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Jan 7, 2012

8/1/12 MyColorfulfootSteps Week II

This is my second week of my soul searching journey. 0900 hour, 6 Jan., 2012 Mas Jajang fetched me at the hotel. The broken car now changed to Toyota Avanza, with bigger space. He took along his wife and two kids, as I suggested, since the Pesantren is just nearby his in-laws home. The drive to Bandung was smooth. Unfortunately my neck pain was mounting, and I really regret not taking my koyok along. By noon, my body began to shiver and I felt I got a fever. The long walked under the heat and the messy rawon neighborhood of Kramat-Sintiong probably had affected my health. Surely the polluting air of Jakarta got it touch as well. Luckily I have the active fast panadol and I then just slept the whole day. I let Mas Jajang to send his family to the Kampung, while my other friend, Mas Kris whom flied down from Kuching/Kuala Lumpur need to take a cab to the Hotel. We stayed at Aston Tropicana at Ciampias, the City Center.

(2) 7 Jan., 2012 My fever getting worst. I just stay put in the room. I can’t even wake up. I then just depend on the paracetamol, sweating under the thick blanket. I didn’t take anything, my body felt really weak. My only worried, probably I might have contacted any other diseases that I’ve not encountered before. By noon, unfortunately my stay at the Hotel couldn’t be extended. This is the peak tourist influx to Bandung. Mas Kris had to work hard looking for a new Hotel for us to stay at least for another night or until I feel confident of my health before I could then proceed to the Pesantren. I don’t want to get caught with health problem then.

(3) By 14.00 only he got a nice new Hotel, Amarossa, at Jalan Acheh, after consulting the Hotel Agent at the Railway Station. He had been searching since 10.00 hours. This is a much pleasant Hotel as compare to Aston Tropicana. Since the time is already quite late and it seem going to rain, I booked another extra room for the two accompanying gentlemen from the Pesantren. The service is much faster. Upon check in, I really vomit a lot, and sure felt much relief. I then order for coffee and chrosoant. I have been starving for the last 24 hours and luckily my gastric didn’t take its toll. Then I just slept heavily. I woke up at about 18.00 hours and felt much better. I got my dinner at the Hotel Café, but my throat can’t take much since most of the foods were salty. They don’t serve assam pedas. I really have to force myself to take as much to regain my energy. Later Mas Kris, Mas Jajang, and another two gentlemen from the Pesantren joined me for coffee.

(4) There, myself and Mas Kris, since he is a dosen at UNIMAS in Development Economy, we talked about the failure of the present grand development concept which are falling apart all over the place name it: Capitalist, Communist, Socialist, and even Islamist. See what happen in America, India, Laos, Chambodia, Cuba, Syria, and Iran, these are the example countries who claimed to have closely followed such path. Look at the livelihood of the common people. They are not there as what the ideology had promised them. What would then be the choice Model? Islamic? Definitely the Al Quran had many times said that, but, its only gives the very broad guideline. Al Quran very seldom gives details to how man must act. It needs further exploration and experimentation. The Muslims, especially the scholars, have to take the present chaotic economic and financial conditions as a challenge for them to come forward to save the whole ummah from the possible darkness. We need a messiah. Could we and will we be? Should we just pray and wait for Imam Mahadi to come forward?

(5) 0800 hours, 7 Jan., 2012 I have breakfast with the rest. My appetite had not come back. My head still giddy. My body all over etching. I just made a decision to move on to the Pesantren. A two hours journey into the mountain paddy field area. Since I have check out and the rest need to take bath, I just wait by the lobby and start with the writing of this second week journey. By passing me, lots of beautiful ladies, be they are young, mid age or even elderly. A lot had been said about the beauties of Bandung ladies. That makes Bandung becoming a great golfing destination to many Malaysians. They are fair, tall, great body build, long slender legs. They are tall? My short observation, indicates, they love high heel shoe, two inches higher. Yes they are real sweat creatures. But what would be the truth behind all those sweetness? I believe, I will have my answer after my sometimes stay with their farmers in the Village later. I’ll write from there.

