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Apr 20, 2016


Muhammad SAW, the Muslim paramount caliph from foetus to his last day, had to undergo a true hard life. At his mother, Aishah’s pregnancy, his father by command of the grandfather Muthalib had to part to earn a living. He then never returned. The mother had to raise him in extreme poverty. At the age of six, the mother passed away. He was deprived of the parental sea of loves. He then had to be raised by the grandfather and at childhood he need to earn his own living by being a shepherd. Despite coming from a very dignified Hashimite clan, he was nothing different from all the other poor Meccan boys. He was made to no special by the successful merchant Muthalip. He never attended schooling. He never know how to read and write. But, Allah as He wishes, Muhammad hard life made him grew as an intelligent observer and thinker. He observed all the cruelty and stupidity of his society, the Meccan Quraish. Allah made him the determined messiah to firstly his society, the Quraish even to the far fetch Malays over here>

(2) The Quraish has no respect over humankind. They killed the baby girls. They made their women at no value. Women were treated as sex slaves. They loved fighting and killing each other. They were sex, gambling, alcoholic and blood thirsty people. They turned their back to the poor and disadvantages and made them their donkey slaves. They warship their own hands’ carved stones. They prayed to the useless stones as their Al Mighty Gods. Their leaders ruled by whims and fancies, as their wishes to their greed. Usury and bribery were their norms. They deployed usury and bribery to take what not theirs. Their culture turned barbaric and corrupted by the day. Muhammad seen all these as dangerous to the survival of his society. These greed-based and ignorant culture could lead to the perish of his Quraish society and Hashimite clan was at no mercy. He began to think and searching for the true path to a living.

(3) Allah the Al Mighty, His promises are genuine. His kindness is of no comparison. He promises to care for His creations doesn’t matter how deviant they are. In most cases I would say, He left His subjects to what they love to be until the day of judgment. In some cases, definitely with some greater purposes, Allah did bestowed His far profound dealing accordingly in their living period. The Quraish as one of His creation, as an example, served His purpose. He dealt with them at their living time. He purposely let them go astray in the beginning for them later in His design to turn and uphold fast to the true path. In the history of the Quraish, Allah purposely created the bad and the good side of their history for the rest of humankind to look at and learn. Muhammad to me was indeed Allah’s grandeur design not only to take the Quraish but the whole humankind to the path that they should live within. In the hands of Muhammad, Allah then passed the Al Quran which indeed was the expansion of the earlier Zabur, Taurah and Bible as guidance firstly for the Quraish. The Books of Allah and pertinently the Al Quran, their basic teaching is for human to defy greed. Sholah, fasting, zakat, fitrah, offering, fisabillah contributions, pilgrimage and all those suggested good deeds by the Books of Allah are check gate and or micro filter to greed. Indeed greed was and is the source of all evils. Satan from a very highly respected Allah creation turned evil by a mere greed. Satan refused to submit to the human caliphate role. Allah created Satan as the father of greed to clearly separate a man of heaven justice and a man of greedy hell. Satan indeed was created as the piety testing instrument to humankind.

(4) In regard to today National and State noisy socio-political scenario, it is a sign of we are overwhelmed by the greed phenomenon. While the rakyat are trapped into the illogical escalating cost of living the leaders are engaged to nonstop political squabble. Our polemic indeed if it is not a crisis is all within the ambit of greed. Greed made people to take the game of manipulation as way to get to what they want which is not necessarily theirs. There are people seem to be crazy to uphold and or be within the political power circle to the greediest most. Not much really care to be in the circle of power to really serve as the caliph as the Books of Allah had laid out. Accordingly, the disadvantage in view of their unconscious greed are willingly to be the subject of the bigger greed. They exposed themselves to the game of greed manipulation. Each becoming the prey to each other accordingly. The game of I scratch your back, you scratch mind with morality pinned to the bottom feet is the source of all these noises that we are celebrating.

