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May 2, 2014

1/5/14 HEY WEST.....this is Malaysia (draft)

Hey you the West, listen to Obama saying while in Kuala Lumpur lately: "Respect the differences among us, the world will be better". Such was a simple English. Unless he meant to psycho us over here. Did he? Well, you can say, that was his saying, nothing to do with you. That's fine. We respect you as you are. But would you respect us as who we are? Could you just leave us alone, as we wish? Or did he not came down here as your great leader, the most powerful man on earth, not Obama per se? If so, then, can't you heed to his principle of mutual respect?. Failing which, let me now bring few scenarios to reflect on the needs for us to be left alone.

Firstly, fifteen years ago, if you (the West) came down here and visited those restaurants that the Malays frequent, surely you will find it weird to see Malaysians, especially the Malays dine with their hands. Bare hands. They even licked their fingers. Look messy with sticky foods all over their fingers. Look real awkward. Dirty. Sure in you heart will cry "Such an unhygienic culture". Uncivilized indeed. But then where did we learn to eat by our bare hands? The Indians did, and they remained as such to this day. The same with the Arabs and Persian. The Indians (Indus-Ganges), Arabs (Egypt), and Persians-Arabs (Mesopotamia) civilizations were the earliest of all the early men's civilizations. They were far earlier then the West ie the Greek and Latin. Yet, to this day, they continue to love to eat by their bare hands. But, indeed we, the Malays inherited such practice not from the Indian, Arabs and or Persians. We human being start eating with our bare hands. The early Stone Age Men, as you called them all ate with their bare hands. They were your ancestors as well. Thus never look down at us when we continue to eat by our bare hand especially when we enjoy Nasi Campur, Nasi Briani, Ikan Bakar, etc. Indeed it is nothing different from you taking your KFC, Burger, and even Pizza with your bare hands. Why did we choose to eat with our bare hands while mostly are using spoons, forks, and knives? Indeed Allah is much merciful to us. He gave us more water then you. We have easier access to water. We are also well blessed with numerous antiseptic herbs that we could use as detergent to clean our hands before we take our foods. You, the West only knew about all these after you were in contact with all our spices. Indeed you robed our spices for your own excellent while keeping us in long slavery. Never forget your exciting history. We indeed appreciate our bare hands more than you are, and we make sure our hands are always clean for we don't rely on spoon, forks and knives to tender to our be continue. In Shaa Allah

Kuching, Sarawak
2 May, 2014


Anonymous said...

That's a good article you wrote, I agree with you. Congrats and thumbs up.

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