(6) Later Mas Kris came much a head of the rest. He told me some very interesting incidents, firstly the two gentlemen from the Pasentren was in fact shocked when I suggested them just to stay back at the Hotel and proceed together with me to the Pesantren the next day. They never expect me to have such a thought. They never dream of staying in the hotel before. Since I was not that well, for the night I just passed Mas Kris some money to take them for dinner. After nice bebek panggang dinner, Mas Kris took them for coffee at the Donut at Bandung Plaza. They felt so great, they ate every single dishes served and drank the Coffee Latte to the last drop. Upon checking out, they almost took every small item from the room as souvenir especially those toiletries. The most interesting thing was they even want the Hotel key-card as a show off items to their folks. They never being treated this way before, as they said this may be once in their life time.

(7) After going around to look for some medicines and all those supplementary that I need, we later dropped by to have a drink at the StarBuck. I purposely bought Mas Jajang and`the two gentlemen blended mocca in the mugs. I just want them to have the mug as my gift to them. They were really excited and really kidding around with the mugs. I feel real happy to see how the have not, once given the chance to enjoy what they just used to see in the TV advertisement, they really appreciate those chance and really make a big deal of it. They sang: Sehari di Bandung, terasa syurga di dunia. Lupa hutang dan resah di Kampung. They sang to the Omar Irama dangdut rhythm of Inilah Indonesia. Myself and Mas Kris really laugh to their song.

(8) The road to the Pesantren at Cijinjing, is a real winding, narrow with lots of potholes. Since my visit in the last September, the road conditioned is getting worst. The rain made the journey becoming much difficult since we won’t know the depth of those potholes that we had to bump on. We really have to go slow. That made our journey taking into the very late evening. We reached the Pesantren by Maghrib. After simple dinner, myself and Mas Kris stay back at the Pesantren. We stay at the Pesantren operator’s home, whom we called Chang Nana, Ustaz in Sunda. The night cool began to mount. The drizzling made it worst. The challenge to live to basic began.

(9) I was shown to a small bedroom. Since it can’t accommodate both myself and Mas Kris, I decided to sleep together with him in the guest room. The water was so cold. Real fresh but real cold. The natural running water from the mountain. I don’t dare to bath. We slept on the rug. Since it was too cold, I put on my jean. Long sleeve T-shirt and` the jean jacket. The cold felt real killing, going deep into the bone marrow. I really can’t sleep. There was no blanket. They can’t afford to have extra blanket for the guest. The jean, the jacket, even the extra sarong didn’t help. I curled like baby. It didn’t work. My body began to shiver and my giddy coming back. The pain between all my bones joints becoming very much disturbing. The pain in my neck and shoulder had not subsided instead.

(10) As Subuh was called at 04.30 hours, 8Jan., 2012 my body felt real bad. I hardly can stand. Felt like half drunk half conscious. But I forced myself to the wash room, a half-wall cubical. A real, I would say 1960s facility, squatting bowl with no flushing facility, bathing water had to be collected in pail, no direct shower. The water felt real fresh but I dare not rain my body to it yet. We had breakfast by 07.30 hours, and later Mas Kris departed back for Bandung and Jakarta. I later just took some more panadol and immediately went for long sleep.

(11) In the late noon, Mas Jajak, the man from the Pesantren, came to visit me. We took a short ride to the mountain to see a Tea Plantation. This is a real splendid scenery. Green, rolling, with line of cloud above the higher ridges. The colorful nice design homes: light green, blue, pink, violet, white, yellow, etc placed among those rolling green tea plantation and paddy fields, really an inspiring sight. The breeze was real cool and refreshing. A real Mountain High Feeling.

(12) Chang Nana, Wes El Patoni, the Pasantren Uztaz or Headman, was the in-law to the original pioneer of the Pesantren, whom had passed away sometimes ago. He is married to the daughter and thus inherited to run the Pesantren. The elder son of the owner choose to work in Saudi, and the affair of the Pesantren is left to Chang Nana and his wife, the sister.

(13) This is a real small family with a kid, Asep and being called Ujang (Boy), now at SD2 (Primary School, second year). I yet able to make friend with him, since I have to spend most of my time in bed, recovering from my fever, flue and cough. Chang Nana is in his early 40s. A real humble and nice man. Taught in Pesantren, being a rural Sundanese, a real polite and hard working person. His wife, Aida Rohiba, was brought up totally at this Pesantren Cijijing. She is really a hard working lady. Very polite, humble, and considerate. From the way she run her home, I could see, she really don’t have private life. Running here and there like mad dog.

