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Feb 21, 2014

10/2/14 WATER TO THE, food, mobility, safety and recreational? (revisit 22 Feb., 2014)

Allah says: "...from water, I gave all their lives...". In heaven, Allah promised, the Garden of Paradise with tranquil flowing of clear cool streams. He created the seas, large water bodies, for men to discover and enjoy. I believe, earth is the only planet that has water. Definitely there is no water on the sun. Just imagine, if there is water, plenty of water on sun, surely we will be in the dark. The sun will never can fire the light that the galaxy need. Accordingly, if there is water on the moon, dfinitely the moonlight will no more be silver bright, but either bluish or greenish. The full moon night will never be the same. The owls, the wolves, the crickets, the frogs, etc will be very confuse. The loving couples will missed the bright moonlight dates.

(2) There was an old Arab's folk story: Caliph Amirnurashid, one of the grand Abbassid caliphs, was seeking an advice from a Sufi about what is the most worthy in life. Cutting short the whole story, the Sufi asked the Caliph, "Say at a killing thirst in a wild desert travel would the Caliph willing to trade between a glass of water and half of your kingdom?" Definitely the Caliph answer was "yes". Thus the Sufi advised the Caliph, even his beloved Kingdom is worth just two glasses of water, then what would really the worthy in life?

(3) If one travel from Papua (farthest East of Indonesia) to Arakan in Myanmar and not forgetting to visit those Water Villages in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, one will notice the traditional villages of the Malays are mostly sited close to the water. The Malays, from the early day probably 3,000-5,000 years ago, when they occupied the Malays Archipelago, they firstly reside by the seashores or rivers mouths. In Vietnam, they occupied mostly the Mekong delta. The Malays, after migrating probably from up country China (Yunan),  indeed were maritime population. If one study their settlements dispersal pattern within the Archipelago, they really are indifferent to dry land. Annam, the old Malays (Cham) kingdom in the old Vietnam was established in relation to the Mekong River Basin, which suited to their early need to farm wet paddy and rearing buffaloes and fishes. In the Philippines, they were indifferent to the much fertile soil of the Luzon, yet preferred the monsoon seclude Mindanoa and those southern Islands. In Indonesia, even though the vast majority of the people are in Java, yet their settlements distribution pattern is always strongly associated with the rivers, lakes and seas. On the Far East Indonesian thousands of Islands clearly demonstrated their choice of living on small or long small strip of Islands. The same for those in Rhiau and stretch of Sumatera.  In Thailand, the Malays choose to settle along the Kra Isthmus. In Malaysia, the rivers mouths were among the first Malays settlements. In Brunei, they keep to the image of Kampung Air though the State is in the most capable to resettle them into a much better environ. In Singapore, the old Temasik was a colonies of Malays settlements by the shoreline and rivers mouths.

(4) The Malays, treat the water as a meant for hygiene, food sources, mobility, safety (defense), and recreational purposes. Those were the total functions of water to the Malays. I would believe, water indeed unites the Malays into one particular sport which is and was celebrated all through the Malays Archipelago, ie Regatta. With the coming of Islam, water become much more critical need to the Malays. After sex, the Malays must bath junud before they could and or want to do any other thing. With limited water supply, indeed the sexual right of the Malays is being denied. After easing himself, a Malays would feel very uncomfortable without being clean with water. He became uneasy for sholah to say his pray.  An Islamic faithful Malays, would need at least five times to clean wudhu himself in a day. Thus without good water supply the Malays are indeed being denied of their constitutional right ie to practice their faith freely and properly. I can't understand, those seem faithful personalities such as Nik Aziz Nik Mat (MB) and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (PM) had seriously ignored this during their administration. Water is very fundamental to personal hygiene upkeep among the Malays. As a matter of human right, denying good water source meaning denying the Malays and everybody of the basic health sustenance. The rest of the requirements over water are just equal to any other population of the world. Water indeed is about health, economy, spiritual, culture, and recreation. Do people such as Khalid Ibrahim (MB) and Mohd Najib Abdul Razak (PM) really heeding to such? Without proper water supply system, the Government should be penalized for depriving her people from their fundamental basic need. Unfortunately, we the Malaysians had not being able to see such as such. Abdul Razak Hussein was a real stateman when at his time, he cares so much for water management. Without his longer vision (than Mahathir), we wouldn't be seeing all those major drainage-irrigation and all those flood mitigation projects nation-wide, even all the major ports were planned much ahead by him. It seem all these development lost their momentum afther the departure of Sanusi Junid and Ghafar Baba. The greatest handicap, indeed, we had not advance from Razak-Water-For Paddy, to Water-For Food and Utilities. The disintegration of the Malaysian development planning and management since the late 1990s I would say resulting to all these setbacks. Mahathir emphasis on urban-based economic sectors developments which took preceding over rural-agro-based development had placed particularly the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and State Economic Planning Unit (SEPU) in a very marginalised position at least toward the last 10 years of his administration. Such policy shift had made  natural resources development and management came into minor important. Regional development were done not to the concept of Regional Integrated-Sustainable Development. Worst at time of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, when EPU was badly ignored by a new setup at the Fourth Floor of the PM Office. Under Najib, his labs, I would see lacking the holistic concern of the socio-resources management.

