhammad SAW adalah manusia pilihan Allah untuk menyinari alam ini dengan segala pedoman baik untuk hidup diberkati. Cuba perhatikan, empat sahabat ini mereka berkuasa dari 632-661M (11H-40H) iaitu 632-634M bagi Abu Bakar, kemudian Umar Al Khatab 634-644, Uthman Affan 644-656, dan Ali Abi Thalib 656-661. Mereka berkuasa selama 30 tahun iaitu selama satu generasi manusia selepas Muhammad SAW. Dalam peradaban manusia, khususnya sekarang ini, dalam tempoh 30 tahun, terlalu banyak peristiwa besar berlaku. Cuba pula lihat beda umur dan hayat antara mereka dan Muhammad SAW. Muhammad (570-632M), Abu Bakar (573-634M), Umar Al Khatab (583-644M), Uthman Affan (576-656M) dan Ali Abi Thalib (601-661M). Sekilas pandang, Muhammad SAW punya sahabat yang punya jarak umur yang sanggat menarik iaitu dari pemuda-pemuda matang sehingga ke anak-anak di masa mula Hijerahnya beliau. Juga dari sudut professionalisma, Muhammad SAW dikelilingi oleh para pedagang hartawan kecuali Ali Abi Thalib. Mereka juga berupa panglima perang. Pentadbir yang strategis. Mereka juga adalah ulama. Pokoknya, Muhammad SAW Allah lengkapi dengan sahabat-sahabat besar yang cukup berbeda serta pelbagai sifat-sifat mereka. Ada yang lembut, ada yang keras. Ada yang bertolak ansur, ada yang melintang lalu, membujur patah.  Ada yang sangat kaya, ada yang sangat miskin.  Cuma yang pasti, semua mereka ada satu sifat kental iaitu tauhid mereka kepada Allah tiada bandingannya.  Atas sifat-sifat itu maka, secara tradisi kita sering dihujani tentang keberadaan mereka di sisi SAW adalah sebagai penguat kedudukan SAW dan kerja-kerja membangkitkan semula Islam beliau. Mereka sering digambarkan sebagai pembantu SAW dan selanjutnya sebagai pewaris SAW

(4) Ungkapan betapa empat sahabat besar itu adalah pembantu dan pewaris besar SAW memanglah betul. Cuma, pada masa kini di mana, manusia khususnya orang Melayu yang sudah tidak lagi sebegitu berminat mengkaji segala macam Kitab, dan jika membacapun, apa yang mereka baca tidak menyeluruh serta tidak mampu untuk menyampaikan hujah sebenar, maka ungkapan sebegitu pastinya tidak mendatangkan rasa ingin tahu apa lagi menyemaikan ingin menjejaki langkah dan sifat mereka. Sikap kita menjadi acuh tidak acuh. Saya pernah melawat sebuah Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta yang menamakan Bilik Kuliah mereka dengan nama-nama besar ini. Saya tanyakan, apa maksud untuk menamakan Bilik-Bilik Kuliah mereka sebegitu? Jawabannya, kebanyakan adalah kerana mereka telah berjasa kepada Islam. Suatu jawaban yang saya kira kerana sifat acuh tidak acuh. Seharusnya, penamaan Bilik-Bilik Kuliah mereka sebegitu lantaran, itulah watak-watak dan keperibadian yang harus mereka jerap dan jejaki sebagai Insan Kamil. Bagi Melayu, nama adalah sekadar pengenalan sama prihalnya menamakan Bilik Darjah sebagai 1A,1B, 1C, 1D dsb, gives no meaning, just an identification

(5) Sesungguhnya, kepada saya, empat sahabat besar SAW adalah para professional yang warak. Kehadiran mereka di zaman dan selepas SAW adalah atas ketentuan Allah. Mereka bukan sekadar pembantu dan pewaris SAW, mereka buat saya adalah sebahagian dari kebijaksanaan Allah dalam menunjukkan jalan bagi panduan UmatNya mengikut keadaan dan waktu mereka. Mereka tidak semata-mata adalah pembantu dan pewaris SAW, mereka Allah adakan sebagai the Living Al Quran.

