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May 5, 2015

3/5/15 I'M A TREE.....but who are you?

I'm a tree, real big tree
from hard nut, thrown by a monkey to a far
I sprouted as His will to be
struggling my breath through the muddy ground
sticking my neck through the bushes
competing with many in thin and weak trunk
groping the thin air, light and food
despite every day the grasshoppers torn down my green
I cried not to any one's ears
believing in Him I'll be me

Now I'm a tree, a big tree
my arms' branches hold strong to my green
the green that soothing your sight
the green that gives cool shade to many
the green that bears fruits for many
the green that gives nesting places for many
my wholeself stand before many from the strong storms
my feet holds the mountain to its form and footage
giving you the rivers to drink

I'm a tree
If you break my arms, then what would be me?
If you burn my green hairs, then whom I'll be?
If you rooted my feet, then what would be me?
If you fell the whole me, what then will be me?

Just that, did you ever ask?
Between you and me, whom indeed should be a real big tree?
Am I a tree, or am I is your purpose shadow?
Either or, let me know who is the real you!

Terasi, Pendam, Asajaya
5 Mei, 2015


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