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Feb 25, 2014

12/2/14 THE SIGNIFICANT EAST....matter that we ignored. (Updated 18 Mac., 2014)


Allah had made it clear, in His Al Quran 103 Surah Asr, as well as the Quran 93: Surah Adhuha, He remind man of time, in a matter of time the victorious is the one who has the great Iman, piety, and Taqwa, doing good deeds. Time is running fast. Time clocking real fast, since the clock probably wind from left to right, West to East, contrary to the East to West orbit of the Universe, may be such is the reason why our calendar calculation has been going off the nature. We are now experiencing the shifting of the climate not according to the season. Our today lives are seem to run into the same climatic chaotic. Such is a phenomena when we treated our lives away from its natural course.

(2) In Islam, except for cleaning oneself after easing, all must be done by the right hand, from a human body perspective, it means East. Islam, an Adeen for all, began in the East. Islam is an Adeen, a total governance system, not a mere religion as the West see it. Human existence began in the East. The first human language, the Sanskrit was developed in the East. All messengers of Allah, were born in the East. The first human place of worship was built in the East. All human grand monotheism places of worship were built first in the East. The first human city was in the East. All the grand human civilizations were born in the East. Muhammad SAW, advice the Muslims to gain knowledge even to walk as far to the Far East, as Ibn Batutta and Kublai Khan did. To the East, Allah first pushed Muhammad SAW to walk. At the War of Khandak, the Trench Allah gave Muhammad SAW, a Vision to the East, to the East Islam will glory. Most significant, the Malays, forming at least half of the ASEAN population of about 600 millions distributed among the Earth land mass of 4.46 sq km or three per cents of the Earth land mass, was and is thrown to the East to being. This is a region of great diversities and the race end point for the West, yet, we stand low and keep looking West. Thing has to be changed. To the East we must stand, walk and fight.


Who created this Universe? Science claims, the Universe was created by a Big Bang, a thundering lighting phenomena 13.798+-0.03 billions of years ago brought the dust to solidified to form our present Universe. But then where and how did such Big Bang came into being? Is it a reality or just a human metaphoric wisdom that Allah the Almighty gave to him. In the Torah, the Book of Moses AS, when he received the Ten Commandment, it came as a thundering light at Mt. Sinai. Accordingly, when Muhammad SAW paid an audience to Allah, in his Israj Mikraj, he see nothing but the bright light. Indeed Allah is the lightening that guides man from the darkness to his divine purposes. By and with light, man explore his universe. Thus, in our first ideal appreciation of the light, we should built our home facing North-South, so that from the bedroom balcony we can glare to the morning and sun set. Accordingly, on the full moon night, we then could appreciate the silver bright moon rising magically from the East. As the night passed, the moon slowly go to rest in the West. Without conscious, we indeed adore the light. But, is it really the sun and the moon rise in the East and set on the West? Or indeed, the sun and moon rise or set, is nothing but due to the Earth spins and orbits from East to West? The whole phenomena is basically due to the movement of the Earth from East to West. But then why does the Earth spin and orbit from East to West? Definitely it can spin and orbit from North to South or vice versa, and there is no reason why its can't spin and orbit from West to East. Yet, the Earth spins and orbits from East to West. Why?

(2) Muhammad SAW was once felt so sadden when for long the Holly Ghost, Jibrael didn't come to reveal any message from Allah. He thought, Allah had abandoned him for reason he was wondering hard. Then Allah sent the Adhuha, Al Quran:93 giving him the console as well as reminding him in the name of the morning light, Adhuha that he must always be thankful, syukur on all what Allah had given to him. Thereon, Sholah Adhuha he never missed just as the late night Tahajjud. Muhammad SAW praised Allah more in the late night to the early day before he attend to all other livelihood matters. He seem to praised Allah the most with the wake up of the globe. He praised Allah most with the wake up of the East. Why? Indeed earlier, Muhammad SAW has to travel East, before he ascend to Heaven to receive the command to pray for the Muslim. Why didn't he just ascend from Mekah, instead needed to travel through the East, BaitulMuqaddis to meet Allah? Much earlier, Allah promised the Moses AS to take the Jews to the promised land ie Palestine, a place once they ran into famine. Why not Allah just gave them Alexandria or even Ethiopia where indeed the Jews had flourished. Why was East being promised to them? Is it not possible that, being with the East, the Orthodox Jews, the Zionist existence be much meaningful?


In this writing, I intend to present Allah great honor to the East, that most probably never want to bother, especially among the Malays and Muslims, so much so, they began to lost grip over so many things that slowly made them set to the sun and moon set. The Malays and Muslims are fast falling into the trap of individualistic material greed of the West. They ignored the quest of Wealth for Ummah Development. They had forgotten being the caliphs to all Allah creations, man especially the Malays and Muslims, they need to care for the others more rather to their indivualself. I hope my writing will place particularly the Malays and Muslims to the right perspective, that would take them to a better position and thus enabling the whole world to equitably gain the best of these Allah blessed, but ignorant creatures. Time has come for the Malays and the Muslims to be significantly making the East and hopefully the globe a better place to live for all. InsyaAllah.

Fundamental Questions:
In the attempt to see why Allah indeed blessed the East for the glory of Islam and in particular the Malays, I would first love to pose few interesting mind breaking questions. First and foremost, why are the sun and moon rise from the East? Even, the first four main humans' early civilizations were born in the East. The grand human's cultural religions were all born in the East. Why? The birth place of Islam were also to the East. The same for Judaism and Christianity. Why? For the Muslims, Jews and Christians, we believe that Adam AS and Eve were our ancestors. Adam AS in his descendent from Heaven was sent far to the East (India or Ceylon). Indeed both were landed to the East. Why? The East houses the most human population. The East indeed sparked the West Renaissance. Why? Historically, almost all the early great adventurers, they made their names by traveling to the East, be they the West and even the East. Why? Accordingly, Timur a Turkish-Mongol, which literally means East (Sanskrit ?), was once feared by the West and East. Why did he took his name as Timur? Timor, once infiltrated by the West, it brought great shame to Indonesia, when its split into Timor Timur and Timor Leste. Both maintain Timur, East as their name. Why? Accordingly it seem once the West laid their hands to the East, it bring bad omen to the region. At the End of the Day, Allah had promised that the sun will rise from the West, no more from the peaceful serene East. Such is the start of this Universe destruction. The East seem to be the starter, the West will be the end of things. Why?

(2) Once the West moves East, the East will always falls victim, while the West will gain the greatness. Yet when the East moves West, the West will always gain the best, and not necessarily for the East. The East seem to be the mover for the West. Is such the hidden rationales why Allah made the sun and the moon to rise from the East and set on the West? Lightening be it by the day or night, it begins on the East. The West is seem to be the end of the day, the source of darkness. Time tickle from the East and end in the West, yet our clock tickle form West to East. Why indeed Allah made all these as such?

(3) All the early human great civilization began in the East. Yang Tze in 4,000BC, Nile (3,000-31BC) and Mesopotamia (3,100-539BC), while the Indus in (3,300-1300BC). Yet the West are stubborn enough working hard to prove that human being originated from the North (West) then spread South (East). Why do they behave as such? The West, they love to oppose what are in the East. They love to postulate hypothesis or theories that are contrary to the East. They just can't get along with the East. For instance, when Islam and supported by the Judaism and Christianity said that man was created by Allah in Heaven as man and woman of their own institute, they by mere isolated observation on the Galapagos put a theory that man evolved from ape. About 150 years, a group of scientists then only be able to trace the nearest ape to man ie the Chimpanzee. The Cimpanzee gene is 99.6 per cents equal to man. The 0.4 per cents differences is only on the gene that govern the way man think and feel. The West worked hard to prove that the East is wrong. Nonetheless, they still need to go South (East)  just to down grade Man from Heaven to Man from monkeys. Why?

