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Feb 18, 2016

1/2/16 ARE WE MAINTAINING A PROSTITUTION ECONOMY..... seem to be a repenting Najib.

When I was young, especially during my student day's and as well as my early service in the Government, I used to roam around Chow Kit and Kampung Baru Area. Indeed, I'm so familiar with the area to this day due to many nostalgic life course that I experienced with all sort of friends that I have in those days. We were then poor young men and executives whom made those places as the beginning of our  struggle to our today lives. Sometimes, when we met, we will talk and laugh to those interesting lives that we had experienced. Nonetheless, since joining the Government service on 1 Oct, 1986 and even in lots of my times and traveling wherever, ever since I left the Service on 31 Dec., 2011, I had been thinking a lots about the best Economic Model for this country of ours called My Malaysia. Probably, Allah wisdom, today as I was bathing, suddenly a concept of Prostitution Economic System as well as the seeming repenting gesture of Mohd Najib Abdul Razak were lingering into my mind. SubhanAllah, those dirty steps that I had taken in accidentally studying the cheap lives and styles of the Chow Kit-Kg Baru prostitutes today at my 56 years in life, I came to realize how great Allah had laid to tell us on what is right and wrong. It is our only investigative mind and syukur thanking soul that would take us to the true right path.

(2) Let me first, related this idea of Prostitution Economic System to probably our Malaysian past, present and future economic endeavor before I dwell on what I begin to trace of the seeming repenting images of Najib. Would there be any similarity and or what would be the basic tenet to the possible development and sustenance of such system into our Malaysian lives? Indeed I had been wondering all these while and even had put up many challenges to loyal readers of my writing to think on why in America, the masses Anglo really gain healthy benefit from the "total freedom of the minorities". My judgement of the American Anglo, they really prosper with the wealth growth of all sort of the American minorities be they the Jews, the Red Indians, the German, Italian, Latino, Japanese, Chinese, Indochinese, Arabs etc. In Malaysia, the Malays whom are the masses majority, despite "all sort of favoritism by the ruling Government under the NEP and NDP" yet those seem still unable to make the Malays to stand on their feet. They really can't benefit from the present economic struggle. Forever they seem to be dependent on the Government protection. Since Independent (1957 @ 1963) to this day, the economic disparity between the Malays and the Chinese is not really catching up. Even some of the successful Malays are not able to drag the Malays up the success ladder. Despite My Malaysia had progressed so far and yet the Sons of Soil are still in lots of desparado in a sense. Looking at all these indeed taking me to conclude that the old days 1970-1980s Chow Kit Road Prostitution Economic System is well developed and sustained into today inter-racial economic system of this Country, My Malaysia.

(3) If one could spare a time, good to visit a Rumah Tumpangan or Lodging House area where cheap prostitution is their main business. Take an attitude of an investigative sociologist, anthropologist or even a psycho-analyst mind to analyze the lives scenes there. I can't quite get this kind of scenario anymore today (Alhamdullillah) at Jalan Hj Taib, Chow Kit or Kampung Baru, but I believe this is still there at Jalan Pudu and even Brickfield. Nonetheless, let me just picturize what I could recalled from my 1970-1980s experience of all these. In those days, most of the commodities ie the cheap materials were sold at the rate of RM20.00-30.00 per shot. These cheap commodities majority I would say were the Malays with Indians came next. Some I would say quite decent Malay ladies. Definitely there were some Chinese, but fetching higher price of RM30.00-50.00. The Towkeys definitely were Chinese with the main Care Boys were also the Chinese. The role of the Care Boy were to collect the service fees. Very rare I came across an Indian being the Towkey or Care Boy. Definitely no Malay would like to be known as the Towkey and or Care Boy for it is Haram to indulge in such kind of quick business, yet I strongly suspect, there would be lots of Malay runners to supply and even to "take care" of any deviant commodity. From my observation, most of the visitors were the Malays. Probably today Bugis Street in Singapore or alike could well visualize to what I tried to present in the above. 