(5) It is very unfortunately, the Malays especially now in Tanah Melayu (Malaya), they are slowly subjected to water shortage problem due to the small group of the Malays' political greed. I really have long sympathy to the Kelantanese who are devoted  Islam, yet they being denied to good water supply. Both the Kelantan (PAS) and Federal Government (UMNO) seem to ignored the very fundamental of the Malays-Muslim need. Now the matter is spreading to Selangor where Kuala Lumpur and Putera Jaya are sited. Soon Negeri Sembilan and Melaka will be affected as well. I can't imagine, those Malays in particular living in the Low Cost Apartments and crowding housing areas are now susceptive to water shortage. In Kelantan, especially, the women are complaining not able to attend to their spiritual duties properly. I believe such is a mere shadow complain, their other woman hygiene needs I would say are much pressing. Those women Minsiters in Mohd Najib cabinets should understand sch better, if they are really concern for Allah sake. Allah knows what are theses women longing plight, and I believe He is now seriously testing, how concern are our leaderships with the religious and social plight of our people as a whole.

(6) Interestingly, in the past months, the nation was in chaotic of abundance of water, yet in mere a month or two later, we are in shortage of water. During the rainy season, we blamed the weather, the rain for the high rise of foods prices even for the kangkong, which suppose to strive well in water. With the drought, I would say, not even the kangkong will soon be available in the market. Would we then blame for the drought, as was the rain previously, for the vegetables and foods prices hike? We seem never stopping to blame Allah. In deed the basic problem with us is our political greed that had blinded us on how to manage our water and land resources to meet our foods supplies. Since year 2001 till now, we are too busy with politic, dragging the whole system into political polemic, ignoring the fundamental of the State and National leaderships responsibilities.  Probably, the long victimized plight of the Kelantanese, is now spelling onto the Nation, just as the bombing of the innocent Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mali, Libyan, Syrian, etc is now being paid as flood, fire, drought, and heavy snow in the West. Allah has His meant to makes people realize if they seek to realize.

(7) Well, probably the Malays love to be seen stupid and fool by their other countrymen, for their leaders love to think hard not really to move the Malays far ahead, but to decept them will lots of public dismays on petty matters: who being a better Muslim, Syiah, Sodomy, and now quarrel over domestic water supply development and management, etc. The Malays leaders had not depart hard from their ancestors' thick feudalist blood, love to patronize their very own people at the pretext to care. What exactly do they care?

(8) May be the Arabs' folk story as I related above something that UMNO, PKR and PAS leaderships whom seen has been fighting with each others ever since to care for the Malays and Islam should really look at. The State and National water management (and food production) issue may cost their Kingdom at a value of half a glass of water. I indeed wonder, did the Malays leaders be they politicians or non-politicians, when they did their Umrah and or Hajj, did they really succinct into the reasoning why Mecca was dead and then revived prosperously to its present? May be they should drink more of that Zam Zam water to cleanse their heart and mind to see the root and truth of many things. At least, I would feel, Sarawak DAP should thank Abdul Taib Mahmud for his Regional Water Management strategies, except the agricultural part of it is seriously missing (probably too much relying on the Federal Government). I hope his Regional Sewerage Management System should proceed, but at a much public acceptable development system.

Kuching, Sarawak
21 Feb., 2014


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