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Feb 8, 2014

5/2/14 LET FLY ASEAN our kids, His wisdom is plentiful

It was reported, when the hanging bridge was to be constructed across the Niagara Fall, the engineers were in great puzzle on how to get the wire string across such a dangerous fall. A kid gave them then the idea. In the old China, the spying over the enemy military movement were observed through a game. Today, such was the invention of the spying crafts by many. Historically, one of the ASEAN widely celebrated game was in question of its place of origin. It was argued not to originate from the region, yet ASEAN is the region where it is mostly celebrated. Why? Indeed, the reason is very simple, the game is love by kids. Once a game is love by kids, then the game will flourish. When without much help the kids are able to make it, surely they will enjoy it then. It will then transformed into the game of the masses Rakyat for parents and adults love participate in the  nosy kids celebration. Game that is love most by kids, normally would has great market values just as the toys, but unfortunately, the ASEAN had not capitalized Allah's wisdom in their kids to their best advantages.

(2) I was trying to trail the logical to certain claims on who geniusly had firstly created the kite. First, in tradition, its frame is made from light but flexible materials. Bamboo is the best. Where does bamboo grow best? The term bamboo, in English is a convenient Javanese-Malay term for bambu. The English just changed the letter u with oo to make it bamboo to sound very English. Secondly, the whole body must then be made of very light and flexible material. There was no plastic in the last even 300 years. Paper was used as the body wrap, and the material was first invented by who? The bamboo frame is wrapped with thin colorful paper with the glue. Who firstly invented color and glue? The glue in the old day is rather easily source, either using a glutinous rice, tapioca, or sago starch. Where do this crops grow best?   Indeed the early Chinese and Indian civilization claimed to have invented the kite.

(2) Probably the Thailand and Vietnam  are the two ASEAN states that really capitalized the kite to their best economic gain. The plentiful long stretches of beautiful windy beaches give them the better comparative advantages. Accordingly, this is the nations, where paddy fields are abundant and thus the best game for the rural boys. They enjoy themselves while being task to shoo away the pest birds from the fields. Indeed the presence of the paddy fields and the rural folk lives that make kite flying flourish in the ASEAN. This is, I would say is the cheapest game that even the poorest kids could still can effort. But kite flying is not a mere poor men game. It is the poor blind mind that make it as such. Kite game carries with it numerous philosophical values.

(3) In the Western World, if the Right brothers (?) were kite exposed definitely their dream of flying machine would not be inspired by a bird. The same I would figure out for Leonardo Da Vinci's glider. With the introduction of the kite to the Western world, today I believe their gliders and alike were the inspiration of the kite. The modernization of the military spying space works within the kite technological concept.

(4) For the ASEAN, the very artistic nations, beautiful colorful people, they love to make anything well decorated. In their pursuit of beauty and perfection blinded them from lifting the kite to the much better externallity forms and innovations. Nonetheless, the creativity within, is fantastic. The kite in Thailand will deffer from those in Myanmar. The Kelantanese Wau Bulan of Malaysia will never be the same as those fly in the Moluccas. Yet, the kite by any kids in ASEAN will be just simple diamond shape, signifying the kids, when they were kids, they know the concept of aerodynamic. Indeed, the ASEAN kids, be whoever, wherever they are, their game toys are almost similar. They indeed, I would say is Allah great blessing for  ASEAN adults to come together to celebrate as United Nations. The beautiful inspiring ASEAN kids, are source of wisdom that Allah wants us to explore to be great. MasyaAllah.

(5) Indeed, in kite making, the elements of balance, weight, and endurance are important. To me, popular masses Rakyat game of the ASEAN, as in my earlier articles, such three values are well observed, be it in the perahu and gasing making and games. Those again, I would say Allah hidden wisdom that ASEAN adults should build into their Nation Philosophical Values building. With such values, well comprehend, all the inter and intra-differences in ASEAN could be peacefully resolved and thus every Nation would then be able to move to a better socio-economic standing. ASEAN must fly the kite, as was the kid whom inspired the engineering of the Niagara Fall Hanging Bridge and most important to learn from the Old Chinese, to keep watch on our common competitors and even friends.

(6) In this series of writing, I could conclude that regatta, gasing, and kite flying could be best ASEAN People Game and Tradition Fiesta that could harness the regional inter and intra unity. May Allah blessed us to be a United Nations, one day in the near future. InsyaAllah.

Kuching, Sarawak
8 Feb., 2014


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