(6) Muhammad SAW (dan para Nabi dan Rasul lainnya) adalah juga berupa the Living Al Quran. Namun para Nabi dan Rasul lebih berupa penebar Tauhid. Mereka sememangnya juga adalah manusia biasa dan apa yang mereka jalani semasa hidup juga adalah berdasarkan pertunjuk Allah namun, saya yakin segala prilaku para Nabi dan Rasul adalah semua menjurus kepada mentauhidkan Allah. Para sahabat besar SAW, mereka pewaris dalam pengertian lebih luas. Bagi saya, mereka adalah pengembang, expansionist pada apa yang SAW tidak sempat lakukan sebagai pentadbir kemanusiaan. Dari sudut tauhid, apa yang SAW bawakan adalah lengkap dan sempurna, namun dari sudut mengurus manusia beliau tidak sempat melakukan apa lagi menunjukkan jalan lengkap dan sempurna. Saya berkata sebegitu sesuai dengan apa yang Muhammad SAW katakan "Kamu akan lebih tahu tentang urusan dunia kamu". Bahkan saya yakin, sengaja Allah menjadikan ilmu pengurusan kemanusiaan ini adalah sangat subjective bersebab, Dia juga telah membenarkan setan untuk terus wujud bagi mengoda manusia. Sifat subjective sistem pengurusan kemanusiaan ini adalah suatu yang sengaja Allah wujudkan bagi memberikan peluang untuk manusia mengangkat diri mereka ke kedudukan tertinggi Jannah bahkan turun ke Neraka paling bawah. Sifat subjective tersebut adalah ujian keImanan dan keTaqwaan Allah. Namun sebegitu, Allah tetap memelihara dan menyiram Taufiq dan HiyadayNya kepada mereka yang mahu berbuat baik. Maka berasaskan itu, saya berkeyakinan empat sahabat besar SAW, Allah adakan sebagai kesinambungan cara bagaimana kemanusiaan itu harus diuruskan selaras dengan tauhid yang telah Muhammad SAW ajarkan sesuai dengan masa dan keadaannya.

(7) Saya cuba menguji kefahaman serta pemikiran saya tentang kenapa wujudnya empat sahabat besar SAW pada zaman dan satu generasi selepas beliau. Maka dalam suatu perjumpaan dengan Muhhyidin Yasin sekitar beberapa bulan lepas, saya pernah mempersoalkan beliau tentang halatuju Parti Bersatu (PPBM). Di dalam pidato-pidato Bersatu di seluruh Malaya kini saya perhatikan penuh dengan persoal-persoalan dan memperkatakan keburukan UMNO dan BN. Jika UMNO dan BN tidak baik, maka di mana bedanya, khususnya Bersatu sebagai parti sandaran baru buat Melayu dan Negara khususnya di Malaya? Hakikatnya, saya belum nampak beda ketara Bersatu dengan apa yang mereka sedang perkatakan tentang UMNO dan BN. Benar, Bersatu belum berkuasa. Itu sang buta, pekak dan tulipun tahu. Namun, sebagai Parti khususnya yang bernada mahu membela Islam dan Melayu tidakkah ada dalam naluri para pemimpin dan pendokong Bersatu (malah PH) untuk melihat teladan SAW? Apakah SAW menanti sehingga dia berkuasa maka baru dia mengamal dan menunjukkan, practiced and being seen berkeperibadian mulia dan sangat memberikan harapan? Tidakkah sebelum menjadi Rasulpun Muhammad telah bergelar Al Amin? Beliau pastinya adalah pemikir kelestarian bangsa Quraish melampaui pemikiran para pemimpin Quraish yang ada pada masa itu. Juga mereka yang bersahabat dengan beliau pada masa dan selepas beliau menjadi Rasul. Maka di sinilah besar dan sebesarnya sifat dan kedudukan para sahabah Nabi SAW, mereka tidak menanti untuk menjadi khalifah baru mereka menjalani dan melakukan perkara-perkara baik-baik. Biar hanya sebagai pengikut, mereka cekal baik-baik. Abu Bakar dan Umar, berlumba-lumba untuk membuat yang terbaik baik. Mereka tidak pernah mahu mengalah dalam mengerjakan kebaikan biarpun hanyalah seorang pengikut SAW, apa lagi selepas mereka menjadi khalifah.

(8) Cuba perhatikan kehidupan kita kini dan zaman Jahilliah Quraish. Di mana beda dan persamaanya? Riba, ada. Rasuah, ada, Syirik, banyak. Munafik, banyak. Menindas, ada. Zina, banyak. Bunuh bayi, kian meningkat. Kemiskinan, masih banyak. Tamak, mengila. Haloba malah terus berleluasa. Bakhil, kian menjadi-jadi. Dengki, khianat, terus berleluasa. Malas, terus kekal. Bacul, kekal. Singkatnya, segala apa di zaman Jahilliah Quraish, bahkan di zaman Firaun, Lut AS, Sulaiman AS dsb  masih kekal bahkan kian subur berlaku kini, kenapa? Muhammad SAW telah bekerja keras menghapuskan budaya Quraish Jahilliah, apa tidak mungkin Melayu kini sedang menelusuri hebat sifat-sifat Quraish Jahilliah. Kenapa jadi sebegini? Di sisi Allah, saya yakin jawabannya mudah. Tauhid kita goyah. Kita sembah apa yang tidak harus kita sembah. Sholat kita sememangnya sholat. Kita sembah Allah. Namun saya berkeyakinan, kita masih menduakan Allah. Kita tidak yakin penuh kepada Allah sehingga sifat Jahilliah dan Islam terus berbaur hebat. Jika di zaman Quraish Jahilliah, SAW diwujudkan bagi memperbetulkan keadaan. Namun kini, kita tidak perlu Nabi atau Rasul. Itu telah Allah putuskan. Allah telah lengkapkan dan sempurnakan Al Quran untuk kita. Nabi dan Rasul kita kini hanyalah Al Quran. Yang kita perlukan adalah pengamalan kepimpinan sebagai salah satu dan atau gabungan empat sahabat besar SAW.