(14) Aida Rohiba, is a real simple syukur wife. She has no ring, no neckless, all those accessories totally missing from her body. She began her works at about 0400 hours. She rest only, I observed by 22.00 hours daily. No one help her. I wish to lend my hand, but it could then be seen as an intrusion. She cooks not only for the family but for those workers (about 20) whom are now doing renovation to the Pesantren Expansion Program. In the noon, she helps to teach Al Quran reading among the male kids. The same after Maghrib, for the female kids. She teaches them in the house, and surely that break up the quietness of the home in late afternoon and early evening. Her entertainment seem to be the kitchen, washing place by the side drain, cleaning the house compound, tiding all those basic household items that they have, and those chicky kids. I began to enjoy their shouting, laughter, giggling, all those kiddy characters. As time passed, I believe I will miss them soon.

(15) Her kitchen, gotch, it really reminded me of my kid days with my mum still around. That was in the 1960s. She has no washing basin. No cooking cabinet. No washing machine. No bender. Only lesung sambal and batu giling rempah. There is none modern cooking utensil. Her kitchen world is really basic. A real wet kitchen of the 1960s. She did all her cooking by siting on the cemented untiled floor. Feel wet and cool. All by firewood, collected from the nearby forest or dropping of road side tree branches. I could see her eyes balls are not as shining as those ladies in town (Malaysian). They are reddish since she has to constantly face the very smoky cooking environment. She walks fast. Rushing here and there between the home-Madrasah-Mosque. Her hands seem never stop working. I believe her mind never stop with lots of bogging matters. She always pokes on me to ask whether I need drink, food or anything. It sound like flying first class long haul Mas Cabin with the stewardess keep prompting for drinks or whatsoever.

(16) Chang Nana, a small built guy. He wants to grow fat. I promised to get him something to fasten his weight gain ie dinning the Arab-style, with hot rice margarine, but hard to find from the nearby groceries. I then advised him to stop smoking and start drinking lots of plain water. Nonetheless he seem very happy. A very active guy. He dedicated solely his life to teach the local on the Quranic matters. The whole family life is supported by sadaqahfrom the community. He collects no fee for his effort. His students mostly among the young from surrounding the Pesantren. His schedule is pack. Begin at 0430 hour, then only rest by 0900 hours, where later he will attain to my small consultation. Then by 1200-1400 he will again have to be with his students. By Maghrib to Isyaa, he spent most of his time giving lecture to his students.

(17) The Pesantren is just infront of his home. All in he got about 100-150 students learning from him and the wife. The Mosque now is under renovation with a total cost of Rp200.00 million or RM60,000.00. All work is by gotong royong. Building materials are all bought through rigorous collection from the community, making the construction to drag for longer time since the fund is very uncertain. Foods for the workers were also donated by the community. His wife cooks the foods for the workers. They work from 0700-1600 hours daily except on Friday.

(18) 0700 hours, Jan, 9, 2012, despite still feeling hedged, I just put on my track suit and took a walk into the paddy field following the winding and slippery trail terraced along the foothills. I passed many nice colorful Kampung homes. Half build from concrete, while the other half from bamboo weaving. The green scenery of the paddy field with nice cool mountain breezing is something that these Kampung folks really can enjoy for free.

(19) I passed many elder women. They hold long bamboo rods with white or red cloth tied up at one point. Bikin apa bu? I enquired. Ini hah. Banyak banget burung pipit. Habis padi di makan mereka, they replied with sorrow face glazing to me. Gotch! First they sweat to plough the hard soil. Then they nurse the paddy. Followed by transplanting. Then tend to the weeds. Now, since the paddy began to seed until ripening, they had to attend to it for almost for two months, everyday, to make sure the birds are shooed away. They have to be there since 0600 to 1800 hours. Once it rain, they may also have to be there, since the birds will celebrate the harvest, as they know the human will leave as the rain come. Paddy farmers, rain or shine, they have to be with their farm or else they harvest none! What a pity hard, tiring, and frustrating work. What would be the reward? As far as I know, none traditional native farmers either in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Chambodia, Philippines or Ceylon are better off, most if not all are just as poor as their ancestors.

