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Jan 1, 2012

3/1/12 MyColorfulFootSteps: Week-I

(Cendol Bawah Pokok, Malacca. Nice boiled punched rice flour blended with pandan flavor. Mixed with rich coconut milk and Nipah Palm Sugar. Added with a scoop of gelatine rice (black Thai will be great). Blended with ice. Tasty with durian flavor. In Thai, slice of mango will be added. Served in the hot afternoon, a cup made your thirst worst, two cups won't be enough, but three will be too much! Cendol, what do you call in English? It is ABC but not me!)

This will be my writing in series from 31 Dec., 2011, my traveling notes, till I came back, don't know when. I just want to travel, challenging my mental, emotion and physical to the peak. I just want to know how much energy do I have to proceed further with all my next dream(s). I just want to have the correct prime dream and approaches to reach the dream. I don't want to dream while sleeping, I want to dream as I walk. During my kid's times, I used to walk back to my mum sleeping place once I being removed by my aunty to sleep with her. Will my kid walking dream habit a symbol of something that I have yet to realize? Sigmond Freud have interesting thought about this. I just want to discover and to walk back then sleep soundly, as I used curling above my with mum's head.

As there will be some observation and conceptual thought that I might throw out here, I invited all readers to openly comment or suggest on them. I love to discourse with anybody in whatever thought or feeling that he/she want to voice out. I can take the hottest Mexican-Colorado Chilly, but, one has to be responsible of his own deed. I don't mean to facilitate, I just need the hit back if need be.

(2) Friday 30 Dec., 2011 is a real hectic day. Heavy rain on 25-27 Dec., 2011 and the collapsed of the Flood Mitigation bund at Rangkang had caused severe flooding in my Kampung. Both fresh and salt water rush to affect the whole region. MyHome was flooded by about a foot. MyShop was affected about two feet. I lost five days business operation. Furniture and merchandise goods were badly affected. MyKalui, Japanese Carp, Javanese Carp, Blue Sepat, Semah and many others marched out into their freedom. I lost all of those breeding age. I just have to learn to act cool. I gave some guides for my cousins to work on. I later just turned my back and marched out for MyColorfulFootSteps. I have to move as quickly, or else this tragedy will hold me back. I must walked as I have planned.

(3) Back in town, I have Japanese dinner with MyFamily and some friends, Abg Ismawi, Khairul, Nieza, Mieza and Eddy, by 20.00 hours. Later, by 23.00 I began packing and tidying MyTownHome. I have to organize all those books that lying all over the places properly onto the racks. In between, my distance friend, Shazrin, called and she needed some help with something bogging her mind. I spent a bit of time to talk it over.

(4) Finished packing around 0300 hours and later by 0730, 31 Dec., 2011, rushed to airport bound for Kuala Lumpur. Upon touched down, rushed to Kepong to meet an investor whom interested to do an oil palm plantation in Sarawak. Well, sort of giving last service to LCDA-PHSB.

(5) With friends from Kelantan, Mat Nor Hashim and Faizul, Dr., later we rushed down to Melaka. Visited a prospectus Property Development Area, in Alor Gajah, then discussed on the possible venture arrangement with some friends from Sarawak. By 1900 hours we had nice Cendol Bawah Pokok and Spring Cheese Potato. Nice innovation, but could be greater enhance to, who know, we could franchise into MalayCendol and serve in New York or Beijing. By 2000, Shazrin and her friend, Nurin fetched me and we have SeaFood at Serkam a distance away from town. A small eating out place. Not well organized. Service was real poor. Too slow. Many times I have to help out. All through the dinning, both Shazrin and Nurin teased me for being a CEO mentality, never want to give in, always look for ways to win. An always winning character as Shazrin pointed out. Well, these ladies, they dare to be frank and honest, I just want to learn to listen more, telling myself to begin to learn how to take thing cool, but not loosing my priority. I just want to learn how to be cool and smile, though Shazrin kept telling Nurin that I don’t immediately answered them back because I was still thinking on how to hit back. Back to Hotel by 23.00 hours and called for both MyKelantan friends and Tan of Sinong Pelita Matu Sdn Bhd for a coffee at Medan Selera by the Hotel. We depart by 0100 hours.