(4) Prostitution indeed is the oldest and most sustaining trading business in human history. In the early Greek Civilization, Socrates critics on the prostitution industry had made him becoming very unacceptable among the nobles. The commodities, the prostitutes are normally the disadvantages with the entrepreneurs usually are among the courageous and shrewd minded business persons. Taking the microscopic viewing of say this Old Chow Kit Prostitution Business be it from the sociological, anthropological and or psycho-analyst perspective, one will immediately can see that the cheap commodity is always the Malays, ie natives. These are the local natural resources. Indeed in those days due to the victim of the circumstances, they formed an abundant natural resources. The Chinese will take the role as entrepreneurs since there is a great market demands. Unfortunately, the great demands came from the Malays themselves. In such, it seem this fall well into the Malays own saying: "makan daging sendiri" which literally meaning "scavanging on oneself". Basically, the entrepreneur is a person whom matches natural resources supplies with market demands. Such indeed is the basic tenet of the Early Economic Theory. In those days, poverty and hardship are the tenet behind all these enterprises. Some rural poor miserable Malay ladies were easily lured to the fast easy income earning profession. How much did the Malays' prostitute get out of such RM20.00-30.00 one shot service? The most I would guest is RM10.00-15.00 ie 50 per cents of the total revenue. In most case I would figured out probably the payoff would be cut down to 30 per cents due to "all other costs". The prostitutes despite being exposed to larger risks, the concept of high risk high return never applied in such business. The prostitutes are subjected to all sort of health hazards, threats and coerces. If they were found to violate the rules, they can be just being drag out of the business premises and dump to the street to be a stray dogs and cats. In fact, to sustain the business, and most important to make the business affordable to more consumers the commodities prices must be kept low. The Towkeys exerted such principle to the prostitutes. The lower the better, to encourage high business turnover. Total income was then calculated based on Trading Volume and or Turnover. Nonetheless, due to certain niche market some commodities need to be tagged  at premium price. The Chinese prostitutes normally comes under such consideration. In a sense local commodities is of lower values which is normal in the conventional trading business. Definitely fresh young beautiful Malays and Indians would also fetch good price. But one must also understand that, the greater sustenance of Prostitution Trading among Muslim Malays are due to the availability of runners among the Malays themselves. The Malays in certain sense are the one that really makan daging sendiri.  Worst I would say, this is an easy fast money making, short cut to their ownselves created plight. Thus, prostitution is not only a type of trading but indeed it is an Economic Model.

(5) To take Prostitution Economic System as a comparison to  My Malaysia Past, Present and Future Economic Systems probably is too harsh. Yes, it is indeed. But, I choose to take it as such since I believe it could be a more down close to heart and mind approach and analogy. Forget about our British colonial time. The Malays indeed were fucked up by the British system whereby they were left to the liking of their Sons of Soil subsistence and "Islamic" enterprises. The British loved the Malays to be as such in order to make them forever their subjects slaves. The British managed to separate the Malays from the world despite the Al Quran wants them to be the caliph of Allah's mahluk. I have said in my much earlier writing, the Bristish applied separation of the Churches and the State into the Malays' system which due to long colonization and systematic dures, the Malays took such as how they mamange Islam to this day. Nonetheless, in the post independent era, let me called it Rahman's Era, the way the Malays economy being managed was still of Leisure Faire basis. Lack of resources, experiences and skills were the fault to such choice. Basically, Rahman kept most of the economic affairs of the State in the hands of the few some British and then Chinese. Accordingly, his group of leadership was flooded with the British Educated Malay Gentlemen, thus they fortified their handicaps with the keeping of the British and some Taikor Chinese and Indian as their aids and advisers. The Malays masses in those day were socio-economically lagging too far backward, which then sparked the 13 May 1969 Racial Riot in Kuala Lumpur. Indeed in the Rahman's Era the very nature of Prostitution Economy really flourish in My Malaysia. Despite being an independent State, the British continue to dominate the My Malaysian economy by holding on to the mining, plantation and trading industries either directly and or by proxies with the Chinese (and Indians). To me, they indeed turned the whole of My Malaysia as a Prostitute Economy. They fucked the Malays resources as cheap commodities and even rape to no mercy. They mined and cleared our forest to produce cheap industrial sources for the Industrial Revolution. The sweat, tears and even blood and soul of our people were made as subjects of their prostitution. In the Rahman's Post Independent Era, the Malays and their natural endowments were being manipulated exactly as the Old Chow Kit prostitutes and towkey business relationship. The Malays lived the pariah prostitutes lives. Definitely lots of poor new citizen slaves of Indian and Chinese origin were treated pariah as well.