Historical Facts Summary:

The very first civilization in the West was the Greek (800-146BC). Indeed the early Greek Civilization was a mere City-State empire which revolved around Athen and Sparta. The Empire was then destroyed by the Roman (753BC-1447AD) which was also another City-State empire based in Rome. The expansion of Roman was facilitated by the conquest of the Constantinople in the East, which then formed a rival to the Roman West (Rome) forming the Roman East, the Byzantium. Greek civilization produced scholars such as Socrates and Plato. Socrates indeed was a Black South Jew of Namimbia who was taken as slave. The two then became the foundation of Aristotle teaching at the Roman times. Due to Aristotle influence, his student, Alexander the Great (400BC) saw the East as the source of greater Roman Empire. Earlier in the East there already exist the great Persian Empire, the Achaemenid (705-330BC). This is the Empire that sort of had blocked the early expansion and even contributed toward the collapsed of the Greek (Athen) in the hand of Sparta due to the alliance of the later to take on the former. Starting in Asia Minor, the Empire moved to the East for its supremacy. The influence of the Persian old religion, the Zoroastriansim even spread to China. Indeed, Alexandra the Great conquest was a mere patching onto the Persian Empire. The two empires, the West (Roman) and East (Persian) moved to the East to be great.

(2) With regard to the early religions of Judaism and Christianity which rooted from the BaitulMuqaddis, the Jerusalem, both indeed firstly spread to the East (Syria) before it moved to the South (Yaman and Ethiopia) then to the West (Egypt) before they spread to the North (West) especially into  Greek, Rome and Europe. Judaism indeed took its toll as its moved North yet prospered well to the East (Babylonia), West (Egypt) and South (Yaman and Ethiopia). Judaism met its worst fate in the hand of the Roman (Christian) with the conquest of Jerusalem and as well as in the WWI and WWII. Europe indeed had been the Hell for the Jews. The Jews had to robe back to the East, Israel, to have their face without which they may be no different than the Cham and or Rohingya. Israel is indeed a symbol of Europe rejection of the Jews. On the other hand Christian had to transform into the Catholic (313AD) before it being accepted widely in Europe, with further transformation as it moved further West (America) into Protestant. The Coptic, the Orthodox Christian now is a remnant in the Arab-Persian world, Asia Minor and Russia. The Spanish brought the Catholic Christian world wide (South and East): Latin America and as far as the Philippines not in the sense to lift those people human values but as meant of political and economical domination to this day.

(3) Islam, in humankind existence started with the creation of Adam AS and Eve. Due to their lust such triggered their fate to be sent down from Heaven to the Earth. Islam was the Adeen of Abraham AS, Moses AS and Jesus the Son of Maryam ie Isa AS. Nonetheless, the greedy Jews turned the early Islam to exclusively Judaism for the Jews. Judaism then moved East to be influenced by the Persian Zoroastrianism, and thus Jesus Son of Maryam was born to correct Judaism to its true course ie Islam. The Adeen of Jesus Son of Maryam was Islam, not Christianity. But then, the Teaching of Jesus Son of Maryam, as it was not written at his and or near his time, ie about 300 years later, was subject to aversion for the interest greed to spread his teaching fast. Despite both being monotheism, rooted from the same ancestors, praying to Allah, die hard greedy Jews drew both then to religious conflicts. On the other hand, avenges turned greed began to crop into the disciples of Jesus Son of Maryam, thus they took Islam, the teaching of Jesus son of Maryam into a very different course. Islam brought by Jesus son of Maryam was then converted into Christianity, and with Jesus Son of Maryam then turned to Jesus Christ. It seem, Christianity was born due to the crucifixion of Jesus, and nothing to do with the early Islamic teaching of Jesus son of Maryam. Today indeed, Judaism and Christianity are the derailment of Islam brought by Moses and Jesus Son of Maryam. The Jews were the people responsible to digress Islam in those early days in such Allah, in 610AD delivered Muhammad SAW to put Islam back to its course. Except the begining of the Islamic Renaissance then shifted to a bit West, ie in Mecca not BaitulMuqaddis. Indeed the peak of the Islamic spread struggle was in the era of Muhammad SAW. Muhammad SAW (570-632AD) was born and raised in Mecca. In 610 AD his long wondering about the destructive barbaric paganism attitude of his people, the Quraish was answered when he was then raised to be the Messenger of Allah to spread Islam. In 620 AD, Allah made him to have an audience with Him through Israj Mi'raj in 620 AD. He first traveled to the East, ie BaitulMuqaddis before he ascended to Heaven to meet Allah to be given the the holistic divine strength that he needed to be the Messenger of Allah in facing the wild dangerous die hard Quraish barbaric paganism attitude. That very divine strength is the five times Sholah a day that the Muslims must perform. Sholah is the pillar of the Islamic faith. To the East, Muhammad SAW and the Muslims were equiped with the divine strength, the Sholah. Despite he being known for a sincere and honest person, a truthful, trust worthy person, his Islamic teaching was badly accepted especially among the rich and powerful Quraish. Muhammad SAW was threatened to death, which in 622 AD he and some of his followers had to migrate to the Yathrib, a town with the much friendly population, to the East. Only after being able to pool about 10,000 loyalists, did then Muhammad SAW (630AD) rode peacefully into Mekah and returned the City into the divine Islamic monotheism. He achieved his divine mission after going East. He took the East, Yatrib (Medina) to conquer the West (Mekah). Indeed in his lifetime, Muhammad SAW managed to push Islam to the South (Yaman). His disciples especially Umar Al-Khataab and Uthman Affan then pushed Islam over Palestine (Roman), Iraq-Syria and Iran (Persian) to totally liberated the Arabia and Persia from their tyranny governance. As Islam moved East, it made the Persian Empire to end. So was the influence of the Roman (Byzantium). With the conquered of the Far East then Egypt and certain part of North Africa came under the Islamic administration. Islam spread first to the East then move to the West, but keep to the East of West.

(4) The fast spread of Islam to the whole of the Arab-Persia, was indeed facilitated by the hostility of first the barbaric Quraish whom team up with lots of other tribes in the Arabian including the Jews, then the Persian and as well as the Byzantium. At times of  Muhammad SAW and Rashiddun Caliphs, Islamic spread was by virtue of self defense. In any of the conquered territory their main emphasis will be about the spread of Iman and Taqwa piety and good deed for just lives. The greed cropped into the Islamic world thereafter through broader and deeper contact and assimilation with the luxurious Byzantium and Persian lifestyle. 

(5) With the death of the fourth Caliph of Rashiddun, Muhammad SAW close disciple, the Islamic territories turned into greater Empire under the Ummayad (661-750AD), which moved its Administrative Center from Medina to Damascus, Syria. Islam further strengthened to the East, before its spread back westward to Egypt and other North Africa. But then due to tribal conflict, the Abbasid revolt and thus toppled the Ummayad, and the new government (750-1258AD) brought Islam further East to established its Administrative Center in Baghdad, Iraq. Thereon, the Abbasid moved West to crush the balanced of the Ummayad. But in Egypt, the descendant, the grand daughter of the fourth Rashiddun caliphs, from Ali's Abi Thalib daughter by the name of Fatimah,  established the Fatimid caliphate (909-1171AD). Both the Orthodox Jews and Coptic Christian survived well in such a period especially in the City of later known as Alexandria. In History, the Abbasid Caliphate was known to be the Golden Age of Islam which I doubt, as the Bench Marks or KPIs used were Western Scale. Indeed lots of Islamic scholars were not happy at the way Islam was practiced at times of both Ummayad and Abbasid. Personalities such as Bukhari, Shafiee, Ahmad, Ghazali, etc made clear objection to lots of things in those times. Indeed the collapsed of both Ummayad and Abbasid was due to their caliphs likening of the luxurious Western life-style. Physically they were East, but their lust was to the West. Iman and Taqwa becoming mater of peripheral.