(6) By 0800 hours on I Jan., 2012 Tan, MyKelantan friends, and myself, we had good breakfast. We talked. We discussed a lots. Tan personally was`not happy for me leaving the service. The reason was simple as he said: ”You were born in 1960. Your Chinese Animal Calendar is the Golden Mice. You will never rest. Your habit is always looking for something to eat. You never give in. That why, you enjoy nothing, but works. You will look for all means to get your work done. That was why, we, investors love to have you around. Your presence make us feel secure. I wonder how are you going to carry on with your intended quiet life?”

(7) Later, by 10.00 hours, me and MyKelantan friends, went to the Malacca Art Gallery. I met Zainol the artist whom sold me his Me Sleeping painting and now he had painted that Me, the next series. It look great, and I promised to come back later to have it as my collection. It is about poor boy in his sarong. Solemn squatting by the pool, still sleepy. Thinking to bath or not to bath. Later we have Cendol Bawah Pokok , followed by Malacca River boat crush. Then just wandering at Jonker Street. We then have nice coffee and Onde-Onde made by MakCik Edah at Jonker St 1. We sat in her rented shop. We ate on two piece old marble tables, which she offer to sell at RM8,000.00 per piece. I pasted to buy if she can give me cheaper price. At last, she offer RM10,000 for both, and I promised to come back. Ali Rustam, Datuk, had successfully turned those old buildings and structures along the Malacca River into a nice Water Theme Park. I believe, if he remains focus, and not to worry to run for those crazy UMNO position, he would be able to show the rest of the Country on how to develop a Tourism City. Ali Rustam, is now given a nick name of Lori Gostan; loaded, reversed, dumped, and move on, as I was told by some quarters in Malacca. By 1500 hours, I was back to the Hotel and start my reading on first, break all the rules. What the World’s Greatest Managers do Differently by Marcus Buckingham.

(8) As my reading progress, in my mind, I was wondering, Malaysians, the people of the earth, what do they want? What are they looking for? How to get them to focus on matters that are universal and of great values to all? Basically how could their perception, at least be focused to one common direction. In heaven, Allah created Adam. He was tasked to lead the rest, including the angels and satans. Everything had to submit to him. He has everything, except later came Eve into his care. Why? Among the angels, they are specialized into many sub-tasks. Did Adam Smith not get the idea of Specialization from such a doctrine? So now, heaven, earth, people, Malaysian, Malays, my mind beginning with a hypothesis: Only few will care, care for the rest. This few must care for the rest, then there will only be a rest, the real harmony! But who and how should these few be? I'm looking for the detail?

(9) The above thought I had sketched in my previous article which suppose to be my pioneer article for MyWebPage. Bloq has great limitation. I can't place much graphic and photos to clearly illustrate my writing. Thus the whole night, while waiting for super with Shazrin, I just worked on the article and managed to published as such. Shazrin can't turned up for the meeting, she has some ladies matters to deal with some friends. I then just have two cup of hot Boh Tea and`a packet of peanut for my dinner and supper. At least, I started my intent to get my body back to my ideal weight and good cholesterol composition.

(10) At 8.30 2 Jan., 2012 me and my Kelantese friends sit for good breakfast. We explored the idea of how to infuse the roh in most of the development that are happening among, especially the Malays. We believe, as development pushing hard into the Malays' world, the more they seem to loosing. Why? Our contention, all due to all those development has no roh that could hold the Malays to their good great values. Lots of the Malays' values had diminished and dying fast. The Malays' are bodily creatures without the roh. This had to be strategically tackle or else, the Malays will drift too far to be save. We felt we must work hard and smart to the course of `giving the Malays' the roh.