(6) The young Malays in UMNO led by people such as Mahathir (and Harun Idris) were not happy with Rahman, thus he was made to step down. I would believe the Leisure Faire Style of Rahman had given the birth and strength to PAS. The split and politicking among the Malays thereon begin. Not only externally, but within UMNO itself especially between the Leisure Faire and Radical Malays. When Razak came in, he smartly maneuvered within his means and thus making lots of drastic changes to eliminate the socio-economic handicaps among the Malays. His strategic focus was on infrastructures, human resource development, institutional development and strengthening, national security and economic restructuring. Razak's era I would classified as a period of de-prostitution economy. He worked hard and made all levels of the Malays' leaderships to focus to the economic empowerment of the Malays. Indeed he succeeded and the Malays began to change from being a pariah to a loyal hard working bulls. The Malays, being simple minded people, took Razak's struggle to their hearts"Obey your good leaders. Razak indeed brilliantly take in the Jews to assist to develop the Country. He borrowed heavily from the World Bank (off shot of IMF) to develop all those Regional Development Areas and strategic institutions. Though on one side he loosen the grip of the Feudal British Prostitute Master, indeed looking at it from a different angle, Razak indeed had began to expose this Country to the much greedy systematic Capitalist-based Prostitute Masters, the American. Nonetheless on the hind side, with lots of monies and mega investments coming to the State, indeed Razak had to rely onto the Chinese Entrepreneurs to realize all of his effort. Despite the Malays were his development targets yet indeed the few Chinese Taikors were the towkeys that he created. Razak's era I would say was the era of the merging of West and East Prostitue Economy of My Malaysia. But at least one great salute to Razak from me was his willingness to shift to a Capitalist-Protestant rather sticking to a Feudal-Catholic way of National management. Though Razak was a British-trained person, I believe he took the George Washington's Approach in his economic management philosophy. He was then succeeded by Husien Onn. Nothing much changed at the Era of Husein. Nonetheless, I would believe, Husein being not out spoken person, he indeed cold bloodedly working to further de-prostitute the Malays Economic System. Husein worked quietly to advance Razak's desire to de-prostitute the My Malaysian Economic System. Husein indeed to me must be honored as a silent warrior to detox the My Malaysian economy from the prostitute-minded west economic thinking. He, I would believe, could see that Razak's economic system could turn My Malaysia into a further bloody prostitute economic system whereby the world super power ie the World Bank (IMF) and emerging tycoons and non-Malay private enterprises will control the My Malaysia economy. Quietly Husien could visualize that the Malays, despite some progress made, they would continued be marginalized. He (with Rezaleigh Hamzah) then without much saying came with the most brilliant solution.  Probably his neither pure Asian nor European genetic-blood ie being Turkish made him able to see and manage My Malaysia differently. The Othoman's spirit may lived with him. Nonetheless, as a person whom had worked with Razak, he indeed had left a legacy that the Malays must treasure to the optimum ie the establishment of the Bumiputera Trust Fund (ASB). Indeed ASB is an instrument that could be further capitalised to further de-prostitute of My Malaysian Economic System. ASB is an advancement of the earlier Tabung Haji (TH) setup by Razak. Through ASB, I would believe, Allah had given Husein the wisdom on how to empower the prostitute Malays to consolidate (unite) their assets for them to be able to forge a genuine partnership in at least even at the prostitution economy.

