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Oct 17, 2015

3/10/15 RAZAK, NAJIB, AND ME & YOU ..... do we get it? (DRAFT)

Abdul Razak Husein was a Kampong boy way back in the 1920s. Politically, he was not the Master to his Tanah Air, a British colony, yet his Kampong life was a true Independent Bless. He grew as an Independent Kampong Boy. In those days, he can do anything the boys used to do, but only might be refrained to go real crazy by meant the taught to fear the unseen especially the ghost. His mind and soul was doctrinated to scare of the ghost, hantu, the evil spirit of the dark, hujan panas, the dust, jungle and or river and sea of which were the favourite times and places for kids to show off. In those days, that was how indeed discipline being instilled into the kids' mind and heart for them to avoid things and periods that might be immoral, harmful and or dangerous. Only once the kids had come to a certain age, the role of the Police will then being used as the scapegoat of disciplinary idol. The Malays' disciplinary educational processes didn't stop there. Those were mere progression of educational media whereby over time, as the kids began to be able to converse well, they were then introduced to the subject of Allah is the Almighty over any and everything. The olden Malays were such so effective in instilling the concept of fear to Allah to the depth of the kids' heart and mind as a life guardian over their future deeds. Abdul Razak Husein was blessed with such moral implant that made him a true statesman through his life. Not only his parents disciplined him as such, but the whole community shared the common responsibility as a cohesive societies. He was and to this end, the best Prime Minister Malaysia had ever had.

(2) The key in the old day Malays culture was, the societies took the responsibility to safeguard the nurturing of good values among their individuals. Such communal responsibility had faded and die off today and the effect is today creation of individualistic Malays. This writing is not about judgement. This writing is all about my concern that the Malays collectively is letting go too much  of their traditional values that had made them to the near astray as the Al Quran saying: "Once they were in astray of darkness, I gave them light to take them to their path, but then they went astrayed again...". I'm potraying Abdul Razak Husei and Najib Razak as living example for us to think.

(3) Abdul Razak, was proven a humble down to earth person. Even when there was a leadership vacum in UMNO due to the resignation of the UMNO founder, Onn Jaafar, he was reluctant to snap the opportunity to be the President of UMNO and thus holding to the glory position of the First Chief Minister of Malaya. He politely and wisely invited Abdul Rahman Al-Haj as the leader. Even when he was holding the highiest office he dedicated the whole of his life and sacrificed the family luxury to the true course of his Tanah Air, Bangsa dan Islam. He maximized his worldly dedication and deeds to the course of his Country, People and Islam. He enjoyed to the least of even his entitled perks. He even denied his own health-being. As a school boy then, I remembered reading a writing on him in one of the Malaysian Prime Paper, he past away with only RM8,000.00 in his account, with no personal home and an old car. What made him to such a high moral esteem person?

(4) In Islam, there is this basic tenet whereby Allah is the Al-Mighty. That is the basic principle of Islam ie to submit to One and only One, which called upon the Muslim to fear and favour only Allah. With such, Islam is enforcing the notion of nothing is happening without His knowledge and blessing. Nothing that is happening is without His hikmah ie His wise teaching purposes. To me, Abdul Razak premiership is about Allah hikmah. Malaysia, an Allah blessed State, is provided with all the needs to be great. He, made Abdul Razak as the Leadership Model for Malaysians to emulate if we want to be great. From nothing, a pariah State before and even immediately upon cessation of the British colonization, Allah inspired Abdul Razak with unprecedented wisdom on how to govern the Country well. Where in the world in the 1970s was there a Model on Felda, MARA, SEDC, DARA, LPN, PETRONAS, BBMB, and all those now had been made either GLCs and or true private entities by Mahathir and Najib? His Bilik Gerakan was indeed what today is equivalent to the Strategic Thinking Task Force and or NBOS of Najib. In the 1970s was a period of great post-feudalism, post-imperialism and capitalism movement which preyed onto the poor to the best. Razak seem to move toward 180 degree turn. He battled to empower his people. He came with his own formula on how to manage the State. Razak strategies were genuinely local. Where did Razak got the ideas for establishing all those entities to pave for a greater Malaysia? To me from fearing the hantu then the police and as he matured, he knew the best on the meaning of fear Allah, He's the Al-Mighty of all gave Razak all the instinct and wisdom to be great. His humbleness and honesty for fearing Allah made him being rewarded as a wise brilliant statesman ever. I believe, Razak was firm in his mind and heart to steadfast to the true course of his Tanah Air, Pepole and Islam. He believe that, Allah will care the rest that he may have to care most. I believe, he believed that Allah and he left to Allah to care for his honest sacrifice on his personal and family fate for being passion to the true course of fearing Allah the Al-Mighty. Indeed Allah blessed Razak well. He will continue to be remembered as a true statesman. With his development model, the Country is much equipped with all the needed to be greater. His family fate indeed is much prosperous than he ever wish.

(5) Secondly, the people surrounding Razak were as honest as he himself. They work as a team to take on Malaysia into the world stage. They dedicated their struggle for the Country. They were willing to sacrifice for the good of the Country. They were happy to see the Country growing to good rather optimizing their benefiting of the Country progresses. None of them seem to show their positional and material greed. All worked for the good of the Country. Even in those days, the Malays were mere happy to have an Independent State. They were at no rush for any reward. Everybody seem willing to sacrifice for the sack of unity, harmony and most paramount being honest. Again the communal enforcement keep the Malays to a high dignity.