(11) Later, they drove me to LCCT for my en-route to Jakarta. Since my flight was rescheduled, I have a reflexology. Then, as i check in through the boarding security scanning machine, I was puzzled to see some passengers from India eating all those can stuffs by the side. Then only I realized that those stuffs were not allowed to be taken on board. My mind travel fast to the 1970s where Lat, our cartoonist, painted a sketch in New Strait Times, where a fat lady, upon entering the Malaysian Custom Check Point from Singapore was hungrily and angrily ate all her fruits before entering the Check Point. At that point in times, no fruit was allowed to enter Malaysia from Singapore. The scene, repeated here, I felt pity of them.

(12) I landed at Sukarno-Hatta International airport by 16.30 hours local time (17.30 Malaysian). Pak Jajang, whom suppose to fetch me having difficulty with the hired car. I just took a cab to Acasia Hotel. I chat with the Pak Supir, the metered BlueBird cab. He works from 16.00 hours till 10.00 hours the next day, meaning almost 18 hours a day. The has to work for two consecutive days, then have a day break. He works based on commision, where after deduction of the petrol cost, he will get 40% of the rent. In a day he will geat about Rp100,000.00 ie about RM40.00/day. If he managed to turn up at least 18 days in a month, then he will be entitle to an incentive of Rp100,000/month subject he had served for more than four years. Gotch, will that be sufficient for his two kids family, here in Jakarta. Deep in my heart, no wonder, Divorce incidence in Jakarta is so high. First, the wife is stressful of insufficient expenses for the kids and all sort of live demand. Second, the husband was stressful in the deadly jam and small take home earning. Lower Income group of Jakarta, I would say they are full of suffering, kaya dalam kemiskinan.

(13) Jakarta continue to grow, just as Manila and Bangkok. They grow naturally, sprawling. The government can't cope up with the population growth. Forever, they will be growing and the population are preying onto each others. We in Malaysia, should we not start thinking hard about Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and even Kajang, Kota Kinabalu, Kota Bharu and Johor Baharu. I believe, it is time for our lazy naive members of parliament to start to be serious about issues affecting our future. Their level of intellectuality have to be improved. Najib should bring in more developmental-based politician into his circle. We have too much clown and artist there. They can't just be there barking like a dog over a deadly lazy rhino. Our Universities lecturers must also start to be serious in analyzing all those futuristic issues that this nation are beginning to face. It seem nowaday, we could only hear their thinking a week before and after any election. Why?

(14) Mas Jajang seem can't turn up as expected. I feel so hungry. I just went down the street, looking around, I don't have the confident to have my bebek pangang. Ate at the Hotel. Then I strolled the backyard neighborhood, Kramat-Sentiong Lane. Gotch, I can't figured what I just seen. Winding alleys, 4-5 feet wide. Poorly light up. All linked homes. Families cramp into small living space. A real slum. Ventilation, I would say, suck. Lives a real suck here. Many times I have came down to Jakarta, every time just rushing for works. Tonight I dare myself to walk alone, wandering seeing these sucking lives. I wonder if Chairil Anwar and Tan Melaka are still alive, how would they cry or shout? They may just kill themselves, taking hara kiri in shame of what merdeka had brought to their bangsa. I can't see how Indonesia can be bangsa besar, from Jaya Pura to Jakarta, each just hidup mumbul menyedut nafas sesek.

(15) Patience, passion, the two words creep deep into my mind. My heart cries in pain seeing how our people grey and dark future if we care less. The fire of hatred as in the early 1900s may once again burn the earth. This time not among international but within the national. It will be a real pity. The have care not the don't. With the possible collapse of the American dollar, what would happen to all these probably billion of these have not. My best guess, they will turn into wolves, if not cayote! The Balancing Act will flourish: Once the have prey on the have not, time is coming for the have not to prey on the have!

(16) I then bought some avocado and salak. Real nice mentega avocado and Solo Salak. I believe I need to go back to my healthy eating habit. I must do so, to ensure I'll be around for the next 71 years. I'm working on a strict diet, where possible, my dinner will be more of fruits and vegetable. Tea and Milk Chocolate will be my source of energy.