(20) Interesting to see, here, the farmers really know how to maximize their land use. I assumed they are very creative, but was challenged by Mas Jajang: Mereka ngak kreatif Mas, kami jadi sebegitu kerana kebutuhan, keterpaksaan. Ngak punya pilihan. The truth is there. They have few goats in a small barn. Next, few fish ponds with a small barn with some chicken or ducks. The ponds water is circulated by mean of draining from the continuous flow of mountain water by the side drain along the footpath winding through the villages and farms. If one carefully studied their inter-farming system, it is really an integrated organic farming.

(21) Today at about 10.00 hours, I began my Al Quranic reading lesson. I just have an hour consultation with Chang Nana. I then work on my own. Later the whole morning I continue with my reading on other Islamic document Olah Batin Orang-Orang Salih by Imam an-Nawawi.

(22) In the late afternoon, Mas Jajak fetched me and we rode to Gunung Halu. We went up the mountain top to see the panoramic view of the tea plantation rolling down to the far villages. Another splendid, cool, calm, inspiring and God great gift. On the way back, I bought lots of tidbits to be distributed to those chicky kids as they come for the evening Quranic reading lesson. Their smile, laughter, shouting, ‘fighting’, really make me feel wonderful and honored. To me, these are the future Indonesian, whom those in DPR in Jakarta had never bother to think and want know. Worst the indifferent attitude of their civil servants: Gi mana Pak. Gaji kami aja ngak cukup makan, gi mana mau mikirin hal masyarakat? Hidup kamipun ngak tahu ke mana tujunya!. May be this is what they called: Kami bangsa Indonesia, bangsa benar-benar merdeka. Yah, in these villages, the people really left to themselves to survive. A real merdeka. Congratulation, if it is so?

(23) To me, this is the price of liberalization that stupid Amin Rais and Gus Dur had fought and instilled in the this bangsa besar for. Here, all level of leadership position is chosen by election. From the very small position at the Village to the DPR in Jakarta, all are elected through popular vote. Thus, for one to be elected, he need to campaign and this require lots of investment. Once they won, they would firstly love to recover their investment cost. Serving the electorate is the last thing to be done.

(24) The Indonesian, as I discovered from Seram to Medan, they missed Suharto as Malaysians wish Mahathir should have never be the most stupid Prime Minister to laid his position at times when he was badly harassed by his very own people in UMNO. He should have just listened to the need of the nation. Suharto was killed by his people whom had been decepted by the IMF through people such as Amin Rais. The poor Gus Dur is just a transition to the greater chaotic. Malaysian, we had been following closely the path the Indonesian had taken. Should we not realize and learn enough? Najib is now hard up to put the nation back into one piece with his unclear 1Malaysia concept.

(25) Today 10 Jan., 2012 I started my day a bit early. I took a walk to the paddy field but due to last night heavy rain, the path becoming muddy and slippery. I wonder, this nation, had been independent since 1945, to this day, what really independent had brought to their lives. This is the path being used by kids to go to schools. The farmers had to carry anything and everything on their shoulder, and that in my simple calculation may take one to two kilometers from the motorable track. Just imagine upon emergency, what would happen to this community? Totally hopeless!

(26) I have to detour my walking track to the concrete pathway leading to the main road. Later, I walk into three neighborhood to the east passing by those schools students walking to the school. They walked about 30 minutes to school, either secondary or primary. They dressed cute especially those in the SD1-3, white-brown uniform with brown cap, girls or boys. I followed them to their school. They I met the much elder, and my theory about the beauty of Bandung lady now revealed.

(27) The rural Bandung communities are just poor guys. The kids go to school on foot. They walk slowly in team just like the geese going for a swim. They used to be dressed nicely, in long gown with nice head gear for the girls. I would say their school uniform are very fashionable. Thus, the girl, they are used to be fashionable. To me their slender legs, the nice body built, and with a much fashionable head gear, they look pretty and great. The daily walk, make them look healthy and great. Surely the cool temperature here, do contribute as well. And what seen in Kota Bandung are the pools of all these beauties from all over the places. They work in the textile industries and all those service sectors. That I would say the secret of the beauties of Bandung, breed and grown among the poor rural splendid, cool, fresh endowment. The hard lives and costly education, made them left the rural lives in search of a better one, but most were exploited to the maximum. I'm fortunate to discover and feel such. What would all these then mean to me if not to others?