(9) Cara kepimpinan empat sahabat besar memang berbeda-beda. Namun seperti saya perkatakan sebelumnya, mereka kekal pada satu sifat khas iaitu bersih. Mereka bersih dari penyimpangan bertauhidkan Allah sepenuhnya. Tauhid utuh mereka tergambar dalam kepercayaan mereka betapa dunia adalah wadah bagi mendapatkan nikmat hidup mutlak sempurna di Jannah. Kerana itu, mereka biar sebelum dan semasa menjadi khalifah, mereka tidak memerlukan kehidupan duniawi yang senang dan selesa. Mereka kekal zuhud dan mewarisi sifat zuhud SAW. Zuhud sentiasa mendekatkan mereka kepada Allah dan dengan itu segala apa yang mereka lalukan mendapat barakah Allah. Biar dalam soal kepimpinan, dari sudut pandang pengurusan moden orientalis banyak kritik boleh dihujahkan, namum kepada saya, semua itu adalah ketentuan Allah untuk kita fikirkan. Jika baik, teladanilah. Jika tidak, harus kita singkirkan. Berdebat secara ilmiah mengenainya, tiada halangan asalkan akhirnya ianya boleh menjurus kepada pencarian jalan terbaik.

(10) Cuba lihat. Abu Bakar sifatnya lembut namun tegas. Sifat itu perlu lantaran, di zaman beliau, bahkan di zaman SAW, sifat sebegitulah yang menyinari dan menyuburkan Islam. Namun Allah tidak memanjangkan keperluan sifat sebegitu. Beliau hanya bisa mentadbir selama dua tahun. Dan ini saya yakin, betapa kebijaksanaan Allah itu sangat besar. Benih yang cambah, tidak lama sifat lembutnya. Harus keras, menjadikan benih apapun akan hidup subur dan membiak. Maka Umar ditakdir mengambilalih dari Abu Bakar biar tandingannya adalah Uthman dan Ali, iaitu saudara-saudara Muhammad SAW sendiri. Umar Al Khatab, beliau seorang yang keras dan tegas. Pemberani tidak kepalang. Sifat beliau adalah membujur lalu, melintang patah. Setanpun minggir takutkan beliau.

(11) Umar Al-Khatab, the Farouk seorang yang jelas tentang yang benar dan bathil, para setan tidak berani hampir kepada beliau, suatu sifat yang sangat khusus bagi Umar Al Khatab. Sifat itulah yang menjadikan beliau 'mengalahkan' Aishah RA dalam prihal kedudukan beliau di sisi SAW semasa hidup dan setelah matinya beliau. Apakah sifat sebegitu juga tidak boleh kita bina pada diri kita?

(12) Sifat keras tegas Umar adalah penting. Pada zamannya Byzanthium Timur (Constanstinople) sangat kuat. Mereka sentiasa ingin meluaskan jajahan mereka keluar dari Turki-Farsi. Tanah Arab menjadi idaman mereka. Maka sifat keras dan tegas Umar adalah penting pada waktu itu untk mempertahan malah mengembangkan Islam. Umar kemudian seperti kita tahu adalah yang mampu meruntuhkan empayar Byzanthium lalu Islam berkembang ke Farsi dan menjadi asas bagi perkembangan Islam ke Asia Tengah, Eropah dan malah ke India dan Timur jauh. Uthman sangat berbeda. Dia bersifat agak lembut. Beliau sangat bertolak ansur dalam banyak hal. Sifat ini, bukan tidak ada sebabnya. Bagi saya, sikap ini sengaja Allah adakan kepada Uthman agar kita mengerti, bahawa dalam soal kebenaran, kita harus bertegas menegakkan kebenaran. Sifat favouritism sangat mengundang padah. Uthman kecundang akibat dari favoritism dan cronysm. Allah mahu menjelaskan itu dan menjadikan itu bukan amalan yang harus kita ikuti. Ali Abi Thalib, seorang yang keras. Namun kerasnya beliau berbaur dengan kepuakan. Ini juga akhirnya menuntut kepada pengorbanan. Islam terkorban di tangan Ali Abi Thalib dengan peristiwa perpecahan yang sangat dahsyat.