(6) The collapsed of the Ummayad in the East, made some of their leaders to cross the Strait of Gibralta to Cordoba Spain and established an Islamic State, the Andalusia (711-1031AD). The whole of Europe in those days was mere City-State or Federation of various City-State types of Kingdoms. Such phenomena probably made the West to this day are excellent in Cities development. Prior to the Islamic conquest of Cordoba, the region was subjected to numerous city-state conflicts including intermitance invasion by both the West and East Roman. Here in the Islamic state early establishment, brought the native at peace from the danger of the feudal tyranny kings that they used to have. Accordingly, the Islamic Berber armies provided great protection for the natives from the blood and land thirsty barbaric North. Earlier both Damascus and Baghdad had made all those Latin writing into both Arabic and Persian. Damascus and Baghdad became the World Intellectual Center of Excellent. The West will never behaving the benefit of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle ideas and writing without the help of Islam, the Arabs. Libraries and Madarasah were established all through the Islamic Empires. These among others were well established in Alexandria. From Alexandria, all those knowledge then migrated to Andalusia. Nonetheless as feudalism began to crop into the Islamic Andalusia, the kingdom began to dwindle and with the up rising of the Reconquista by the North Spanish Christian, Andalusia began to be siege for Christendom and by 1212AD the caliphate began to loose grip, and the emirate of Granada, the last Islamic bastion collapsed in 1492AD. With the collapsed of Andalusia, Spain began her consolidation, and on 3 August, 1492, Christopher Columbus led the Spanish into an International Trade and the discovery of the New World: America. While, on the Arabia-Persia region, due to the chaotic of the Islamic world with the insurgences of the West Crusaders, Salahuddin Al-Ayubi, a Kurdish soldier rose in rank at the Fatimid Caliphate and thus bravely pushed hard to reunite the Islamic world. He destroyed the Crusaders armies from infiltrating Egypt, then recaptured BaitulMuqaddis, before he marched to unite Damascus and Baghdad into the fold of the Ayyubid Empire (1138-1193AD). The Ayyubid further strengthened the quest for knowledge among the Muslims by building much more Madrasah and libraries all through their empires.

(7) In Central Asia, in the Steppes desert, there was an awakening revolt of the barbaric tribes toward the Chinese domination. Were they really barbaric, or just a real tough desert-life tribes? Ghenghis Khan, a Mongol rose to power (1206AD) and began his conquest expedition to the South. Under his two grand sons, Hulagu and Kublai Khan, both of them move South West and East. Kublai Khan focussed to the East to conquer up to China. Hulagu focussed to the South East, alliancing himself with the Persian, liberating the Persian from the Arabs influence and thus later formed the Pasha Kingdom of the Persian, the then Iran. Hulagu made brutal conquest to the Arabs. His armies burned Baghdad to ashes on 13 Feb., 1258 with the help of a Chinese General. On 1 March, 1260 he captured and down size the authority of the Ayyubid remnant in Damascus.  He then planned to capture the balanced of the Ayyubid in Cairo. The death of his father, Tolui made Hulagu to be called back and to be made the Great Khan. His later death, made the Cairo Ayyubid caliph to push the Mongol back to where they belong. By 1370, the Great Mongol Empire, the greatest contiguous empire ever established, began to disitegrate with those in India, the Mughal sustained to the 17 century. Interesting to note, the Mongol succeeded well as they pushed South and Far East. As they moved to far West, not only they were resisted by their prime enemy, Islam but they were also being betrayed by the Crusaders Christians. The Mamluk, the remnant of the Ayyubid in Cairo, managed to kicked the Mongol out of Arabia, as they pushed to the East.

(8) The pushed of the Persian, then Islam (under Ummayad. Abbasid and Ayyubid), then Mongol to the West had seeded the Islamic breed in the Asia Minor. The Seljuk who were the Kazakh, Turkestan, the Tar Tar indeed adopted Islam and then migrated to Persia. They fought the Mongol in 1050BC-51AD, and was honored by the Abbasid but then began to established own empire among the Asia Minor. The Seljuk had played key role to block the advancement of Byzantium and Crusaders far to the East. They took Jerusalem in 1098AD, but then lost her to the Crusaders in 1099AD. The Seljuk sized Constantinople from the Roman, to form the Sultanate of Rum which collapsed in 1300s AD. The Seljuk Empire then split into a number of smaller independent States, which one of them was Ghazi Emirate ruled by Sultan Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. This Sultan Osman I (1256-1326AD) expanded the Turkish settlements to the border of the Byzantium Rome. Thereon the Empire extended to the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans, Kosovo which marked their expansion to Europe. They battled against the Hungary and Polish. On 29 May 1453 they captured Constantinople, and allowed for the establishment of the Orthodox Christian churches. Western Rome and Byzantium then were not in good term, thus majority of the Byzantium City-State preferred to be ruled by the Ottoman. They then moved East to control over Persia, and took over Baghdad in 1535, then moved to the West to take over Egypt. Nonetheless their further Eastward conquest was blocked by Timur (1336-14505AD) a Mongol-Turkish, who ruled over Persia southeastern Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran, through Central Asia encompassing part of Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and even approaches Kashgar in China. The Ankara victory (1402) over the Ottoman, brought the Ottoman into Interregnum for 12 years. Timur ambition was to reinstall the Seljuk Empire and thus want to claim over the Ghenghis Khan legacy. His son, the Shah Ruhk was then the founder of the Mughal Dynasty (1526-1857) in India. After the 12 years civil chaotic in 1413AD with the re-strengthening by Sultan Mehmet I came into power, Ottoman Empire continue to expand further into Europe, and Africa where then were met with numerous wars with the growing power of the West: Portuguese, Spain, Italy, and even German. Just as the other Islamic Empire, the Ottoman encouraged for the establishment of learning institutions. Such indeed spur the growth of education among the Christians and made them much better than the Muslims who were much busy engaged in numerous war exercises. Accordingly, the Russian was pushing South and was engaged in many wars with the Ottoman. Due to the large administrative territories of vast socio-cultural differences as well as the continuous defeats, the Empire began to face lots of chaotic. Worst was when the alliance of Ottoman-German was defeated in the WWI (1914) which lead to massive lost of the Ottoman states in the Balkans, Arabs, Persia, and Africa which lead to Turkish Revolt headed by Mustafa Kamal Pasha who then declared a Turkey Republic on Oct, 29, 1923. The caliph administrative system was abolished on 3 March, 1924. Indeed, taking the West, brought the Ottoman to perish, which also marked the collapsed of the Islamic Empires in the hand of the West. The West then moved to split and rule the East particularly the Arabs, Africa and Asia to this day.