(7) Husein was succeeded by Mahathir. For 22 years Mahathir had worked hard to take the Malays to a paradigm shift. He as being among the Malays tug trained and disciplined under Razak as well as Husein took their course in a much adventurous manner. Mahathir was fortunate. Razak had well developed the Malays-based institutions (eg LUTH, EPF, LLN, SEDC, etc) as well made available lots of young Malays expertise (especially through ITM). Accordingly, Husein had left him with huge Malays consolidated capital (especially ASB) to be readily mobilize. He wasted no chance and time. The Guthrie Dawn Red was his upfront attack to the Feudal-Catholic system. Then followed by making massive early payoff to all outstanding World Bank Loans (eg under Felda, Felcra, Risda, etc) was his hard hit strategy to take My Malaysia away from the Capitalist-Protestant system. Mahathir, I would believe being Malay-Indian blood whom had suffered too much from both the British and American, he would love the East to be East and stand to the East. That took him to the Look East Policy. Accordingly, despite not being a business educated person, yet his young day enterprising attune made him believe in the Corporate System of empowering the Malays. His, Corporate System I would say was very much influenced by the East ie Taiwan, Korean and Japanese. While Bung Hatta of Indonesia believed in Cooperative Movement ie the early form of the Taiwan, Korean and even Japanese Corporation, but having seeing the same as great failure among the Malays (eg KUB of UMNO-based), he by his Look East Policy indeed unconsciously fit into what I had been postulating ie the Malays need to be managed differently from the West and even Far East. My assumption is rather simple, just look at the Malays custom, in a family, the Malays are greatly united and very much progressive if their parents especially the fathers are good fellows. Malays' families members love to leave things to the decision of their good fathers. I believe the Malays economic trajectory could only be made by way of corporatization. What it entails is, the Malays as a masses are not keen to venture into all sort of business deal. The Malays due to certain factors take life a bit to the easy way, they preferred to be Makmum not the Imam of a Prayer the very contrary to the called of the Al Quran who wants them to be the Caliph. Thus, it is important that such psycho-nature of the Malays be understood. Indeed Razak, Husein and Mahathir understood those. That was the reason why Razak focused on institution development when later Husein and Mahathir transformed those into corporate entities eg from LUTH to TH, from LLN to TNB, from JHDN to LHDN etc. Except that the corporate model preferred by the Malays must be really acceptable to the Islamic affinity of the Malays nature. Such is not hard to be understood if one see how the Malays had trusted Felda, then Tabung Haji and definitely later ASB. The Malays has no problem with those institutions but not entities such as Sime Darby, MRCB, PLUS, etc. Mahathir, definitely being a radical Malays, bulldozed his way through to fast advance the Malays economic empowerment to the extend that the masses Malays were lagging to his style and thought. Those than, become a source of hard critics and slanders to his administration.

(8) If one really study the psycho-nature of the Malays, they are having not too much concern of either the NEP and or NDP. The noises wrt the NEP mostly are more political motivated rather on the real course of the Malays' socio-economic welbeing. The masses Malays main concern indeed is either those Government initiatives are taking into serious account of their future and or Islamic needs. As long as either one is complied, the Malays in general will be very much tolerance. Accordingly, since 1957, the Malays had been the backbone of My Malaysian Government system, and the Malays had always being accorded special privileges, which to certain extend had made them being either complacent or a bit of ignorance. Thus, the Mahathir Corporatization had placed lots of excellent Malays into the high profile corporate ladders. These were mostly those young ambitious Malays of the byproduct of Razak's aggressive Western-biased Human Resource Development. While they are good in new wealth management, in devoid of their Islamic Knowledge Foundation Advancement  some of those in the top echelons began to act as New Malays' Prostitute Taikors. Instead of keeping to empower the masses Malays, they took all the chances created by Mahathir for their best personal advantages. These were the very people that later tarnished the hard work of Mahathir, they sold their own Malays to be prostitutes for their capitalist greed. Scandals after scandal fall in place at times of Mahathir administration. Unofficial estimate said about RM200.00 billion were lost at his times due to all these scandals. The masses Malays began to have doubt over Mahathir's ABC (Amanah, Bersih, Cekap) working principle. To me, the gauge for such was very simple, ie the strong reemergence of PAS with their rhetoric Islamic slogan all through Mahathir leadership and as well as the masses acceptance of  Anwar's Ibrahim Corruption, Cronyism and Nepotism defamation upon Mahathir's regime. The masses Malays for being Leisure Faire  in most of their course, took all those defamation as real since in the Malays' saying: Pohon tidak bergoyang jika tiada angin. Mahathir then surrendered halfway to his radical Malays transformation struggle.