(17) 10.00 hours 3 Jan., 2012 Mas Jajang, Shinto and her nephew came and fetch me at the Hotel. We then go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). I spent about two hours browsing through all those old books at the Toko Buku Langka, while Mas jajang and Shinto entertain the kid to all those amusements. I was happy to find a book written by Hamka titled: Sejarah Umat Islam which came in four volume. I also managed to get a book written by D.N Aidit, the founder of the Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI) titled:Revolusi Indonesia. Latarbelakang Sedjarah dan Hari Depannya. I bought lots of the old novel to see how those great writers had used their pen to influenced the readers to wake up and fight for their rights, a free state and nation.

(18) Later we have Bebek Panggang at Bebek Bentu, at Chempaka Putih. The stuff was so good that I ate three portion while others are enough with a piece.

(19) Later we went to Plaza Semanggi to look for more books particularly those written by Chairil Anwar. I can't find any, but managed to pick up a lots of old novels. Then we dropped by at Palu Cafe. This is a real brilliant idea. They serve special coffee from the Palu Island in Celebes with those traditional cakes. I took the Coffee with Pulut Panggan Berinti. In Sibu, this Pulut Panggang priced at RM1.50-2.00, but here it was sold at Rp23,000/piece ie RM5.00/piece.

(20) Then I dropped at the Gramidia BookStore to pick up much modern novel and some Islamic books. We left the Plaza by 17.00 hours and was stuck in the jam for two hours. The car aircondition broke down that made the journey becoming real unpleasant and killing. I later just spent the night in the hotel and improving MyBloq on MyReading.

(21) Over my window, I could see the sprawling neighborhoods. As I have said, power supplies is a big issue in Indonesia. I could see, instead of bright lighting from those neighborhoods, the lighting are just yellowish with lots of dark patches. I'm thinking of going deeper walking into these neighborhoods tomorrow. I really want to see and feel what the meaning of Daerah Rawan ie socially ill neighborhood as I was informed by Mas Shamsuddin the owner of the warung Buku Langka. I hope I won't cross into something that I can't bear. I do pray, I will learn and got something out of this walk later.

(22) 4 Jan., 2012, after a nice healthy breakfast: fruits, vegetable salad, two bread with honey, and a cup of tea I just stay back in the room to inventories all the books that I just bought from Warung Buku Langka and the Gramedia. I'm really glade, that this time I have good collection of book on Bung Hatta, Aidit and those novel written in real classical Malays-Javanese. I hope these 72 collection of various titles and subjects would really keep me occupied within the next two to three months in the mountain village hinterland of Bandung.

(23) I have a nice Padang Foods at a nearby Rumah Makan Padang. It was late noon, around 1.30 hrs. Lots of uniformed customers were around. My perception, they are civil servants. They look well fed. Tough. Well to do seem to be. Most come with drivers. Stylist. Men and women. They look, well to do, they got boss style. Handphone being flip all the times. Calls made as if they are real busy. Nonetheless deep in my mind, Did they really did their service for the people? They may serve the State well, but not necessarily for the people. My walk later will give the answer

(24) Kramat-Sintiong is classified as a Rawon neighborhood. Snatch thieves rampant. Drugs abused is worrisome. All sort of social ills, are there accumulated in this slum. The day was real hot. I need to take the feeder road, running perpendicular with the main road, about 500 meters away to the north of the Hotel. Then I turned into those alleys which run parallel to the main street but winding all the way into the neighborhoods. As I walked, I met all sorts of characters. Kids bare footed playing to all their creativity, just like old day in the Kampung. This is their Kampung, Jakarta Pusat. Ladies tending to the smaller kids. Most doing all sort of odd jobs; cooking, sewing, washing, selling, some sleeping on the sofa either by the door ways or the alleys side. Old women and men, sitting around, glaring. Young men tending to their push cart business, repairing motorbikes, or just lingering around probably having rest after all sort of hard works elsewhere. They really struggle to survive. Many instances, I've to walk through or under the cloths drying areas. Where they are space to plant anything, most of these small spaces are planted with all those local herbal plants. Sometimes I can eyes on kampung chicken. These neighborhoods are really like the rural villages, just that they are in Jakarta Pusat. The environment are just like in those days in the Kampung, minus those anger expression on the walls.