(28) After my Quranic Class, I went over to have a word with the Kepala Tukang Kayu who is working at the Mosque, and request him to renovate the room which I’m staying in. The room belongs to Asep, but is packed with so many things that make it look like more of a store rather a sleeping room. My idea is to turn the room into a real bedroom complete with a proper study place and bookshelves at least to properly place the Al Quran and all those reading materials. I just want Asep, the only son and kid of Chang Nana to be inspired and really work hard in his academic. The parent, can’t afford to give him all those, and I just want to lend my hand, after close consultation with the mother and father.

(29) Then in the late afternoon, came the Village Saleman whom I had ordered two more good wool-liked blanket. Earlier he delivered me one, and I felt uncomfortable sleeping nice and warm while I knew the whole family are just having sarong and old rug to keep them warm. I love for them to have something that is real comfortable. I later asked him to help me to look for a small bed and mattress to suit Asep new bedroom.

(30) 11 Jan., 2012. The weather is cloudy and misty. I managed to log to MyBloq after rigorous attempt since my arrival here. Unfortunately, I can’t load any panoramic photo of the Villages to share with the readers. Once the sky made a bit of opening, I went down really to reach those farmers whom are either tending shooing the birds, ploughing the fields, harvesting, and even thrashing the harvested paddy. I took a close look at what the effect of those birds onto the farmers: the bird clearly had taken 20-40 percents of the yield.

(31) If one works on the mathematical analysis of these farmers return, clearly, they are sucked into centuries of useless effort. Firstly they have to share their wealth with the nature, 20-40 percent, then along the way, due to poor handling during harvesting and thrashing, they may further lost additional 10 percents. If they choose to sell their harvest, the trader has to make 10-15 percent profit. Their four months effort, then yield them only 35-60 percent of their potential return. Whether they like it or not, they have to live with it. But without relentless, they put their 100 percent effort, yet paid only 35-60 percent. While the civil servant, paid 100 percent whatever their salaries are, and yet served only 35-60 percent. To some, they even have the gut to cheat on extra earning!. Don’t talk of the politicians, most claimed to know what they are talking, but they never by heart what they said, a mere lips services, a pork barrel politic, memang lidah tak bertulang as sang by Bob Tutopoli.

(32) On my return, the Tukang Kayu was already working on Asep’s bedroom renovation. I have to work closely with him especially to really maximize the layout of the room when it is a mere 7x10 ft size. I need a good space for his study, books and clothes cabinet, inclusive some spaces for his toys and all those kids items. Fortunately he has color interest as mine, ie greenish. But since the room is small, I need some blend of other brighter colors.

(33) Interestingly later, the Tukang Kayu boss approached me to talk on what would his share. Nine years running LCDA-PHSB, I learned a lots of corporate lobbying. Here in this small Village my small open heart to this small poor family, seem to attract others to tape some gains. Well, two packs of Jarum Super close the whole issue. And surely the Tukang Kayu and his assistant, never stop smoking. Indonesia, the DPR burn their economy, the people burn their lungs, and I’m caught in between with flu and cough, non-stopping.

(34) Let me now share, how really small is this Chang Nana family life. On the first night we arrived, we dine to salted sepat and sliced cucumber, with rice definitely. Keropok never missed in their menu. But the keropok is mere made of tapioca. They is no fish or prawn flavor to it. You can just imagine, how my appetite would take it, especially after those bad fever that I have. I really have to force myself.

(35) Everyday, we had lunch by 0900 hours, which in fact is the breakfast and lunch. The menu still sepat masin and oily tumis sayur campur, but the taste is really alien to me. They served the sliced cucumber, but without sambal. For dinner, which is normally served around 1700 hours, we almost eat to the same menu. Nonetheless, last two days, at least I have fried kampong fowl as extra menu. I did asked for fried eggs. I’m not really sure, is it due to inherited poverty or is this what Premoedya Anan Toer had been complaining about the Sundanese ladies, they seem not able to diversified their dishes. I wonder, how the actual other families lives are.

(36) Just to ensure, I will not lost too much weight, last two days I went shopping and brought back few canes of sardine and the Chilli Sos ABC. It seem the whole family enjoyed the sauce, and some neighbor did asked for some of it. My strongest assumption, they really live to their basic mean, and I believe, very much different than those the Javanese in the East and Central Java. Checking at those eating places nearby, I could see the food sold are not appetizing much. I predicted, the Minang are not within their reach in term of food preparation. Mas Pramoedya Anan Toer must have all the reason to have serious reservation of the Sundanese ladies as a wife. I hope I’m not too prejudiced as Pramoedya. Lact of exposure and poor quality of lives, constraint their food preparation skill or even household management.

