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May 11, 2014

3/5/14 MY FOUR SALUTES TO NAJIB.....stand solid as a belian tree.

How does one define a Nation? Since I wrote this article in English, it doesn't mean I'm subjected to the English definition of the term "Nation". But for sure, in my perspective, this Nation was not built with no blood spill. Ten of thousands died in defense of her existence ever since. Accordingly, this Nation was not purely born in 1957, ever since the human inhabited this part of the globe, such was indeed the time of the birth of this Nation. Definitely as time passed, the identity and characteristics of this Nation had changed. But the flow of times and circumstances doesn't warrant who ever within and or outside the circle of the very being of this Nation could just bulldoze their self interest without seriously be concerned of the Nation welbeing. I believe on such stance, I have to give my few initial salute to Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

(2) Our Nation dream is to be a developed Nation by 2020. The State, all of the State the machineries, and definitely every individual citizen of this Nation has a role to play to realize such a dream at all level. For such reason, long have I criticized over the nature of KL LCCT. To me, in its present state, LCCT is a sabotage to take Malaysia back into the third world as against our dream of being a Developed Nation. LCCT to me, have one thing in mind, business first. Fine. Great. That is the pure principle of capitalism. But again, does the concept of making money meant the deprivation of the customers comfort and much friendly business ambient. In this Nation, no one should believe they earn whatever they could without the backing of the Nation. AirAsia can't claim that people are using their service just by mere thinking that they could offer the best price. The mathematic of things is not as too simplistic as such. Without the Nation prosperity, where would AirAsia be? The Nation prosperity is not a free gift, it is a hard work of every spans of lives. Most important, the sacrifices of those whom had been the longing part of this Nation. Secondly, without the protection of the Nation, would AirAsia exist? Say we really open our sky what and how would AirAsia be? We can take the American Capitalism as our business Model, yet we should ask ourselves, did the American really mean to what ever they preached? As such, let my first salute to Najib goes to his courage to brush aside the initial AirAsia reluctant to move to KLIA2. Thank Allah, AirAsia heeded to the need to be as part of this Nation. Time has come, certain grip had to be enforced for us to move ahead better in our continuous Nation building struggle.

(3) Hudud is part of the Islamic Law, except Hudud is specific to certain fundamental matters ie Penal Code to deal on subjects such as theft, robbery (?), adultery, consumption of alcoholic beverage or other intoxicants, and apostasy. Allah had made a mandatory decree on the punishment of these crimes. On the first four subjects, those are indeed fundamental to social destructive elements. Material security and safety is paramount to the social order. The rightful ownership of whatever matter must be well protected and guarded. Thus, theft and robbery should never be allowed in whatever form and circumstance. Accordingly the individual state of mind and his health-being must also be well preserved. Alcoholic and or any similar beverage must never be consumed as a social practices. Secondly, adultery from the historical perspective comes with indifferent attitude. The elements of taking responsibility over adultery is always a rare case. Thus, as one key issues, adultery is always associated with irresponsible legal and moral obligation. Thus it must be deterred and or stop. Thirdly, in today world, people tend to look for loop hole to avoid for being punish of their bad deed. Apostasy is the best escape route. Once outside the system, a person can do whatever he likes to challenge his former governing system. He act to a system bigot. Say in the CIA, KGB, or even ScotlandYard system, would they accept the free choice of their men to behave contrary to what they had been trained and or expected. The Islamic condemnation to apostasy is not merely about the no choice of freedom of faith but more toward the deterrence to the abuse of freedom of faith privilege. Islam is about the whole-self of a Nation management, the Ummah. While recognizing the individual human right, Islam places heavy concern over the Nation, the Ummah. Hudud has its long term profound hikmah. Say, a Muslim thief after he stole someone belonging, as a way out to avoid being severely punish, he just declared to be a none Allah believer, would such an act be fair and socially healthy? Therefore, though it may sound a political game or trap, I love to give Mohd Najib Abdul Razak an early applaud for being a bit accommodative to Kelantan State Government to pave for the implementation of Hudud Law. To me, Hudud Law is not about politic, it is about Allah guidance to safeguard the being of His beloved creation, the human beings. All the wariness about Hudud are of more technical rather fundamental if everyone is sincere about the matter. Thus, let trash all the human doubt about Hudud through the Islamic caucus.

(4) As this Nation was and is built by the people of this State, such must be greatly honored and defend. Everything at this part of the earth, belong to this Nation. But definitely as believer in the Allah faith, we could share with the others on equitable and just basis. Such sharing principles must be grounded on the respect of the legal, moral and spiritual right of this Nation. No other Nation(s) should impose anything to the prejudice of this Nation rights. TPPA is something that this Nation must be careful. Nothing should rushed us to enter into such a pack. Despite all the surrounding Nations might had signed to such a pack, that should not warrant us to a subject of a must trailing characters. This Nation must be able to stand on its own. World-wide there are forests, yet belian trees Eusideroxylon zwageri are endemic to this the Malays Archipelago. I would believe, a belian stand for being an iron-wood for it is growing in this part of the world, not else where.  Allah, His natural law of governing is very clear, so as we are not to the breach of the others legal, moral and spiritual rights, we then should be left to our course. Barrack Obama recent three days visit to Malaysia is considered extra ordinary. While such was an honored to this Nation, yet it should never be paid with the price of the Nation long term interest(s). To this effect, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak had stand firm to wait to critically study to the proposed TPPA,  thus this is another area which I love to lift my hat to Mohd Najib Abdul Razak. Enough is enough. The KL-Singapore Water Treaty is a pain in the neck to the sovereignty of this Nation and we should never being coerce to repeat the same. TPPA can be seen as great gain at one end, yet could be disaster on the many other grounds. I could see the pure capitalist can't wait to applaud for the pack, but a true stateman should take a true Nation Interest treatment as his prime course.

(5) Indeed Barack Obama recent visit to Malaysia and the region is nothing a co-incident. While the Nation is in distress of the MH370 missing, here come Uncle Sam with his long hugging hands. That is well appreciated. But I would say his hugging doesn't stop to one purposes.  South East Asia (SEA), is  a region of many interests. I had laid these in my writing on The Significant of the East. Thus, a true balancing act need to be well conceive in our overall diplomatic dealing. By 2015, In Shaa Allah, Malaysia will lead the ASEAN as well as will be the non-permanent member of the United Nation Security Council. Such prospective global and regional positions should never make the leader(s) of this Nation to take the attitude of guruh di langit, air di tempayan dicurahkan. In Islam, the neighbors must be first respected after our own family members. Such teaching should never be taken lightly especially to Muslim leaders of this Nation. As an ASEAN, Indonesia, Brunei and those regional minority Muslims are our family while the other nations are our neighbors. Accordingly those nations at the Far East and South Asia are our great regional friends. We should than should see our long term survival interest from such Islamic family-neighbor treatment. Here at least Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, had kept to the principles that had been laid by Abdul Razak Husein, Adam Malik, Narciso Ramos, S Rajaratnam, and Thanat Khoman. Nonetheless, he still had some more rooms to really makes those principles to shine to the greater benefit of this Nation and her families and neighbors. We can't simply deny the prophet Muhammad SAW call (ie 1,400 years ago), that we should Look East in our long term course. Mohd Najib Abdul Razak should has a group of professional thinkers and analysts to really set the course of our East-West balancing act choices. As per present, I could see he seem to rely on those business interest driven group rather the family-neighbor team building experts.

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11 May, 2014 


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