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Feb 9, 2014

6/2/14 WILL TAIB BATON PASSING BE SMOOTH.....may Allah bless him with His greatest wisdom.

In the old school days, the very exciting sport is the Relay of 4X4. This is the game, where the runners must acquit with three fundamental skills. First, he must be fast runner. Normally the starter if not the finisher is best to be a sprinter, a guy whom can speed fast. The idea is to have either a far start ahead and or fast catch up finishing. The second skill is the ability for each and every one to be able to past and receive the baton smoothly. Normally the greatest mistake is made at a time either when receiving or passing the baton. At any point, if there is a slack, then the next runner normally will have to do harder job ie to speed over his capability in order to catch up with any lag being made by the former. Thirdly, upon receiving the baton, each runner must be able to hold his baton safely and smoothly so as not to affect the speed and comfort of his run. Great speed, harmonious and skilful team, are the essence in a relay 4x4 sport. The introduction of such sport among the young school children I would say, a genius to train our kids to work as team to win colourfully.

(2) Sarawak people enthusiasm to see Taib Mahmud whom had been in the State Political arena for at least four decades and as the Chief for 33 good years retreating steps almost to his peak. He will announce who would be taking over from him to lead the State into its next state of socio-eco-political development soonest. He had made a great head start. He sprinted passed so much. He now want to pass the baton to his next forerunner. Will he be able to pass the baton smoothly, and accordingly will the next forerunner able to catch his baton, and thus run to the best to pass on to the next? Sarawakian as the immediate, not only the spectators but directly will be the affected Rakyat are holding to their last breath. Who will be Taib next runner up? Only him and Allah for the time being would know to the exact. The rest are just guessing and speculating.

(3) For the Muslim, indeed, what would happen to Sarawak politic, has been well comprehend in about 1,400 years ago. Muhammad SAW, immediate to his death, passed the baton smoothly to Abu Bakar Ass-Siddique, a man of great wisdom and respect to take on him. Later, immediate to his death, Abu Bakar Ass-Siddique, passed on to Umar Al-Khataab, without much hassle Umar then took the Islamic Empire to its best speed of sprint ahead. Umar as Muhammad SAW one of the very great disciples, he knew so much of the fate of his People, he broke away from his last two gurus practices for, I would say he can see there will be an immediate squabble between the Hashimites and Ummayites of the Quraish tribe to claim on the Islamic Empire leadership. He didn’t made a direct nomination, but he nominate a set of Six Wise Men Council to decide on the next leader among them. They were Ali Abi Thalib (Muhammad’s SAW cousin, adopted son, and son in law), Uthman Affan (Muhammad’s SAW son in law), Abdul Rahman ibn Awf, Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas, al Zubaryr ibn-Awwam and Talhah ibn Ubay Allah. The Council was to meet and must elect the Khalifah within three days after his death. Umar Al-Khataab, made such strict KPI for the Council.

(4) The Council met. Talhah had been out of Madinah for some days, so he could not attend the meeting. The Council had long sitting, yet come to no conclusion. Thus there was an impasse. So Abd al Rahman ibn Awf said: ”If any man is willing to withdraw his name, he will have the right to nominate the caliph. Who will withdraw?” All kept silent. Then Abd al Rahman said, ”I withdraw my name”. All accept Abd Rahman decision except for Ali Abi Thalib. Abd Rahman asked Ali what he has to say. He replied, ”Promise to be just. Promise not to be partial on account of kinship. Promise to be led by the welfare of the people alone. If you promise these things, I agree to abide by your decision.” Abd al Rahman promised all these things. The election of the caliph now rested with Abd al Rahman. Thus, at last, after the Subuh prayer on the third night, people in the Mosque were all ears to hear what Abd al Rahman had to say. Then Abd al Rahman called Uthman Affan and said,”Promise that you will act according to the commandments of the Quran and the example set by the Prophet and his two caliphs.” Uthman promised. Thereupon, Abd al Rahman pledged loyalty to Uthman. His example was followed by all present, as well as was Ali Abi Thalib.

(5) Umar, whom in the Prophet Muhhamad SAW dream, a man who took last of his milk, a man of great wisdom, in him great knowledge of Allah, in his characters, nothing but to uphold the Ummah to the best Islamic deed, he made even the satans to distance apart, he saw the interest of the Ummah and Islam surpass anything. He, decided his predecessor in the hand of the trusted great wise men for the long term interest of his faith and total submission to Allah. May, us trail him close. InsyaAllah.

(6) In this 2000s, Malaysia and the ASEAN region had seen many baton passing games. Unfortunately all so far succumb to scrambling running over. Will Sarawak be on the same fate path? I do pray, as the path ahead is cold and breezy, the best for us is to hold to each other stronger. The game of the the greedy, the avenger, the opportunist shouldn't be our next sport. Those are the games of high cost, and resulting always the evil. We should never as the old Malays sayning: sudah terhantuk baru tengadah. We should just move ahead and capitalised the past and future to the best. Allah had blessed us with enough and much more, if our hearts and minds are truly human of purpose of His creation. Umar Abd Aziz, the Ummayad caliph despite an out lier, he worked to the benefit of all without fear and favor with a reward of great Jannah hereafter.

(7) I wish Taib happy great new mentoring role and his successor best of luck. Let us just work for the best. InsyaAllah.

Terasi, Simunjan
9 Feb., 2014


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