(5) Nonetheless in the case of, Adenan Satem, at least from the good and black history of his political career and health, had made me feel happy about his remark that ”He need nothing more. He realizes; insaf and really praises Allah for giving him the second chases both in politic and life for him to serve in the true path of Islam. He just want to do a good job for the people of Sarawak.” Indeed if one study the Books of Allah, there is nothing that Allah wants out of a man, except to be a good caliph. Adenan’s wish falls within the Books of Allah had commanded, and thus I really pray he stay on with his realization at least to the end of his political term as the Chief Minister as he promised. From meeting with the people on the street, I can assure that his promise and realization had gained him the best respect by all quarters in Sarawak. Overwhelming majority of the Sarawakian are with him. Such is his paramount best asset.

(6) From the day he took the Office of the Chief Minister, on 24 February 2014, he had shown his determination to serve the people rightfully. He had set few administrative policies review on matters that are very dear to the people especially wrt land tenureship. In term of trasparency governance, he made his first move to curb corruption in the State service. After more or less had been in politic for 30 years, Adenan I would say had enough seeing of the bad effect of corruption. The resourceful Allah blessed State of Sarawak could do very much better if good governance had been our culture. Unfortunately corruption and patronizing by some parties at all levels had deprived Sarawak from the best bless of Allah. I hope to see next he would be very serious putting in place a governance system that could evaluate development costing to the most cost-effective manner. Too much profiting and cost derailment in lots of development projects had placed the State in lots of financial burden. As a note, I'm very happy to hear and see for instance his courage and willingness to put a bridge across the Baram River to give Long Lama (literally could be translated as “too long awaiting”) the long awaited cost-effective access to the rest of Sarawak. The growth of the interior Baram had been constraint by the missing small bridge. The same applied to Telok Melano in Sematan. The abolishment of TOLL bridges at no cost to the State Government of Sarawak was his greatest courage. His doing away with high electricity tariff and smallholding Quit Rent ease the poor greatly. All these are his true gesture of his caring for the poor and the disadvantages. Definitely the keeping to the promise of the Federal Government on implementation of the dual carriageway of the Pan Borneo Highway had given him the best respect. I surely hoping next to hear and see for him to really put the roughly 5,000-6,000 hard lives people in the Bruit Island into the prime stage of the whole State development. To me this group of population had suffered enough from the nonperforming appointed caliphs of the past. Of course the plight of all those neglected and or disadvantage areas all through Sarawak should be given just treatment as well. Adenan is working hard to care for all quarters of his caliphate subjects. To be fair, let not hope too much from him with all the constraints he will be facing. The best expectation of Adenan is to lead us in the most best governance practises.

(7) Adenan indeed is trying his very best to bring all Sarawakian into the same boat to a better destination. His battle cry Autonomous Sarawak is what everybody is looking for. But make no mistake, the sarawak Autonomous Struggle should clearly a hit to the Federal Government that the original true spirit of the Federalism must be honored. It is Sarawakian outcry for just treatment within the Malaysian Nation, nothing more and nothing less. To date, as within his means, be they the Malays, Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulus and Chinese, Adenan had been seen giving them the just treatment. To me, then, all Sarawakians, in the name of kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran for all, of which is of no precise translation in English or to the closest could meant wellness and prosperity, Adenan must be given all the chances to be our good great caliph as defined in the Books of Allah. As such, I would urge every Sarawakian not to deploy greed to gain what is not theirs. In this sense, usury and bribery shouldn’t be practiced to gain into the center of political power and favor. The big winning of Adenan's team must not be gain through heavy political monetary cost. Let Sarawakian show the Nation on how to get the best blessing from Allah by virtue of clean political practises. In the coming State Election, let us practice our rational judgment to choose the better caliphs among the offering. Thus Adenan, as the caliph by virtue shouldn’t be lured to deploy usury and bribery to meet the greed of the voters whom want his good great favor. The people of Sarawak must reject the practise of usury and bribery to satisfy whoever greed. Let free ourselves from Allah only enemy ie greed. This State must move toward a State of Allah great blessing by everybody working hard to free themselves form greed. Greed had turned the Quraish into barbaric lives. But by virtue Muhammad SAW ability to practice zuhud lifestyle the Quraish then raised to the world super power. The same applied to the Pharaohs and even the West before and with their Renaissance. Greed made the Pharaohs to vanish to earth. The West rose to today world super power by not tolerant to greed. Today, the formerly guided Arabs world is in great trouble when the people and their caliphs went back to the black days of greed of their ancestors the Jahilliah Quraish.