(9)  I had written sometimes ago about the key reason for Mahathir failure in really nurturing the corporate values among the Malays. He had badly forgotten to strategically infused Islamic Governance among his regime and cadres. He also had neglected the further advancement of Islamic knowledge among the total Malays students. The Malays continued to sustain the Western-based Education System which indeed is very contrary to what the Al Quran had been reminding: "Never take the Jews and Christian as your 'partners'". Today, all the wrong doing of the Malays in whatever sector, all are to be blamed on Mahathir by virtue he served the longest as the Malays Leader and Prime Minister. Those claims had their own merit as well as bias. Biased in the sense, by looking purely at Mahathir's era forgetting the root of such era which was inherited since Abdul Rahman. Thus, when Abdullah took over his position, despite of my disliking of him, I withold my attack on him when I saw he made some slow down to Mahathir's mega projects. My expectation was he might be making major correction on the integrity of the Malays-based GLC corporate governance and as well as to infuse greater Islamic skill among the Malays population at all strata. He did nothing much to such effect. His slowing and even put to stop Mahathir's earlier mega projects had caused the My Malaysian economic to shrink and followed by lots of brain drain. His argument was that he would want to increase the National Saving and reduced debt drastically. Unfortunately the over cautious Abdullah later ended being forced sort of to infuse greater prostituting of the My Malaysian Economy. His administration was marked with lots of corruption, cronyism and even favoritism accusation. The much greedy younger Capitalist Western-breed Malays enter into hard battle cries with those of Mahathir's. Mahathir's claimed, the Fourth Floor of the Prime Minister Office's had been turned into the Prime Minister Advisory Office made of Westerners and Western Educated Young Malay Capitalist Tugs whom were not in real touch with the needs of the Malays (Country). Abdullah really sidelined the role of the tradition Economic Planning Unit (EPU) as the key Government adviser as Razak, Husien and Mahathir had placed in high regard. Due to Mahathir's pressure, Abdullah then had to step down after performing badly in the My Malaysia GE11 (2008).

(10) Najib then took over from Abdullah. From 2009-2013 indeed nothing much was done by Najib to quickly correcting the mistake of economic slowing down of Abdullah's. The My Malaysia economy continue not to perform to its potential. From 1998 to 2015, My Malaysian economy only grow at very moderate rate. In 1998-1999, indeed we were experiencing negative growth, sinking to negative 7 per cents. From 2000-2015, our rate hovering between 4-5 per cents. I strongly believe, once Mahathir start to criticise Najib by virtue of the slow Economic Growth Rate attainment, Najib was in panic situation. Worst when Mahathir then began to attack him on his poorer Election Performance in 2013. I would believe, based on the initial NDP growth target of at least 7 per cents per anum from 1990-2019, then only would My Malaysia be a Developed Nation by 2020 (WW2020). Because of the then economic crisis plus Abdullah and Najib early derailment of Mahathir's plans, by 2015, my generalise postulation of our economic position is between 30-50 per cents behind of the WW2020 target. Definitely, now in no way, within the current National and world economic scenario, My Malaysia will be on track of the WW2020 any longer. Being panic and probably to catch up fast, Najib working within his close confidant, as well as being advice by his accused British advisers and those young western educated tugs, I suppose he planned to take Mahathir by surprise. He workout various Economic Transformation Plans (ETP) that he believes could take My Malaysia on a bullet train to the WW2020 destination. To me, those programs such as UTC, RTC, KR1M, BR1M, K1M, etc are mere camouflages to some other big bang ETP. To me Najib's so called 1MDB, FGV, Bandar 1Malaysia (B1M), etc (which probably many more yet to be revealed) are his Bing Bang ETP Surprises that he want to smash onto Mahathir's face and as well as surprise gifts to My MalaysiansIndeed Najib is following closely the footstep of Singapore in his ETP. Singapore earns its economic wealth through International Ventures ie shifting drastically from GDP based to NDP based as most of the western economy which is now China is emulating hard. Thus now and then we see and heard Najib in the oversea especially in Saudi to tape into the Islamic-based Venture and Samy Velu in Indian Infrastructure Ventures. Nothing wrong with all those, even Mahathir did the same in Central Aia, Russia, Africa and even Papua New Guinea, but without much noises. Najib, I would say, he and his confidants were so sure of their Bing Bang Surprises. He indeed has his merit. Oil price then was good. Malaysian commodities prices were so good, and plus he seem to enjoy popular support among the rakyat luar bandar as well as good international images that he got from the much friendly west, yet probably he missed calculated the 2004 Big Flood Signal that Allah his creator sent to warn him, something serious is forth coming if he loose to understand. Najib indeed took it easy whereby on the 25th Decembar, 2014 he golfed with Obama in Hawaii. Indeed, Muhyiddin Yasin with Rezaleigh and Mustapha whom were among the few in the Country were left to struggle to provide immediate assistance to the Big Flood Mass Victims were if one look at it from today's scenario, was also I would say being warned by Allah of what now great political manoeuvoring they have to face.