(9) In the eyes of Western-style Bench Marking, Islam gave mankind, indeed nothing but chaotic. The collapsed of the Ummayad, Abbasid, Fatimid, Ayubbid, Andalusia, and Ottoman in particular left the Muslim's world with nothing but weak independent States. Worst the Seljuk, Timurid, Hulagu, and even Kublai Khan, their thirst for territorial quest put almost all the Islamic significant modernization evidences into fire, ashes and mud-water. The Ottoman failure to defend her territories brought about the vanishing of the Balkan and Eastern Europe Islamic penetration. With the WWI in 1914, promulgated Islamic Independent States and all these independence were indeed the breed of the West particularly modeled along the Western Renaissance. Islam, to the West, thus being seen just as another religion as all the others ie Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Toaism, etc which dealt with spiritual matters that don't bring any good to human civilization or significant modernity. Islam failed to be an Adeen, a civilization. Islam, was and is another manifestation of spiritual governance. In the colonial days, Islam in most of the colonized states, especially in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, was a matter of native custom and religious administration. The colonial master brilliantly separated Islam from the State (in the total hand of the West) to such the matter sustained to this day in fact in all the so called Islamic states.

(10) Yet, it was very different with the West.  The collapsed of the Roman Empire (West and East) brought about a new Western Paradigm ie the Renaissance, the re-birth of Europe. As Europe emerged from a City-State type of governance, as compared to the Islamic world which was based on regional-empire governance strength, the collapsed of Rome, Constantinople, etc was immediately replaced by the emergence of other cities. Florence, which is located to the North of Rome is a very classical example. From Florence, which was founded in 80BC, through her up and down, with the collapsed of Rome (Constantinople in the hand of the Ottoman), made her into a very significant City-State in the 1401AD that sparked the New Paradigm Shift ie Western Renaissance to the whole of Europe. The unification of Italy made Florence becoming her Capital City until 1871AD when it then shifted back to Rome. The Italian Renaissance was the precursor to the Renaissance of Europe. Indeed the previous numerous trading with the East, brought huge wealth to Italy (Rome) and with such wealth, the Churches we able to patronize the growth of artistic, inventions, architectural, and scientific explorations works. While the old Greek and Rome passed on the Studia of Humanitatis through the studies of poetry, grammer, history, moral philosophy and rhetoric which basically focusing on spirituality and the afterlife, but then the Black Death in 1348-1350AD that hit Florence and many other regions in Europe signaled a call to re-look into the capacity of the Churches to honor a proper protection to human being against the epidemic evil of death. Allah indeed is the Almighty, in such a period of search for true human protection against plague, Great Men were presented to the then societies. Among them were Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519AD), Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510AD), Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564AD), Fillipino Lippi (1377-1446AD), etc. These people, they may not be Muslims, yet as men are Allah's created creature, He will be always at their mercy as their needs come. Allah sent them to their people to lift them from their miseries. They were indeed the Renaissance Men. They were men of multi-talent: artist, natural scientist, architect, etc. Allah gave them the wisdom to balance between this world and hereafter, and spread such teaching through their fingers. Their drawings inspired many in the whole of Europe. Their very first stardom was due to the Churches influences for them to pictorize  the Bible teaching into wonderful paintings, scriptures writing and sculptures carving to decorated the Churches for their grandeur mystic. Again the Churches averted Allah wisdom to the priests liking. Christianity spread into Europe through cultures and arts which indeed were the custom of the Persian which then evolved well in the Ummayad and Abbasid Empire. They began to spur new discoveries of knowledge and with the advancement of the Printing Machine by Johannes Gutternberg in German, the knowledge spread much faster by the 15th century. Indeed the technical drawing of da Vinci inspired for the birth of Mathematic, Physic, Biology, Astronomy, etc which then really changed Europe into the States of Machineries for Mass Production giving rise to the then Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, the admiration of the East on the works of these Great Men were more over their pictorial art works missing the technical human quality of life improving ideas. From Italy, the Renaissance spread to the Northern Europe, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Span and others. By the 20th century, Renaissance took in numerous forms and national monuments. All these renaissance later took the East for the greatness of the West.

(11) Indeed if one follows closely the matter of urgency to the German and Italy in WWI and WWII was the loathing of great paintings and arts works. All but nothing, for the supremacy buildup of the Aryan. In the Western world, the setting of Museum is considered vital for an attainment of a Metropolitan status for a city. The West used the Museums to connect between the past and the present to inspire the future. Museums are well established in any Western World Class cities especially in Washington, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Hamburg, Lisbon,etc. Unfortunately within the Islamic world, due to I would believe the narrow and poor interpretation of Haram and Halal setting of Museum over the past especially wrt to infidel stage of human civilization were greatly prohibited and or discouraged so much so, almost all of those artifacts are now in the custodian of the West, especially in London, Paris, and Lisbon. The heritage and creativity in Islam, demised, as the Muslims scholars see things from a very limiting perspective. Their course, they just denied the West from a bold sense of denial rather a thoughtful dismissed

(12) The Renaissance placed the West ahead of the East especially in the area of inventions. The trade that spur firstly among the West which then with the East brought greater wealth to the West to enable for the patronizing of the Catalyst of the Renaissance. The old Silk Road the trade route between the Far East, South Asia, Middle East and the Roman facilitated for the on land trans-continental trade. From the voyage made by Marco Polo (1254-1324AD), the Italian, who traveled along the Silk Road (1271-1295AD) and stayed in China for 17 years at the Kublai Khan period had inspired much more travelers then and enhancing the East-West trade. Definitely the account of Ibn Batutta (1304-1369AD) who spent his 30 years life wandering among the Islamic states which took him to Africa, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, China and South East Asia provided greater account of both land and sea of places that he visited. On the Eastern side, Zheng He (1371-1405AD) traveled to South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and East Africa (1405-1433AD) opened up greater Sea Trade between the East and West. Christopher Columbus (1450-1506AD), who was originally an Italian, took the Renaissance to the New World and converting the South American into Latin America under the flagship of the Spanish. Vasco Da Gama (1461-1524AD), a Portuguese, sailed to India through the Cape of Good Hope of Africa, to further opened up the spice trade. His route choice was indeed to avoid the conflict with the growing Ottoman battleships built up in the Mediterranean. Nonetheless, his rival, Ferdinand Magallen (1480-1521AD), whom crossed the Atlantic into the Pacific took him to roam the Far East Spices Islands. All these trade opportunities then brought the West into maritime conflicts that end up with the beginning of the politic of divide and rule over the East. Such game brought huge wealth transferred from the East to West to start of with the Industrial Revolution I (1760-1840AD) by the invention of water-powered production system which began in England, then followed by the Industrial Evolution II (1840-1870AD) with the invention of the steam engine as meant of production and transportation especially in America. The Industrial Revolution sparked the birth of Capitalism in the West over taking the feudalism of the monarch.

We the Malays: 

Where did the Malays come from? The Malays and Muslims believe, Adam AS and Eve were their ancestors. They only breed around Makkah. From Makkah then human move to all over the globe. It was impossible that the Malays as one of the ofspring of Adam-Eve had traveled through the Arab Sea, Indian Ocean, then Strait of Malacca, and thus spread to South East Asia. Sea bound I would believe never  being the first route for the Malays migration. I strongly believe, they must had traveled through the Arabia, Central Asia, and from the World Roof Top, they then see the Yang Tze and thus the green fertile Mekong Valley. Thereon, they took the sea to conquer the evergreen South East Asia. I have a strong believe, Kublai Khan, was instinctively trailing his Mongoloid blood to the East. The same for Marco Polo, Ibn Batutta and Zheng He, walking to the foot paths of their cousins later to this part of the world.