(8) In Shaa Allah, if Adenan and the people of Sarawak choose to refrain from greed and be with Him as the Quraish in the time of Muhammad SAW, definitely Allah will care for us better. By virtue of his honesty and determination to impart good governance to Sarawak, the people of Sarawak should dare to give Adenan a chance. People must give Adenan a good great governance team by exercising good voting practises. A good mix of good great fellows should make his real good team. They must vote for his team without having to be lured to do so.  Adenan on the other hand must have the courage and determination of not to resort to political money to lure people votes. Let Allah determines his good deed. Allah had saved him once for His reason, thus with his realization, I would believe Adenan must have a greater courage to stand to his keinsafan realization. There is no for Adenan need to get all to agree to him, since even Allah never force or expect everything to submit to Him. In Allah's kingdom, He celebrates diversity that serve the purpose. For instance a dog is to bark to help the effective job of the shepherd. The crocodile infestation in marshland is to signal human being to take extra precaution in exploring the marshland since there might exist sucking mud areas. Thus I would say, in consonance to Al Quran calls for Muslim to emulate Allah's ways of governance then, Adenan should have the courage to accept diversity in building his team. Thus, to me Adenan's team is not necessarily an absolute National Front Team (BN), but could be a mixed of good great fellows whom all having one solid mind ie to serve Sarawak to the blessing of Allah.

(9) Indeed the greatest political asset of Adenan that he must uphold and the people of Sarawak must honored is his determination to bring about good governance. Such is pivotal to the Islamic caliph deed and such must be honor for the sack of Allah. While being a caliph is a trust,amanah, but then to choose a good caliph and his good great team is also a trust. Indeed the hand that votes determine the kind of caliph we will get. Allah had made it clear, it is our own hands that take us to where we want. Thus everyone must hold to the amanah to get the purest blessing of Allah. Adenan and the people of Sarawak need no political money to be great. Adenan honesty to his professionalism should be seen by Muslims, Christians and even Buddhism as the profound characters of Muhammad SAW, Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha in guiding their men to the great path. His professional honesty worth no money to match. We must show the Nation the way to a clean politic path road. In Shaa Allah.

(9) I have a strong conviction that if Adenan focus to his caliphate honest professionalism to bring great for the people of Sarawak, I can see Adenan In Shaa Allah will be written in history as a true reformist that lead today astrayed Muslims caliphs back to the true path of Muhammad SAW. It is now, very important that someone out of the blue just as Muhammad SAW, or even Joseph As and Jesus Christ to take the messiah role to calm our noisy socio-political climate especially in today Malaysia and the Muslims world. I do pray Adenan in one way or another, will be the person and having the courage to do so.

(10) Let remember, despite Muhammad early life was full of miseries, when indeed he was the emperor of the Madinah-Mecca Islamic State, he lived to a zuhud humble simple life. He never gave himself or even his family members to the best royal treatment. He lived far from luxuries. He practiced no usury and bribery. He lived a free-greed lives. He kept his course to impart the greatness deed and survival of his people in the eyes of Allah and denied all the greed of the worldly demand. He left his families and himself fortune totally in the hands of Allah. He succeeded and being remembered and glorified to this day and end of the world by his great zuhud deed. Indeed as comparison, King David and King Solomon AS were the greatest leaders Allah had raised among His great prophets, yet today his people is minute and not even having a true State of their original making. The Jewish State, Israel is a State made out of the International Mercy and the Palestinian blood cries. Yet Muhammad SAW followers are growing with times and In Shaa Allah if everyone of them submit to the good deed of Islam, the world will be most blessed by Allah. Such is Allah promise. Then, what wrong with us the so called Muslims for not able to emulate our Muhammad SAW footsteps then?

Kuching, Sarawak
20 April, 2016


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