(37) Despite all those, I have to endure to what I’m facing for a greater kesabaran: spititual build up that I really need. I hope to stand for another two weeks, as my progress in the Quranic recital and reading of those basic Islamic teaching had progressing very well. Accordingly, at least, I’m still in touch with the poor and those really have not.

(38) Everyday, there is a little girl next door that passed by. I made a point to wave and greet her. She really remind me of my Dewi when she was at the same age, three years old. Her name is Anik and used to be called An-An. I made all effort to make friend with her, at least to accompany me when I’m alone reading and writing. She has a cousin, who is already in SD3, by the name of Shanta. Both will hang around nearby after Shanta returned from school by 11.30 hours. Unfortunately both are very shy and reserve. A real Kampung kids.

(37) Despite all those, I have to endure to what I’m facing for a greater kesabaran: spititual build up that I really need. I hope to stand for another two weeks, as my progress in the Quranic recital and reading of those basic Islamic teaching had been going very well. I’m really feeling great, since I still have that ability to learn fast as I used to have when I was a kid. Being focused and determine probably are the main secret. Accordingly, going through these,at this faraway place, at least, I’m still in touch with the poor and those really have not.

(38) What excite me, everyday there is a little girl next door used to play around her compound. I made a point to wave and greet her. She really remind me of my Dewi when she was at the same age, three years old. Her name is Anik and used to be called An-An. I made all effort to make friend with her, at least to accompany me when I’m alone reading and writing. She has a cousin, who is already in SD3, by the name of Shanda. Both will hang around nearby their fish pond, after Shanda returned from school by 11.30 hours. Unfortunately both are very shy and reserve. A real Kampung kids. But my bribe biscuits and candies drawn them slowly to me.

(39) Since I have ample times, I’m observing the characters of An-An, Shanda, and Asep as they are together and as well as when they are alone. I also would love to derive to certain psychological observation seeing how their parents treated them and what would that mean in accordance to those findings made by Sigmund Freud. Would there be a clear correlation between kids’ live to the adulthood characters. I would assume there are that strong correlation.

(40) An-An never seem want to depart from her father when he is around. She is greatly pampered by the father. I don’t her much with the mum. The same with Asep, both the mum and dad seem fighting for his accompany. At night, both seem wanting to sleep with him. He seem to be an adult toy. I would believe, both An-An and Asep, once they are grown up, they would be father-mother kid, that either demanding for the same high attention treatment or they can be a very caring person.

(41) Probably, based on Sigmund Freud analysis, Hitler, then come with the idea of Special Aryan Breed where he trained the very young German to be the exact prototype of the best German that he want. The Jews and some earlier Churches did follow the same path. This is also probably what the Arab proverb means by: the 100 years generation of tomorrow is in the hand of the present generation or as the Malays have said: Guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari, or bapa borek anak rintik. What would all these mean, as our effort, say to build this nation or even to groom the future honest and truthful leaders? The Pondok, Pesantren, Madrasah or even the Academy, would this not giving us some idea to be thought and formally work on? I do hope to work on this idea with JAKIM and Madrasah Kampung Pulo of Darul Hana, soon at least as my real left greatest ibadah for the Malays if not for the whole nation.

(42) 12 Jan, 2012. The windy and wet day only subsided by 10.30 hours. I supposed to visit the Pasar Khamis at Rongga, but since it was raining the whole night and early morning, I have to differ the idea. The Pasar become very muddy and congested. I later went over to Gunung Halu to look for the bedding, a closet and study table for Asep. On returning, I also bought lots of fruits for those working at the Mosque as well as to supplement my diet with lots of natural Vit. C and fibre. At the Mosque, the workers invited me for Lemet Singkong but instead of being boiled in a warp of a banana leaf, here, the lemet is mixed with ripe banana and fried instead. The taste is great, especially with hot tea or coffee.

(43) In the late afternoon and evening, I just occupied myself reading the prophetic wisdom, by Miftah Fauzi Rakhmat and Cahaya Zaman, by Dr. Aidh Al-Qarni.

Kota Bandung, CiJinjing, Indonesia
7-12 Jan., 2012


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