(2) Based on such, I would believe, the Malays migration trail was the pionering of the then Silk Road. As I had said earlier, when Allah created man, He had instilled earlier among all his other creations the Rule of Law ie Islam, and such Rule of Law govern all including the man. Islam dictated how everything should submit to His command ie takdir as written in His Book, the Loh Mahfuz. But surely man was given the choice based on his genetic excellence, the brain and heart to comply and or not to comply. Thus I believe, on the camels' back, Islam, the complete Islam as taught to Muhammad SAW trailed the traditional North Silk Road, Arabia, through Persia, then Central Asia and China to the Malays' hearts. Islam conquered the Persian, then indirectly the Mongol and Tar Tar. Kublai Khan and Timur spread Islam far to the East. In China, the Northern Chinese State, Manchuria probably was

the first Far East Muslim state. Thereon, the Hui tribe (the tribe of Zheng He (1371-1433AD)) brought Islam in contact with the advanced farming society of the Cham in Indochina particularly in Vietnam and Chambodia. The Cham, I would believe are the evolutionized Mongoloid Malays. Instead of being Dry Mongol, the Malays turned to be  Wet Mongol. These Cham, who formed Champa Kingdom (192-1471AD) then, spread earlier to form the numerous Malays tribes all over South East Asia after the attacked by the Viet tribe from today North Vietnam. It was reported that in 617-18AD, one of the Muhammad SAW sahabah by the name of Jahsh came to spread Islam among the Cham. Thereon, Islam may crossed over to Kedah (1136AD), Kelantan and definitely to the Kingdom of Pattani (Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani). Might be, from the Cham, Islam then as well crossed the South China Sea to the Philippines since when the Spanish fleet led by Miquel Lopez de Legaspi first anchored there, they were met by Raja Sulaiman III of the Maynila Kingdom somewhere around the present Manila Bay. Islam spread to the Southern Philippines especially in Sulu and Jolo in the 13th centuries. The Spanish converted the North Philippines natives to the Catholic Christian, while the South, they fought the Spanish fiercely as was the Moores in the early establishment of Al-Andalusia (711AD). The Spanish never can capture the South Philippines.

(3) South East Asia is the region where the Malays, by number is dominant. Indeed Islam is also loosely dominant in the region. Probably the Malays are indeed having close affinity to the Jews, for in Malaysia and Brunei, a Malay must be totally associated with Islam, failing which they will lost all their privileges, except they are not as shrewd as the Jews. Such similarity, may be the Malays now should carefully study to see its advantages and or drawback.

(4) On the South-West side, Islam firstly spread through Samudera Pasai, the western tip of Sumatera in 1267AD. Thereon Islam spread Eastward to the Malays Peninsula, Borneo, Java, and Molucas. Nonetheless, the wind of change to the early Malays' Hinduism and Buddhism faith was pushing both from the North and West, which signified the true Islamization of the Malays in the South East Asia was not a straight forward matter. They tend to be an intertwine forces of changes just as the tropical cyclones that used to hit the region. But one thing for sure, before the arrival of the West, the Malays of South East Asia, were a regional community. Islam, in the old days, gave the Malays a very strong Malays Muslims Brotherhood. The South China Sea was the real Malays place of freedom celebration. As such, in my earlier articles, I would believe, the Malays, in the old days they were very adventurous creative. They invented the Regatta, Kite Flying, Top Spinning, Sepak Raga, and surely the Silat as events of celebration for unity and spiritual strengthening, yet today Malays generation look down at all these. Indeed, the death of the sailing spirit among the Malays, had killed the adventurous nature of the Malays. The West political divide and rule confined the Malays to be just a hero at the Kampung level not regionally and or internationally.

(5) Indeed earlier 2,000-3,000 years ago, as Allah had planned in His Takdir and Kudrat, in His Master Thesis of the Book of Loh Mahfuz, He had inspired Buddhism and Hinduism sucessively to firstly infilterated the lost Animist Malays. Under the Buddhist-Hindu intertwin, at least then the Malays formed part and parcel of the great Buddhist-Hindu Empire in the Far East. The Malays and the Indochinese was once an integral of a great empire, that to this day, probably with the exception of the Northern Philippines gave birth to lots of traditional commanilities within the ASEAN. Such commonalities should be of a great contributing factor to bring the ASEAN to a great brotherhood.

(6) On the hind side, the great old kingdoms of Srivijaya and Majapahit, even the Langkasuka, made the Malays as slaves of the colonial aliens Buddhist and Hindus, yet Islam made the Malays to have their own independent kingdoms ie the Pasai, Malacca, Palembang, Demak, Pattani, Sulu, Brunei, Sambas, etc. The old Malays-Muslim kingdoms were in fact Port-City-State. Despite Judaism and Christianity were born far earlier then the rebirth of Islam those two religions came to the Malays only after the rebirth of Islam to the region ie somewhere about 1,300 years after the birth of Christianity. Allah indeed sealed the Malays for Islam, just as He sealed the Quraish from the early Persian and Roman influence. He made Islam to recure into the Malays minds and hearts just a mere 7-8 years (617-18AD) after the prophethood of Muhammad SAW (610AD). Allah merciful act, was equal to what He did to the lost Arabia Jahilliah which is clearly recorded in the Al Quran saying: Once you were lost in dark deep pit, and I sent you the light, thus hold fast to it to your true path. The East and Southward truce of Islam, brought the Malays into their promise bright future, if the Malays could capture such smartly.  Without Islam, the Malays would be never be on their own to this days.

The Brief Review:

The Jews had made Islam brought about by all the prophets that came to them into its narrow spiritual spectrum and turned it into the exclusive Judaism. Judaism was and is exclusively for the Jews, not the gentiles. Jesus son's of Maryam AS, was then Allah sent to correct the Judaism teaching, but was outright rejected by the Judaism rabbi amounting then to the betrayal of Jesus son's of Maryam AS in the hands of the Roman, which then became the point of theological differences between Islam and Christianity over the true nature of Jesus son's of Maryam AS and Jesus Christ. To the Muslims, be they Abraham, Isac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, or Jesus son's of Maryam AS, all of them were the messengers of Allah to spread Islam, an Adeen for all human being. Allah sent Islam to govern the whole spectrum of human deeds, present life and afterlife. It was and is not only about spiritual Man-to-God relationship. The rabbi, made Judaism as strictly spiritual deed, a real Orthodox in the Western eyes, even to this day. Accordingly, the Churches initially made Christianity equally strictly spiritual as the Judaism. Thus, from such strict narrow perspectives of Judaism and Christianity, the West termed them as religion. Religion, a discipline of Man-to-God relationship. Without understanding Islam in its total perspective, Islam was then also classified as such, just as the Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, etc. Such, made religion was not really acceptable to the freeman norms of the West. Judaism was rejected. Christianity had to undergone numerous compromised, transforming itself from Orthodox (Coptic) to Catholic then to Protestant with both branching into numerous Churches. The Western Rome adopted the Catholic (313AD), and later spread all over the Western Europe. While the Eastern Rome (Byzantium) due to the closer proximity to the birth place of Christianity, Jerusalem, as well may be due to the Zoroastrianism, adopted the Orthodox (Coptic). The Orthodox Christianity then spread to the Persia, South Arabia, East Africa, Egypt, Asia Minor, the Balkan, and Russia.  The Northern Europe, with the influence of the Renaissance gave birth to the Protestant and sell well across the Atlantic, the God Father of Capitalism. Incoming of Islam to the West, was and is met with die hard resistance. The West saw and continue to see Islam from their historical hysteria of Orthodox Christian as well as the exclusive Judaism, thus treated Islam along the same paradigms. Today it becomes Islamophobia being democratically prejudice To me, the Crusaders, the Renaissance were indeed, a form of nationalism, a chauvinistic attitude over the presence of the foreigner. WWI and WWII, the holocaust were indeed sparked by the idea of nationalism So was the Zionist which optimised the Judaism for the Jews nationalism purposes. The political division of the East by the West was indeed part and parcel of the nationalism spread. The Mother West, the Europe went and going East (and South) to make themselves great while placing the later into a pariah state of mind to these days.

