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Mar 11, 2014


Since 0230 hrs on the 8 March, 2014 meaning by this hours (0930 hrs) HM370 had been 78 hours mysteriously missing. We pray, the worst is not the scenario that the affected relatives have to face. Personally, my feeling of this tragedy is rather loose. While there is a sympathy over the agony especially among the related affected relatives, my heart is still neutral about the whole MH370 affair. In another word, there is an indifferent feeling in me about the matter. I do hope my feeling is right in the sense that, the worst is not forthcoming. My mind is telling me, there will be a miraculous blessing ahead. InsyaAllah.

(2) My simple logic believe, if the plane had gone down, within this 3-4 days, definitely some leading clues had been uncovered. The whatever gadget of the plane may had failed due to whatever reasons vis total shut down, sea depth and or jungle thickness, other clues such as non-aircraft related materials definitely should had emerged somewhere, since the weather within the surrounding point of missing has been good. Except, I hope since the focuses are over the South China Sea, Strait of Malacca, as well as part of on land Peninsula Malaysia, the authorities concern should had covered all those small airstrips within the nearby region. Such information I had not heard over the past days.

(3) Secondly,  a fast thorough forensic analysis of the two  smart passengers should be handled by a dedicated group of experts separately from the physical SAR group. Let me term this group as the Hijack Expert Group. Let the SAR focus on the larger sea and land search, while the Hijack Expert Analyst be a separate group but with some coordination with the SAR. This Group should work in Top Secret Manner. While studying the two forged smart passengers the Hijack Experts Group should not discount all other possibilities even to the crews and plane engineering and electronic expert profile of the other passengers. I'm a bit jittery over the wide publicity of the pilot flying experience as well as his deep interest over the plane technical matters. He seem to know in and out of the plane. I'm postulating, his deep knowledge could be compromised by whoever interested. In today crazy world, terrorism is not the only matter of madness but never discount other forms of experimentation that some just want to try for fun.

(4) Definitely, we can't be too confident with the Security Measures at KLIA  A much thorough forensic exercise should be look at on the security protocols and their compliance. We should be very objective and professional of our media release be it for public consumption or security measure. I have a strong believe, the present Media Management of the affair need to be relook, as I could see, there are too much loophole.

(5) My naughty mind would like also to alert our Military System to have some caution of this MH370 mysterious lost. Would not this missing is not a game plan exercise for some long strategic plan by some quarters due to some international issues currently clouding the region? How should we handle all these possibilities without compromizing our passengers and business interest.

Kuching, Sarawak
11 March, 2014


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