(25) I stopped to pray and rest in three mosques. The mosques are nice sleeping place for some, which I believe a relief from those cramp homes. Bought myself nice fried boiled mentega casava. RM0.15 a piece, then tested my tummy to take nice black coffee by the roadside stall. Coffee with fried boiled cassava, a real good try.

(26) I walked and walked till my shirt soak of sweat. I just want to sweat. I have not been walking long since my operation for the last two months. I want to test myself here in the heart of the slum in Jakarta. Suddenly my walk stopped by a nice Plaza. Amazing, as busy as Low Yatt, even busier. This is a seven storeys plaza selling all sort of hardwares. On the fifth floor, mostly are electrical and computing goods. Interesting to see, the so called computer engineers were doing their computers repair just by the fivefootway. Bill Gates or Steve Jobs may got a very different ideas if the saw what I seen. Indonesia, this big population State, everything goes.

(27) To my further amazed, I was one kilometer to the south of the Hotel. Starting 500 meters north, landed 1,000 meters south. I have to take the Main Street for a shorter distance to the Hotel. I just then bump onto the bed, and start reading Revolusi Indonesia by D.N Aidit, the Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI) founder. It was his lecture to his followers which basically condemning the capitalism and imperialism of the West that had made Indonesia and the whole of South East Asia suffering in poverty and misery. Later I fallen asleep, once I pick up Indonesia Dalem Api dan Bara by Tjamboek Berdoeri. The spelling used in this novel is very interesting, even the Tjamboek Berdoeri is actually to mean Jambu Berduri, a nick name of the writer whose true name was Kwee Thiam Tjing. The novel was written in 1947 and later was republished in 2004. The writer intro of the book end with: Moedah-moedahan Indonesia dalem Api dan Bara bisa dapat samboetan baek dari pembatja, a real classical Batawi-Malay which now is called Bahasa Jakarta

(28) By the night, I have nice Nasi Sup Buntut with nice ricih limau nipis iced drink blended with brown sugar. It cleared my throat after having too much avocado. Later I settled by continue reading Indonesia dalem Api dan Bara after checking with Shazrin, in Malacca on the progress on some matters. This is my Week I travelling note, as tomorrow, I will start my journey into Bandung. I hope I could catch up with the outer world from deep in the mountain village. Till then, may Allah bless all readers with all the needed strength to serve Him the best. SubhanaAllah.

(29) This syair by Imam Asy-Syafi'i is now my greatest inspiration:

tidak ada istirehat bagi orang yang berakal dan beradab
maka tinggalkan tanah air dan asingkan diri
niscaya kau akan mendapat ganti dari orang-orang yang kau tinggalkan
bersungguh-sungguhlah, kerana nikmatnya hidup adalah dengan kesungguhan
sungguh aku melihat air yang diam itu akan rusak
jika mengalir ai akan baik, jika menggenang ia akan rusak
singa jika tidak keluar dari sarangnya tidak akan buas
sedang anak panah jika tidak lepas dari busarnya tidak akan mengenai sasaran
jika matahari hanya diam pada satu garis edar
maka seluruh manusia ajam dan arab akan jemu melihatnya
di tempat asalnya
biji emas bagaikan debu yang terbuang
kayu gaharu yang harum wanginya
di tempat aslinya hanyalah kayu bakar
tetapi saat-saat berpindah ke tempat lain, kayu itu akan jadi mulia
begitu juga bijih emas akan jadi mulia bila sudah jadi emas di tempat lain

From the book titled: Minhajul Mukminin by Dr. Musthafa Murad, Media Zikir, Jakarta, 2011.

1-5 Jan., 2012


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