(2) The Godfather West, America whom was and is in protest to lots of Mother's Orthodox Values made themselves real Protestant departing hard from the monarchy feudalism, and thus adopt a personal freedom of wealth conquest that fit well with the Zionist invented Capitalism, hiding well under the mask of Democracy. As we should remember, Democracy was the brainchild of the Greek and Roman. Thus, I would believe, the merging of Capitalism (Zionist) and Democracy (West) indeed is a Judo-Christianity marriage to subjugated the whole world. The invention of the steam engine, then fastened the spread of Capitalism world wide for their market gains. From America, Industrial Revolution II (1840-1870) move from West to Near East (Europe) and the East. The Eastern Europe, the Asia Minor, the Balkans and Russia whom adopted the Orthodox of the Orthodox were left to Socialism and Communism which were also invented by the Zionist. It seem the Zionist or Judo-Christianity pack purposely made the Orthodox World be they in the West or East, except for Judaism, to adopt to a less materialistic quest, so much so to give them time to really firstly controlled the Western World and certain part of the East.  Those Orthodox States would then be their next mega-growth area. The collapsed of communism and socialism to take on capitalism indeed were their strategic planned game. Currently the Balkans, Russia, and China are the next growth area for the Judo-Christian Pack. They are taking the East on the second propounding stage. Islam is their present reserve for the next East total conquest. The Zionist and Capitalist are moving fast to the East to globalized the World into their pocket. Judaism will be strictly Jews, and Capitalism will be for the whole gentiles but at the Jews (Zionist) strong grip.

(3) Renaissance brought new thinking and inventions in the West. The emerging Industrial Revolutions then added for the West quest on Science and Technology. With Science and Technology emerging fast, indeed superseding  the Temples and Churches in lifting the masses quality of life, such made the former been treated very much special to the later. Sciences and Technologies advancement built better man's livelihood, while the Churches and Temples draw man backward to darkness, thus the two must be greatly separated. The Black Death proved the failure of the Churches and Temples to provide the care needed most. Sciences and Technologies gave man better strength of survival. Thus, with such thought and believe, Sciences and Technologies becoming the matters of the State, while religion becoming the matter of the Churches and or Temples. The Churches were proud to be decorated with great theological paintings while all those technical drawings of the Renaissance Men were taken to life. The world was and is divided into State and Churches and or Temples matters. The two were and are distinct, and should not intervene into one another. Such was and is the idea, that the West built within themselves and pushed onto the East to this day. Islam fall victim to such a scheme. Colonization made Islam secluded as a matter of the natives and the State was an affair of the master. For convenience purposes, such flourish to this day.

(4) Indeed it is mind mongering to see the perish of the Islamic glories, when indeed it had gracefully bring down all the tyrannies and inspired the building of  great empires. I have no doubt, the German, Italy, then the British, France, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese even later the American and Japanese ambition were inspired by the earlier Islamic empires establishment. From cities, the West evolved to City-State, then States and later empires development. But recalling to Umar Al-Khataab striping of the most ruthless brave Sword of Allah Khalid al-Walid, as the commander of the Muslims army, would bring us to no doubt of his futuristic sight. Indeed, to Umar Al-Khataab, his very reason for striping Khaild al-Walid back to a nobody position was due to his believe: Khalid was spoiling his army with luxuries. He was worried, Khalid and his armies would soon not fighting for the course of Islam but loathing for wealth. I believe his sight was not limited to Khalid period, he had the sight of far fetching into this day. Umar Al-Khataab in fact also kept Khalid al-Walid to his virtue dignity of the Sword of Allah that never been broken and a guaranteed place in Heaven. Umar Al-Khataab could see, greed to wealth indeed was, is  and will be the killer to Islamic glories and revival. The assimilation of the Persian and Byzantium luxurious lifestyle changed Islamic governance from Iman and Taqwa piety and good deed governance to personal and sect wealth and authorities quest. The Islamic world slowly and now forcefully die hard fall trap into today the Judo-Christo-Zionist grand game plan. Our present mindset, firstly continue to separate Islam and the State, secondly we bench mark the progression of Islam to the Western standards, and worst the Muslims world is making Islam as part of the Muslims' customs, rather their holistic Adeen. Personally I would like to congratulate and pray to Allah to bless the Sultan of Brunei for taking bold step to make Brunei really Darusalaam, failing which is a mere name and slogan.

(5) So much so, the modernity in the Islamic world is grounded on the Western norms. Physical monumental represents the revival of Islam, which indeed I termed are mere Progress without the Soul. The development of Iman and Taqwa is a minor treatment as compared to the quest of physical success. We are indeed in the true path of the Ummayad, Abbasid, etc in our Islamic state development. We are massaging hard our never exhaustive greedy Utilities Function to the very best either individually, and or sects. We are making ourselves to forever trailing the West. We had forgotten, Muhammad SAW advise that the Muslims must never be alike to the Yahud and or Nasoron. To us, modernity means must be Western copycat. We are playing to the game of the West which made them forever be the master. MasyaAllah.

Returning to the Point of Origin: Kembali ke Pangkal Jalan

To the general Muslims world, Umar Al Khataab act was seen as real outrages for striping Khalid al-Walid, the person whom Muhammad SAW and even Abu Bakar Ass-Siddique had trusted to swiftly destroyed all those threat to the very existence of Islam at their times. He was a man, who really had nothing to fear, but to die in the glory of Islam. In the height to face the Persian and Byzantium, where his ruthless bravery service was critically needed, Umar Al Khataab turned him to nobody status. Then he secluded himself for four years to the quiet desert and die to the virtue of the Sword of Allah that never lost and broken in the battle field, and he appreciated the Caliph far sighted concern of his dignified fate to die in total Iman and Taqwa. In the Malays tradition, indeed what Umar Al Khataab did was in line with the call: Sesat jalan, kembali ke pangkal jalan, once lost, one should return to the point of origin, or back to basic. Umar Al Kathaab was sending a signal for us the Muslims to go back to basic. The Muslims should be able to recall, at time of Umar Abul Aziz caliphate, he mad a 180 degree turn from the norms of the Ummayad. With such, he was able to make his subjects to benefit better and the State in much prosperity and harmony. Umar Abdul Aziz, the grandson of Umar Al Khataab, proved to be great Muslim is to go back to the basic of Islam.

(2) The fundamental; basic about the revival of Islam was Muhammad SAW stance and all his Rashiddun caliphs deed ie to emphasize on the development of Iman and Taqwa among their followers. They without bored and tired practiced and taught Islam the way Islam should be. They only appointed governors, judges (Khadi) and even military commanders who were really knowledgeable of the Al Quran and Sunnah to administer their captured territories. All these governors and or khadi were tasked among others to teach firstly their subjects on the Iman and Taqwa of Islam. Their quest for Islamic glories was through the development of the Islamic Soul among their subjects. What was indeed such Islamic Soul? I won't and yet can't dwell much on such, but basically it was and is about one's submission only to One. Islam was and is to free man from all his fears and burdens of slavery of the then and now. The soul of Islam was and is to make man free of any encumbrances. He needs only to submit and trust Allah as his Almighty Protector. Islamic Iman and Taqwa, the Adeen, guided man for his quest of this world and hereafter to the best balance.