(12) Sesungguhnya, perpecahan dalam pemerintahan Islam bermula dengan kematian Umar Al Khatab. Uthman dengan favouristism dan cronysm dan Ali Abi Thalib dengan kepuakan akhirnya melahirkan Ummayah, Abbasyah, Fatimah, Ottomaniah, Moghul dsb yang cukup lari dari sifat Kerajaan Islam di bawah SAW-Umar Al Khatab. Allah sebegitulah Dia, Dia menunjukkan jalan baik, juga jalan tidak baik, semuanya agar kita faham, mengerti dan sadar.

(13) Sesungguhnya, Abu Bakar dan Umar adalah dua tokoh khalifah dan sahabaht besar SAW yang sukar digantikan. Mereka adalah pertunjuk Allah tentang cara masyarakat dan Negara harus kita uruskan. Sifat Uthman dan Ali adalah anti-climax kepada sifat dan cara Abu Bakar dan Umar. Sengaja, dan telah menjadi roh Allah, setiap apa yang elok Dia pasti iringi dengan genjala buruknya. Cuma akal yang waras akan dapat melihat segala itu sebagai suatu pedoman hidup. Dan pastinya kita terpingga-pingga, kemasyurah Islam pembinaan SAW, Abu Bakar dan Umar runtuh di kala di tangan Uthman dan Ali, lalu muncul keIslaman corak Ummayah. Islam Ummayah terpengaruh dengan Roman dan Farsi. Di waktu Ummayah, banyak kekeliruan berlaku di antara Islam-Islam dan Islam-Roman-Farsi. Dan sekali lagi mahabijaksana Allah, dia memutuskan kekhalifan Ummayah dengan timbulnya Umar Abdul Aziz iaitu cucu kepada Umar Al Khatab dalam mengembalikan Islam-Roman-Farsi kepada Islam-Islam. Cuba ingat hanya dalam tempoh dua tahun sahaja Umar Abdul Aziz dapat mengembalikan Damshek ke era kegelimangan Islam yang agak lain dari tradisi Ummayah. Namun itu juga Allah tidak kekalkan lama. Selepas Umar Abdul Aziz, Islam Damshek kembali kepada Islam-Roman-Farsi. Sejarah membuktian itu kemudian menyebabkan Damshek jatuh ke tangan Abbasyiah di Baghdad dan keruntuhan demi keruntuhan seterusnya, sehingga kini. Islam terus terseret menjadi Islam-Othaman, Islam-Mogul, Islam-Farsi, Islam-Mesir dsb sehingga timbullah Islam-Kapitalis, Islam-Sosialis, Islam-(?) segala macam.Dunia Arab dan Islam kini terpecah-pecah lantaran Islam-Islam bukan jalan pilihan kita.

(14) Cuba kita imbas peri mahabijaksana Allah dalam meletakkan empat khalifah besar, lalu kemudian diwujudkan beberapa khalifah hebat lainnya di antara kecelaruan umat Islam sebagai pedoman kita kini. Dalam hubungan di Malaysia, apakah hikmah yang boleh kita garap dari kewujudkan para khalifah hebat-hebat ini.

(15) Di ambang kegoyahan bangsa Melayu, Abdul Rahman Putera Allah adakan. Dengan sifat beliau yang khusus, maka kemerdekaan Melayu perolehi. Tanpa Abdul Rahman Putera, biar pada masa itu banyak lagi Melayu-Melayu hebat, saya yakin, Melayu tidak akan boleh mencapai kemerdekaamn tanpa adanya Abdul Rahman Putera. Allah mengadakan beliau khusus untuk memerdekakan Melayu tanpa perlu bertumpah darah. Sifat gentelman beliau memungkinkan Melau merdeka. Namun, Abdul Rahman Putera bukanlah manusia paling hebat untuk mengemudi Negara selepas kemerdekaan. Aman memang aman. Bersatu padu memang rakyat sudah bersyukur. Namun rakyat kian lapar dan gelisah dalam bidang yang lain. Di sinilah gandingan Abu Bakar-Umar Melayu menjelma dalam bentuk Rahman-Razak. Razak saya kira adalah Umar Al Khataab Melayu. Razak melonjakkan Melayu untuk keluar dari keresahan baru yang mereka hadapi iaitu pemencoilan ekonomi...... bersambung, In Shaa Allah
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