(11) Everyone knows, by March 2015, the issue of 1MDB exploded in the Parliament and thereon other issues follow suit. Worst then, with the falling commodities prices especially the Crude Petrol, My Malaysia now enter into tough difficult economic situation. Najib's actions and image are then open to public scrutiny. Now those had entered into the bitter form and really in one way or another affected My Malaysia integrity badly. My immediate understanding of what Najib was trying to do with his Bing Bang ETP was simple. They might be made out of his clear intention to walk My Malaysia into his so called High Income Nation fast, effective and in line with the current business trend. With the possible high and huge profit generated by those International Corporate Outreach, he would then be able to transform his administration period into the the so called Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan image. He just want to be detached from the Mahathir's administration system shadow. Unfortunately, by subjecting his Bing Bang ETP corporations to the fast, wild and speculative business environment, he lost to his dream. To me, he crossed the red line set in the Al QAuran in how public interests must be taken care. Definitely now 1MDB, B1M and FGV became his failed too idealist business model as he half hearted claimed in the 2015 UMNO AGM. Those now indeed had turned our prostitute economic system into deeper whore affair. We have to get the China's Chinese China Idols to rescue, serve our whore deals. It is indeed sadenning, that even our local can't be assemble to bail ourselves internally, all I would say is because everyone is not willing to be associated to our deep whore business that Najib's Big Bang ETP had entrenched into. If the current national and global economic scenario persist say for another year or so, I would believe, Najib must go back to what the Malays saying: Sesat di hujung jalan, baliklah ke pangkal jalan. He need to honestly rely to our honest own Malaysians to bail out our economic problem. If he dare to even take such step faster, would be much better. To me Najib claimed Big Heart must come with and open heart gesture: "Yes I made mistake, I'm sorry, let we now work honest and openly for the good of de-prostitute our economic system". Dare he to take such step?

(12) Of late, and even during the UMNO 2015 AGM, Najib seem to admit that his brainchild especially 1MDB ran into trouble for its too idealistic business model. But then, despite his big heart, long open arms offering for all to work together, he but then takes Mahathir continuous attack as a head to head fight. He surrounded himself with paid bloggers to ramp on Mahathir. It seem he realizes his mistake and seem wanting to improve on those, but his gesture is not really to the concept of big heart, open arms as truly signifies in the Malays' custom. Najib, repenting images, personally I would say defect of greater courage, ie to admit his mistake openly and swallow his ego deep into his throat. Only the real great will have such courage just as shown by Muhammad AS when he have to admit, the farmers know better of what they are doing despite he himself was always guided by Allah.

Kuching, Sarawak
18 Feb., 2016 


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