(3) For the Malays, indeed they were and are in great debt to Islam. Before they being Buddhist and Hindus the past 3,000 years, they were lost pagan tribes, submitting themselves in fear to so much today illogical thought. They prayed to the soul of the death, gigantic ficus trees, death wood, seas, rivers, crocodile, jaws, tigers, elephants, the dark forest, the rock, etc. Anything that they believe could inflicted bad omen upon them, so they prayed to it. The pagan Malays' lives were full of mystical fear. Such made them to have small heart, timid. Then when the Buddhism and Hinduism took them from the Paganism, they were again subjected to nothing more than being slaves to the monks of the temples and their feudalistic leaders. The monks who colluded with the Malays' leaders whom made the later as divine in return for the recognition of the earlier interest turned the Malays into human slaves. The Malays were put to much severe fear that made them much more timid. It was Islam that liberated the Malays from all those destructive norms. Yet when they were freed, they mixed up their Paganism, Buddhism and Hinduism into Islam. They made Islam to be Malay rather the Malays to be Muslims. They missing the chance to totally free themselves.

(4) Such Malays' loose Islamic affinity made them susceptible to the hegemony of the uprising imperialist West. The Malays indeed, despite they were Muslims since the 10-11th centuries, they were still wearing the thick Paganism, Buddhism and Hinduism shield, even to this day. They were and are still enslaved with lots of inferiority complex. They failed to make Islam to liberate them to the total Insaniah, true human values. Once they were colonized by the West, the West smartly made Islam and the State as separate matter. Islam belong to the Malays, confined to the Malays so as how they treated the Jews and Judaism. The State was and to this day the affair of the masters, be they the West and or the westernized East. Probably Islam in the Malays world had not evolved to its full maturity as such, the Islamic Adeen of the Malays was and is easily shaken. I strongly believe so, since the Malays histories had not revealed any Islamic Government to the standard of the Medina at times of Muhammad SAW and or his close disciples. Islamic history in the Malays' world mostly revolved around the Madrasah and Gurus. While most narration of the historical Malays Islamic Government and Governance were hybrid of Islamic-Hinduism in nature.

(5) Never get me wrong. When I said, the Malays must return to Islam, I don't mean to ask the Malays to be socio-economically as Muhammad SAW was. Muhammad SAW social acted suit to his time. His zuhud denial of the worldly gain fit to his very time. We can still be zuhud but as the one that Umar Al Khataab indeed wanted to push on: Umar was known for his strict denial of the worldly gain. That was his personality to gain the best for his people. But one day, as he entered the Masjid he denounced the zuhud shown by one of his man whereby he came in to pray in the Masjid with torn dirty dress and never bother to earn his own living. Abu Bakar Ass-Siddique, Umar Al Khataab, Uthman Affan and many others, the close friends of Muhammad SAW, were rich merchants, millionaires and or billionaires standard of this day, but they just celebrated a very humble ordinary man's life, and used their wealth for the Ummah development. This Umah development was and is the divine purpose of our existence. As Allah's created creature to be the caliph of all His creations man has to greatly honor such a purpose. A man, is a caliph to himself, the societies and all those surrounding him. He has to take whatever Allah blessing on him, as an empowerment to facilitate him to exercise his duty as the caliph. He can't take Allah blessing onto him, as his sole belonging. Foremost, his wealth must be earned in the most trustworthy basis.

(6) The Malays, especially the Malaysian Muslim Malays, Allah had given us so much blessing that we had not optimize and or responsibly capitalize for the full benefit of the Ummah. The Malays as a whole that forms more than 50 per cents of the ASEAN 600,000,000 population had not significantly contributed to the human strength development of the region. Worst, majority of the Malays are still at the pariah state. The able Malays were and are not able to care for the marginalized Malays, or in another phrase the able Muslims were and are not able to care for their marginalized Muslims. The Islamic brotherhood among the Malays seem to be deteriorating fast. Individualism and sectism are cropping fast into the Malays Muslim societies. Such Capitalism greed had made Allah blessed wealth to be consumed by the few while the majority rest were and are mere slaves. My traveling to many parts of ASEAN, revealed lots of Malays' frustrating faces. Indeed I was sadden that those faces existed in the land of abundance.

(7) Is there any point of return for the Malays? If one look at today world, the Malays and as well as the Muslims world, we are indeed just as the lizard trying to fight with the crocodile. By what ever standard, there is nowhere the Malays and Muslims could compete with even say India. We can't fight the Japanese, Chinese, Britain, Europe, and worst America be they individually and or as a group. We can't. We are too small. There is not even a single Malays and or Muslims state that could even challenge the Australia. Indeed such is a timid Malays Muslims paradigm. But, to be great, should we go for a blood spilling war? Even if we have to, if we are truly rightful, then what stop us from standing to our feet. In fact the slavery-phobia that animism, Buddhism, Hinduism as well as the Imperialism that had long been planted into our mind and heart that make us believe we can't fight with anybody. The Malays, who has this thought deep in their heart and mind, I would suggest, they should have a hard relook into their Syahadah. I believe, it might be better if they could rephrase their Syahadah to sound In the West I (We) Trust. First and foremost, the basic point of return for the Malays and Muslims to be great is to go back to the fundamental of Islam, the Syahadah: In Allah I Totally Submit. Surely the rest than must follow.

 Nurturing ASEAN-Malays Brotherhood:

South East Asia indeed is naturally well blessed by Allah. Name it,what is there elsewhere available yet not available in the South East Asia. Except for the snow and those related to the Cold Tundra Climate, all are well provided in South East Asia. Allah blessed the region with too much for me to list down. This is the region by spatial comparison, houses the most flora and fauna. In the mere space of 4.0 percent of the World Land Mass, South East Asia, housed the most dense flora and fauna diversity. The existence of the Urang Utan, the lost tribes be they in Borneo, Papua Indonesia, Philippines, mountainous Indochina, indeed they were and are the clinical tests for all sorts of natural medicinal wealth that we have in the region. The Malays originally were herbal medicinal experts. The Al Quran clearly saying: My blessing are too much to count, if you should think and be thankful. This is a region of plentiful, bountiful, enough for everyone, if everybody are willing to share. Even to look at the deadly tropical cyclones, the region gets the effects of five out of the seven tropical clones phenomena. These cyclones indeed, enriched the South East Asia water with lots of marine wealth. All those marine lives needed for the total marine foods chain are made available by Allah through His dynamic cyclones-sea current phenomena. With its vast sea water bodies three times larger than its land masses, Allah indeed compensated the regional lacking eg of bovine with plentiful of fishes, which gives the Malays much hygienic foods choice. Accordingly the South East Asia lands, are capable to produce continuous huge amount and of various varieties of food crops and animals, if those are managed on integrated regional basis. Much sustainable organic farming, is of great prospect for this humid warm region. Likewise, Allah indeed was, is and will be always be Almighty loving and caring to the region, so much so, there were, are and will be lots of volcanic eruptions and earth quakes. By all those indeed, Allah was, is and will be making the deep contents of the earth to easy reach to the people of the region. If one's study the topography and as well as the geology of South East Asia, one would wonder why Allah made the sea frontages of Borneo be it in Sarawak, Kalimantan, Sabah and Brunei, huge layout of soft either alluvial and or peat soil. The West sees these merely from the Carbon Monoxide and Urang Utan perspective but I believe it should be beyond those. Accordingly for the coast of Peninsula Malaysia, Thailand, the Mekong Delta, and the Southern Philippines. I would believe, while all these rich mangrove alluvial, fit into the natural marine ecosystem, they may have the great role in cushioning those volatile tectonic activities to the south of the region.

