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May 14, 2014

4/5/14 A TEST TO WASATIYYAH......will Najib heed to it?

Wasatiyyah is a concept of moderaion introduced by Islam. As it is one of the key Islamic values, it covers all spectrum of lives. It can't be seen from a singular or narrowed defined interest. It covers a wholesome of live deeds.

(2) The present day Trengganu political issue I would say is an immediate challenge to Najib Wasatiyyah practice. Is his call a mere pleasing gesture to the West or does he really means for its totality? In the Al Quran, Allah had made it clear to whoever want to be good great. He will be forever being tested and challenged. For this Nation, the biggest test I would say is in the area of making the Nation and her people to earn High Income status by 2020. For such to happen, we need to be focused. We need all the National solidarity. We need the peace of mind for every span of lives to contribute the best. Indeed today the Nation is facing great security threat be there in Sabah, North, or South China Sea. Accordingly, the most dangerous test that we are facing is the ever rising cost of living. Our economic growth had not matched well with the socio-demograpic changes of our Nation. Our resources are limited and we had not managed or developed them to the best efficient practices. A political disruption in Trengganu, would mean unnecessary cost, energy and time waste.

(3) Secondly, Hudud presentation is by the corner. The challenge to Hudud implementation though not for the whole Nation, will be an upheaval battle. As Muslim, and based on the present social unrest that may runs into the long term destructive effect to the spiritual and social wellbeing of the Muslims if not the Nation, the pavement for the implementation of Hudud must be taken as serious effort as possible. For such to happen, internally and externally the Muslims must be solid cohesive for us to come with the best technical and social solution for the implementation of the Hudud, especially firstly in Kelantan. To me the implementation of Hudud is a prime deterrent to social collapse in Kelantan, Kedah, and Perlis. Surely Kuala Lumpur indeed has greater pressing need for the implementation of Hudud, but due to technicality, such could be pave better into the future.

(4) For Trengganu, what would be Najib Wasatiyyah stance? Head logging? I could see TV3 is moving to such game. Can't we sometimes take a silent stand, and let matters to settle as the flyng dust calm by itself? Waste some more of the State money and call for immediate fresh election? How much would be spend. Say RM40.00 million? That might be the money directly spent by SPRM. What about the others, including political money, say RM200.00 million. Thus I would say, a fresh election in Trengganu would cost not less than RM300.00 million direct and indirectly. Or buying support? Again, money are to be spent at no moral value. Would all these the real meaning of Wasatiyyah? I hope, both UMNO and PAS could compromise truly to the conformation of Wasatiyyah. Let work our path smoothly to a truly Islamic values that we should be upholding

(5) We can't build this country, this Nation by our ownself. The same apply for making Islam great. The Muslims must stand and walk tight together. A total participation is needed. Let now we work both the Wasatiyyah and Inclusivity to their total meaning. Najib, lead us to what you really mean by all these.

Kuching, Sarawak
14 May, 2014


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