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'Read..." that was the first command given to Muhammad saw, when he was first approached by the Holly Ghost, Jibrail. And, among the Malays, reading is nothing new, it is sort of a must, especially among the rural folks, the Malay kids, since when they begin to know how to talk, they were exposed to reading, firstly the Al Muqaddam, then the Quran. Except, I believe, they seldom expand thereon.

(2) My liking of reading budded after I came across a book title MAGDELINA, while I was in Form II in 1974. The book seem something nostalgic to me, thus I wish to have the book as among my priceless collection. I search for the book in our public libraries. I can't find one. I went to Jakarta Pusat Library, yet I only managed to have the photocopy. My search brought me to Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) then to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), where Shamsuddin the owner of the Warung Buku Langka handed me one. All these hard effort makes the book became so meaningful to me. The book is about love and social status where struggle to one determination though paid, but only to one end. A real sad story which also took my favorite guru Hamka into great polemic.

(3) I began to love reading when I was in Form II (1974), and mostly reading on Biography. At such age, I read a lot on Malaysian Leaders and Artists. Then when in Form IV, when I was appointed as the Secretary of the School Debate Club (BM & BI), I began to read heavier stuff such as Mastika, Dewan Masyarakat, Dewan Bahasa and Political Books. I even have good collection of the Yearly National Budget Book.

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