(2) My extensive traveling to this region, especially by land and sea, covering the full breath of Indonesia from Medan to Palembang, full breath of Java, Islands of Molucas to Jaya Pura; Thailand from Golok-Padang Besar to Chiang Mai hinterland, Chiang Rai-Uton Thani, South West and South East of Myanmar, Laos from Vientien to Luang Prabang, Chambodia from Phnom Pehn to Siem Reap, Vietnam from Hua Lung Bay to Ho Chi Minh City, the Philippines from General Santos, to Osmoc and Makati City, the full breath of Brunei, and surely from Kuala Perlis-Rantau Panjang to the Lowii Peak of Mount Kinabalu-Lahad Datu, gave me all the insight strenghts and greatness of South East Asia. To me, the ASEAN Great Men ie Abdul Razak Husein, Adam Malik, S. Rajaratnam, Narciso Ramos, Thanat Khoman who on 8 August 1967 formally formed the ASEAN pack, I believe, they believe in a strong ASEAN brotherhood. By no accident, Razak, Adam and Ramos they were of Malay-blood, with Rajaratnam an Indian, and Thanat a Siam-Chinese, was another Allah miracle that probably not many realize how He indeed had paved for the true ASEAN brotherhood, uniting the strengths of the Malays, Indian and Chinese (MIC) into a pack. Such was not by coincident, such was really Allah Takdir, Kudrat fate that we had ignored. The internal political squable within the ASEAN individual state had derailed us from our divine brotherhood dream.

(3) The European Union, what indeed unite them? By nature, they was nothing that placed them in common. Culturally and politically they were individualistic. The West West, North East, and Eastern economic and ideological threats indeed that united Europe. Physically, the infrastructures system that facilitate for cost-effective mobility in the whole of Europe brought Europe into togetherness. But ASEAN is very unique. There are numerous factors of unity in ASEAN. Firstly, the region was wellknown for her spices Islands. Spice trade had once made the region as regional and international communities. Secondly, t\e Malays are presence and indeed are among the natives in all the ASEAN states. The Malays roamed the South China Sea much earlier and extensively prior the Imperialist period. Indeed, if Europe rose from the City-State governance, ASEAN emerged initially as Port-City State. The Malays language indeed are spoken widely in ASEAN. Tagalog in a sense, contains lots of Malays terminology. The Malays could provide the communication bridges for the region diverse national linguals. Thirdly, once, Ringgit, was widely used in Malaysia, Brunei, Pattani, Cham, and Rhiau. A compromise could again be attained for a common ASEAN currency to facilitate for a much balanced and gainful regional trading within ASEAN. Fourth, the Malays once whom had roamed into the South Pacific, especially to the Melanesian Islands, indeed could re-extend the Malays brotherhood to these people. They are indeed in need of hands to pull them out of the Western slavery and robberies. Definitely, the Hindu-Buddhist-based cultures that are strongly practiced among the ASEAN, could still be a much cultural uniting factors. Last but not least the natives ASEAN sports and events are the lost blessing that we must revive as tool of unity.

(4) To me, the historical regional trading attune that the Malays had practiced in the pre-Islamic to pre-Imperial periods should be of the greatest strength to foster and or re-established the ASEAN brotherhood. Sea ports development to foster and re-established the ASEAN international and coastal trading should be seriously organized. Accordingly, the Malaysian strength in the Islamic Financial system should find its way aggressively into the regional market. The ASEAN MNCs and or GLCs should be able to work together firstly to develop cost-effective trading system within the region. A serious regional and sub-regional competitive advantages should be well developed and or capitalized to enhance the socio-economic wellbeing within the ASEAN. The existing BIMP EAGA, IMT-GT, etc mechanism should be relook and both the ASEAN public and private sector should be well guided and facilitated in promoting key growth areas within the region. Indeed wealth sharing between the nation and her people should be the best choice for ASEAN socio-economically lagging population. Malaysia rich experiences in public trust fund management and investment could be shared with all the ASEAN states. Malaysian Trust Fund as well as the Islamic Wakaf System should be of great the State-People-Private Sector partnership Model that Malaysia could offer to the rest of the ASEAN. Definitely organization such as Tabung Haji, FELDA, Sime Darby, Khazanah Negara, etc could share their experiences and as such venture into the regional mutual and or new strengths development. Definitely, ASEAN through Malaysia, should be able at least to capture the huge potential in Halal and or Hygienic Foods, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical productions and trading. I have a strong believe, ASEAN could easily capture the Chinese, Indian, Muslims states and Far East markets and vice versa if the group could work as brothers.

(5) I have a strong believe, that the socio-economic lagging of the ASEANs' natives particularly the Malays, their economic assets could only be made gainful for their long term benefit if those are to be managed along the corporate-style. These bit and pieces of assets should be well consolidated and develop to the most significant and sustaining values. The present norms of capitalist based acquired and developed would placed the natives into pariah of the future. ASEANs natives need strong intervention of the corporate sector to uplift their socio-economic security into a better position. Nonetheless such corporate style should never be a tune to the West, but a unique social-sharing between the Ummah and the entrepreneurs. Such, a trustworthy, strong and dynamic GLCs is the engine of true change for the AEAN. In short, with the available of Islamic Finance, would there not be possible for an ASEAN Inc be developed where the initial capital be a Inter-govern Grants and thus later be converted into community investment tool as was and is the PNB of Malaysia.

(6) The ASEAN must share their individual unique experiences and expertise to build on each others.  We can't be anymore be an individualistic capitalist states, organization and or individual. We need to work and stay as the ASEAN brotherhood since all our sports and games were and are group-based. Community-based regional development must be our course. That was and is Allah blessing onto us, and we must honor as such.

(7) Accordingly I would believe, Malaysia with its liberal and diverse educational backdrop, as well as its close affinity with the Islamic world, we could lead for a greater Islamic brotherhood development. Both Malaysia and Indonesia with the help of the Arab world, we are not lacking in the Islamic scholars that could steer us well into a stronger Islamic brotherhood. Our Education and Social Sytem must work hard toward developing a just society. A society that care for all equitably. We should be able to assist all the neighboring nations to resolve the Muslims minority population crisis on a win-win approach and as such starkly reducing all the unnecessary religious and social unrest. To me it is timely that the Malays must seriously carry Islam to its true piety and deeds. The Malays must now take Islam as an Adeen in its whole sense.

(8) In summary, our route to glory is nothing than taking a bold step to take a reversal recourse as against the West used to push on us The Malays must be brave and place the outmost confident in Allah to draw back and move very differently in accordance to His command. If the Malays leaders could think freely and honestly indeed, the success and glory of Muhammad SAW was about his willingness to depart from the individualism and sectism Quraish's materialism and norms to be back to basic ie zuhud with great Iman and Taqwa. His emphasis was the better fate of the Ummah rather his and or sect gains. Both the Islamic and Malays brotherhood with the broader regional context should be our immediate and long term approach. The present socio-political-economic chaotic within the State and the region indeed call for a true brotherhood among the Malays, Muslims and all of us in ASEAN.

All illustrating Maps, Painting, Charts and Photos in this article were sourced from the Internet based on various related topics. I would like to thank all those who had posted those materials for my illustration.

(2) The article is still very much subjected to revision and editing. The Malay version of the article would be done upon the finalizing of this English texts. InsyaAllah.

Kuching, Sarawak
25 Feb-18 March, 2014


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