(6) It was on the contrary of Mohd Najib's childhood and even his youth lives. He at least was much devoid of schooling berkaki ayam deep in the rural Malaysia. Even when being appointed as the successor to his father political career, he struggled less. He got the post as an honored to Abdul Razak's past, which to me was the beginning of Razak's honest sacrifice returns. I would say, almost everything are there for Najib to take on to bring Malaysia to the greatest achievement. Rahman, Razak, Husein, Mahathir and Abdullah had placed all the hard and soft foundations for Najib to do even greater. Nonetheless, despite Najib had been in the Prime Minister seat for almost six years, he seem had not been able to take the Nation to its course. Thus I would visualized Najib was not really dirtied by the mud and sweat of the State before he was to take on the leadership role of his people and thus he missed certain values that could give him some advantages for his job. But again, to go back to the very basic tenet of Islam, Even Najib's premiership is also with the blessing of Allah. There is a hikmah on his premiership position. Allah had chosen and made him to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

(7) It is true that nothing is without Allah knowledge and blessing. Everything that was and is happening surrounding us, has the hikmah. Hikmah in its simplest sense is the good deed, blessing and or good lesson to be learnt. But most important, I would say is how do one see, treat and appreciate the so called hikmah. In the case of Abdul Razak, to me the hikmah was Allah honored those who dedicated their struggle, Fisabillilah only for Allah. Abdul Razak did it, and steadfast to it, thus now his family is well blessed by his great deed. Abdul Razak may be defied from enjoying the best of his life, but his sacrifice paid off even better.

(8) Now Najib is in the driver seat of the Malaysian leadership. No doubt he is walking along his father's paths ie to take Malaysian to a greater position. The only different, his focus is the material gains. His target is on High Income Nation in short span of time. He emulate the capitalist approach in achieving such. Thus, the people surrounding him are of equivalent caliber thus as well working to see that their personal gains must come to the best. In short, what I could see, Najib and people surrounding him, while gearing for the Nation, they themselves place high interest over their own personal gains. They emulate the true Capitalism while Razak indeed moving to Socio-Capitalism ie the Ummah is paramount to personal gain. Razak focused to the real people gain. Najib and his group are now after the interest of the Nation and their personal as either parallel and or must be better over the former. With such ideology, we are now moving toward greater Socio-economic Gap either on intra or extra-racial. With the continuing politic of marginalization there exist a serious inter-regional socio-economic disparity. Malaysia seem to depart from  a One Nation status that Razak had been working hard to achieve. With such, the inter-racial, inter-class and inter-regional unity began to shaken. Indeed the issue was still the issue that caused the May 13, 1969 riot ie inter-racial and inter-class economic disparity. Najib and his gang had not found or seen to work hard to resolve this long outstanding issue. True Capitalism that being adopted by Najib, can't and won't resolve this issue. US is the best true capitalism ideology adhering State, their poverty and inter-racial and inter-class economic disparity is widening fast.

(9) Then, what would the hikmah of Najib leadership over Razak? To the ardent Najib supporters, they have their own arguments which I'm not interested to come to polemic. But I would believe, the Muslims world wide had worked hard to emulate the Western-based Economic Management. There is none Muslim states worldwide that had not adopted the Western Economic Management Style, even the Arabs are the ardent followers. But what had happen to them? All I would say are moving to be the pariah of the West. To me the hikmah of Najib leadership is for the Malays and Malaysians to experience at hand what Allah had reminded in the Al Quran Don't take the Nasrani and Jews into your foot path. yet we made them our true-wife. Najib is keen to lean to the West in his management approach.

(10) By comparison,  Mahathir was the student of Razak as compare to Najib whom is the blood son. Najib indeed was devoid of being Razak's student. That made Mahathir's approach were almost mirroring Razak's while Najib is more of Western Copycat. In Islam, Muhammad SAW did have sons, but all were death before they could be adults. But Muhammad SAW was blessed with great daughters but again all died prior to their full realization to be the heirs of Muhammad SAW. What did those signify hikmah? Indeed those that really succeeded Muhammad SAW well were all his disciples students such as Abu Bakar, Umar Al Khataab, Othman, Ali Abi Thalib and even Aishah. Those who succeed Abu Bakar, Umar and even Othman were not their sons though they were prominence among them. Ali's sons, ie Muhammad SAW grandsons ie Hassan and Hussein failed to succeed him. If one sees from the long history of humankind, probably the Tirane Genghis Khan  had managed to pass down their ledaership traits successfully among the close family ties. If we look at China, India, Babylon nad even Egypt, very few of the sons and or daughters ever being as greater that the fathers in succdeed in the throne of power. Even David could only passed down to Solomon and thereon, everything collapsed. Even in today America, such was also happening. What indeed was the hikmah of those? My most logical thinking was that, the best followers among us are our students, not our children for both are having different ways of learning and absorbing. It was never Socrates's son was the best Western philosopher, but his student ie Plato. The same count among the Muslims scholars. Imam Ahmad bin Hambal for instance was succeeded by Iman Al Bukhari, not his sons or daughters.

(11) Comparing Najib 's (Razak's son) six years in the Premiership position with that of Mahathir's (Razak's student) both are just at far distance as the star and the earth by performance and credibility. To me Najib just need to step aside to give better UMNO person to lead the Country. My best bet would be Tengku Rezaleigh Hamzah who was also the the great student of Razak. Rezaleigh had indeed worked together with Razak, Husein and even Mahathir to form parts of those leaderships legacies. Given the chance, I would believe by virtue of his age and passion, he can take Malaysians to the same boat to the same destiny: prosperity and harmony in smoother pace. In Shaa Allah. Probably it is only the inter-UMNO prejudice that make Tengku Rezaleigh never an option.

Kuching, Sarawak
18 Oct., 2015


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